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Would you clean Erica's room?
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Sure. I'd take a shovel, a couple big wastebins and just toss everything in the trash.
If I can clean her afterwards
She must smell like mildew and piss constantly

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Is part 1 of Naruto the most underrated manga of all time?
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fuck off narutards
>launched a 20-year world-wide phenomenon


I don't think you know what that means OP
I've never read the manga, but I've seen caps from some of the newer chapters. When did the art get as hyper minimalist as it is now?

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Another month, another RAW release for Youjo Senki

>now 5 chapters behind
Ch3 translation fucking where?
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Can we talk about this like god damn I miss bleach
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>I miss bleach
>I miss bleach

How? The characters in this already have their personalities established better than most characters in bleach ever were.
Ray and Norman have no personalities, they're literal plot devices at least up to this point

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20 (3).png
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So is she Erza or Erza's mother?

Mashima is bad at plot twists.
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Or Erza is an enchanted sword inwhich Eileen wanted to store part of her lifeforce for some reason or something like that. Kinda like the ring to rule them all.
either what this guy says, or Eileen is the fake that wants to overcome the original. As unlikely as the latter seems.
You mean like the rank 1 arranchar from Bleach and his loli?

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I just started watching this, and is this the greatest love story of all time?

Can't wait to see how it ends
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Weak bait.
why did she had to grow up, she was such a cute little girl
8/10 first two thirds, 4/10 ending

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Why is Ren'ai Circulation so highly praised? It's not bad by any means, but it doesn't hold a candle to Mousou Express in my opinion.
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I agree, but Ren'ai is way more catchy than Mousou and also one of the best endings of Bake followed by Kaerimichi.
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Honestly I like Mousou Express more, but Circulation is catchy. I also like the Nekomonogatari Black OP

Just because it's really smooth and chill.

I also like Orange Mint a lot, and that never gets any love.
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Platinum Disco a best.

>Major battle climax
>The opening theme starts playing
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>the opening is sang by a roastie and it ruins the whole scene

Looking at you TTGL and Konosuba
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>show has multiple openings
>they all play over the course of the final episode
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>The OP is one of the character's cell phone ring tone

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ITT: Anime then completely deceived you

Plastic Memories, I wanted sadness and feels, but all I got was moe-shit.
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I expected cute moe SOL, I got suffering and despair.
Kyubey did nothing wrong! Granted wishes, and gave girls the ability to transform into magical girls with more durable bodies.

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Is this the best yuri h doujin ever made?
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It went to shit, and that's not a pun.
It's not doujin
It was good. It went on too long.
In my opinion yuri sex is best when its not treated as
>muh pure

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Yoko, Nia or Dari?
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Anti-spiral Nia
Meh, Yoko.
Yoko, too bad she has zero personality.

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How tall are they?

This is important
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I bet they're sub-6 foot manlets
Kazusa: 165cm
Setsuna: 162cm
Haruki: 172cm
Why does nobody like Setsuna

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When will the elevens abandon the outdated magazine format entirely and switch to the superior online releases? At least ONE knows what's up.
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Manga isn't very fun to read on a phone, so, not any time soon.
what chapter do i starta at after the anime finished ?

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perfect blue.jpg
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What do you think about Perfect Blue /a/?
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It's pretty good, but far from Kon's best movie.

I feel like if it wasn't animated, it would be treated more like the above-average late-night cable TV thriller that it is.
I think you should ask Darren Aronofsky that question.
Great song

I'm getting married to Tsumugi Kotobuki! What cake should we get?
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