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My name is Angelo. I am the son of the person you killed.
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Hi Angelo. I am anon. I am the person who killed either your father or mother. For me, it was Tuesday.

Or perhaps Saturday.

I don't really remember.
My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

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Episode 4 is out
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Still not actually serious yet. Maybe it will be a cliffhanger for next episode or will start at episode 6.
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Shit show.
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But you didn't post it yesterday.
Says you.

I'm going to like this everyday until you post it.

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ITT: Anime only you like
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Aku no Hana.
I liked it.
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Inuyasha (2).jpg
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I watched the first episode and it seems cool. the only problem is I have no idea what the fuck happens in the game they're playing.

Do I need to know mahjong to get the full experience of this series?
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Obviously its a fucking Mahjong anime
I didn't have to be a chinchiro expert to really enjoy the chinchiro arc in Kaiji.
I only play Keijo on an amateur level and I'm enjoying Keijo

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Im' still buttfrustrated.
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Damn i don't remember Griffith being so smug at the 97's one.
He was literally perfect
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>you will never protect Griffith's smile

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Was a harem series your first exposure to anime/mamga? Which series was it? Do you look back and cringe at your past self or do you still like the show till this very day?
Pic related.
I'm honestly not sure about how I feel about Girls Bravo. It's been 11 years since my 9 year old brain permanently burned an image of Kirie's body into my mind, but now I can see it for the smoking dumpster fire of clich├ęs that it is. However I still find some aspect of the show to be mesmerizing. I'm not a very nostalgic person, so either this show is the big exception or there are actually some quality aspects of this series that still give me some enjoyment yet I cannot put my finger on them.
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The first anime I watched while it was airing was Infinite Stratos. I still don't mind HanaKana's ubiquity because she played best girl.

The first season is still a guilty pleasure of mine.
My first actual harem show was Demon King Daimao. It was also my first ecchi show, and I was pretty confused once the first few panty shots started appearing.
Its shit, but its also nostalgic to me now.
Love Hina

Naru best girl

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Chitose is the steamiest and sexiest girl ever
I want to make out with her
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You can't make out with a fictional character, anon.
Hasn't your mum ever talked to you about it?
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You say that about every girl every season.
>You can't make out with a fictional character
Prove it.

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Gugure Kokkuri-san ends next month
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s2 never
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Well, that's it, S2 never ever.

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How hard would you shag Shaga?
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Worst girl. Second only to the moeblob maybe.
Wait, why do you wanna hear about how hard other dudes want to shag her? You sick freak. What the fuck is wrong with you. That actually turns you on?
Moeblob is terrible but Shaga is easily in the top 3.

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Y-You t-too
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Picked up
Straight as an arrow

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There will never be a Kaiji S3.
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What's your favourite gane in Kaiji?
I really want to play the dice game with some people for actual money
We can always hope, OP. We can always hope...
I read the manga now, seeing as S3 will probably never happen.
I skipped the Mahjong Arc because I don't know the game, but I really enjoyed the weird helmet buzzer game and I'm enjoying One Poker. Still waiting for that rematch with Ichijou though.

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hot cock.png
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What is the appropriate response in this situation?
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Stroke her hot cock.
provide source.
Tsuiteru Kanojo. (NIKU)

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Someone is on your bed. Throw her out before she claims it in her name.
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If I came home and found a girl on my bed she would get raped on the spot without a second thought.
It's not like you could rape a powerful vampire.

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