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Does /a/ like cute girls(Male) as much as I do?
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Only Rukako.
>girl (male)
This is the worst new meme
Only if its (you)

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What is the most contemplative anime girl in your inventory?
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thinking ll 2.png
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I love this meme.
The very best
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Akira truly is a miracle of the universe

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Any new info on the movie?
I really like Kawakami Momoyo.
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If I say I like it, will you stop?

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After a long kiss, Louise began to feel in her hips an unpleasant feeling, then when she look to see what it was, she could see that thing. Her face flushed completely, but with a face full of commitment she said:

“...Do we have do it?”

Then for a moment she saw Saito put a face with pain as he bit his lip forcefully, and immediately Saito show a smile on his face.
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(You)r crudelty knows no bound.png
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here to remind it of the sequel.. kek
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its over saito.png
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and of "i really want to live"
Reminder that the author died from divine retribution for creating such trash.

What is your opinion about this anime?
It's good?
It is bad?
Or just this overrated?
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it's just mediocre, if it didn't get so popular on reddit no one would even be talking about it. Sorta like SAO but not AS bad.
I just watched this yesterday. Thought it was great.
This meme again, re zero aint nothing like sao

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Not even fanart can make her look good. Akane was a mistake.
That's drawn by the original character designer.
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are you one of those special kinds of retards?

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Renge is my wife.
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I don't think it's legal to marry a 7 year old.
I fucked you're wife.
My jambo jet flies cheerfully!

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Does anyone actually like her?
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Ironically yes
Unironically yes
She's the only truly dumb character I do like unironically, I might add

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Is this the dumbest, worst title in the history of manga/anime? I'm serious, I'm trying to think of any, I can't. This is just the worst. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?
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What's so bad about it? All the relevant girls in the series first name starts with "I" so I"s.
titles are for a reason. two letters, with one Quotation mark? what a fucking joke. Rōmaji version Aizu is much better. Notice how anime is called I"s Pure and From I"s. They know it's bad.
>like the doujins of this series
>too much work to find it in sadpanda since three character

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Friendly Reminder

Choji's father was one of the jonin who supported having Naruto executed when he was just an infant.
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from ch1
Good, fuck Naruto entirely

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I don't see one up so I'm making it.

Mamezou is life
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>incest, male, crossdressing

>People tagging "girls only" in futanari galleries even though the tag definition explicitly says not to do so.
Read the wiki before tagging shit, faggots.
Is there a tag for stirrups or toeless socks? Booru uses toeless_socks.
If not anybody know of some doujin with them?
I know https://exhentai.org/g/846884/776e92f32d/

What is it that makes Zest so cute?
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shes brown and has cute ears. also shinmai thread
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zest a best.jpg
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>Brown skin + white hair high contrast combo
>Black/gold objective best colorscheme in the universe (Black Legion 4ever)
>Best VA
>Well rounded agreeable personality

What else can you ask for

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I dare you to find someone who can beat him.
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Just when I thought I had seen the gayest shit on 4chan. This faggot OP surprises me.
Get that bad Tumblr oc shit outta here

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>Aired in 1996
>still no Magical Girl show as good or cute

how is that even possible?
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Because it was made with love and care.
If Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Majimoji Rurumo was created using painted cels, you faggots will worship them too, CCS was average you fucking nostalia fucklords
that series created the magical girl genre afterall

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