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So is she just Trigger's mascot now?
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she was just mascot b4 too
>Called literally "Miss Trigger".
>Not trigger's mascot.
I think OP wanted to know if we'd get more seasons of Luluco.

>oh, there's a magical girl show that somehow escaped my notice this season (truly we live in wonderful times, that there are so many to choose from)
>start it up
>almost immediately, cute lolibutt
I don't know anything about this show, but I know that this little girl is a miracle of the universe.
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They're arranged from cutest to also cute.
Most of the girls in this show are miracles of the universe.

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Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru.jpg
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How weight do you lift? How much do you lift? How many kilgrams are the dumbbells you lift? What weight is popular? The many names of our favorite manga...of cute girls lifting cute weights! It's Thursday, which means a new chapter is here!

Main Raw Site (Has first two chapters and the latest)


The technical group releasing
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Chapter 8 Cover.jpg
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Let's begin! Raws are here!
My rocket is ready!
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CH 8-1.jpg
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Teachers, hello. Cakes?


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best girl.jpg
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Don't mind me, Just posting the best character in bleach
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How did Aizen know she could insta-heal?
I still can't believe we didn't get to see her slaughter a bunch of quincy one right after the other. I would've given a limb to see more psycho Unohana.
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Wasted potential: the character.

After all that hype and build up. She gets killed in a freaking tranning battle. Which ended up being pointless, as Kenpachi became a jobber throughout the final arc.

I mean I'll admit the fight was pretty cool and her new look was great. Would be nice if they made a novel about the founding of Soul Society with Yamamoto at his prime and the original Kenpachi.

She was one of my favorite characters.

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giant faggot.jpg
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What would an anime made by both Anno and Miyazaki look like?
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The Wind Rises.
Rebuild of Evangelion. Stupid hacks.
A high quality yet lacking "wow factor" family friendly movie with tons of meaningless pretentious shit thrown in.

Has this faggot never seen the "loose lips sink ships" poster?

Like, even though he doesn't know the other dude is a spy, why the fuck would you tell anyone the secret of your country's biggest weapon?
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Glad that other guy fixed the problem
Would you do whatever it takes to protect your country, /a/ ?
I wonder how many people rushed to /a/ after watching those first few minutes instead of finishing the episode.

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Nope, she's the worst

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Did I miss out on the thread or did the novelty wear off?
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I'm surprised it had any popularity in the first place. It's very basic, with most of it's appeal being pure edge.
You missed out on the good threads a while ago, now all you've got to look forward to is cancer.
I just want to _____.

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This shit is getting fucking stupid

Does he really think he can copy paste the same figure on pages right next to each other?
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Literally the previous page
If the context is exactly the same, does it really matter?
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Is this the Nisekoi of reverse harems?

Also, senpai > yuri >>> igarashi > princess > nana >>> yandere
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Why would I want to watch some cunt string along a bunch of guys in love with her forever? There's enough of that in real life.
You don't. This isn't aimed to you, silly.
>yuri end never
I would have been happy if they never brought in a female love interest.
I would have been fine rooting for one of the guys but now that it comes to this I can't help but cling to the yuri route.
Also, being voiced by Swashiro just further adds to it.

File: 四畳半神話大系.jpg (150KB, 648x816px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: Perfect anime.
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File: SSY98.png (326KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
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Everybody loves Mami-san!
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mami-san is a cute!
File: 025.jpg (1MB, 2002x3000px)Image search: [Google]
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Everybody spent the last night loving Mami-san!
Madoka is incapable of feeling love to anyone, let alone her mentor. She simply used her for grief seeds and let her die against Walpurgisnacht. She knew all about Mami's insecurities and used them to manipulate her. Madoka is the sole reason Mami snapped after Sayaka turned into a witch (which was also Madoka's fault, by the way), and made sure that Mami killed Kyoko before she killed her. She's a spiteful bitch who tramples all over the other girls' feelings to ensure that she can become more powerful by accumulating karma every time Homura resets the timeline. She's utterly selfish to her "friends" and sees them as nothing more than pawns and slaves, yet Madoka is so skilled at maintaining the kind and noble facade that nobody thinks twice about her true nature.

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Name a purer boy that Natsume.

PRO TIP: you can't
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I truly can't. What a miracle of the universe Natsume is.

Natsume is used goods. He was passed around as a fucktoy by all his sadistic relatives, and now the old folks he's with will only take him because of his submissive attitude towards their advances.
Every night, they're up there fucking, the three of them, in every lewd disgusting way possible while Nyanko sensei is out drinking.

Fucking disgusting used goods!
His wife is really nice

File: KlK-7.3.jpg (17KB, 680x383px)Image search: [Google]
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Was she an exhibitionist?
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File: 1400863054979.png (586KB, 600x740px)Image search: [Google]
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No, she just loved her slutty clothes
She was the best and cutest girl.
Here, you deserve it.

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Is Umi literally flawless?
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Not at all.
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