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Tomoko/Watamote thread.

Heads up, /a/. There's a new chapter coming out today.
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Yeah it's not too short and it has many of the current girls and even a new one applying makeup to Tomoko.

I look forward to tomorrow's translation thread.
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Some good Kurashima Tomoyasu art to start us off this time.

Remember to report and ignore bullies!
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It's time.
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>Fresh renders as the OP

Look at that butt. Delicious.
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Il Duce è carino e lei è anche mia moglie!

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Shooting tears across the glimmering night sky
Just a bit more before we can see the winter constellations
Don't cry, smile at me
Hold me tightly
Don't cry, during this autumn

It felt as if time had stopped
We had certainly found each other
Closer than anyone else in the academy
Our relationship was one-of-a-kind

When November comes you'll be sent far away
We'll end up wearing different uniforms
But why have our hearts already gone ahead?
I can't contain this overflowing sorrow

Shooting tears across the glimmering night sky
Just a bit more before we can see the winter constellations
As we see off this autumn night sky
I pray that you will remain true to yourself in Italy...

Don't cry, smile at me
So we can come to say it
Don't cry, our /ai/ - Idle Activities
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I want to fuck Lala.
3rd for lady.

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Which one
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Rena. Rena needs a good fug.
my gentleman of african descent
what is wrong with the loli's hair

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Read the guide buyfag.moe
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whats wrong with J-List
it doesn't matter anymore.
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CvWQ1CqUMAAKi5s.jpg large.jpg
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I want this sweater Sonico

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sisters after all.jpg
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That moment when you realise, that they are literally same.
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Why are they blushing?
Because jackhammers.
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Explain further.

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3x3 thread
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a meciocre like TTGL Parallel Works and a bad like Kill la Kill, not sure what GitS that is, and unfamiliar with the rest.
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I've only seen 9 anime.jpg
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It's impossible to tell if this is the real deal.

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once more with feeling

All waifu are lovely, make sure to cherish yours always!

Let's get things rolling!

Do you have a story of how you both met?

Is your loved one the type to stay up late or call it an early night?

With money being no object where would you most like to live together? Why?

Remember to compliment a waifu today! Yours are all simply stunning!
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Mint a qt 3.14 and best angel
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I'm almost never on-time for these threads, but it looks like I beat the odds today.

Any anons do anything special with their waifu on Halloween?
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Truly dark times these are. Animosity is everywhere.

-I do. It's a bit of a long one.
-She's definitely a night owl. Much more than myself.
-In a nice place in the middle of nowhere. With wi-fi.

The usual. Watch movies, hand out candy, lament on how each year brings fewer and fewer trick-or-treaters...

How well does your special one respond to being provoked?

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loli MMA.jpg
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Now that you've seen this show (pic related), did also get you interested to watch real MMA?
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>real MMA
Only if there are cute lolis involved.
No, I just want to see more lolis nearly kill other to death.
MMA is kinda gay, every time I try to watch a fight the fighters immediately lock themselves and they seem like they are fondling each other while lying on the ground, much like the fights when I was in middle school, no kicks , no punches, no nothing, if anything it looks more like Olympic wrestling than martial arts, lame.

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Loving the hell out of it but I swear the plot lines are autist elementary school musings as we pretended to harness energy for a spirit bomb while other pleabs laughed at us for being sick autists.

Fuck even the animation is kinda derpy although I have to say the writing is objectively better than most of what has come before.
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Use the catalog retard >>149300208
Well, I'm not loving it but I completely agree, it does feel like a fanfic by a school kid.


Why doesn't Madoka love Homura romantically
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Because Madoka is normal i.e. heterosexual.
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She does.
Madoka is pure.

Reminder that even in this anime we're not safe from the HOPEMAN
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You can keep 1 alive
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Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku.jpg
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Nemurin knew who to bet on.
Top Girl

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This is your queen for tonight.
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Why no planes in KanColle?
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But there are planes.
I love me some nimu

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Tell me /a/, why did this girl whoop all the time?
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she was firin' her lazor
same reason Skeeter from Doug used to Honk Honk all the time
Autism, most likely

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Why do we love goblin slayer
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Cuz is fresh air in these times where there is fucking isekai everywhere, another fresh air from the same reason is Yuusha ga Shinda.
I don't, I never loved, it stopped delivering and became pretty dumb, as well as Goblin Slayer threads cancerous.
Flavor of the month shitty manga.

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