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So imagine you're a citizen of the Hidden Leaf Village for a sec.
>You're a hard working farm boy named Uraki, you spend everyday helping your parents with the farm after you come home from school.
>One day while working you see a group of ninjas travel by and you think to yourself, "I want to be just like them someday."
>Ever since that moment, the only thing you've ever wanted to do is become a ninja.
>However you are only a lowly farm boy, tending to the land like your father's father before him.
>However, you are determined.

do I go on?
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Naruto's a big guy.

No matter how hard you work. You will never be greater than or equal to those with natural talents or born with special abilities.

It's simple. Being born with abilities is what makes you great, nothing else. Its fate, it can't be challenged, go back to your farm.

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Holy shit what is the point of this character
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What's the point of a transparency that only looks good on light backgrounds?

Waifubait. Just like Asuka. Rei is the only relevant character in NGE.

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ITT: Post you're favorite openings and/or endings.

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fuck off narutard
I've been waiting for one of these threads.

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baki prisoners.jpg
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For all the praise this arc gets, anyone else thinks it's all buildup and no payoff? Up until Baki getting a powerup from getting laid, it's pretty good with some awesome moments. Then Doyle turns out to be a huge chump who gets shit on by absolutely everyone, while Sirkosky and Yanagi get finished off by characters reintroduced out of nowhere after not even being involved for most of the arc. The worst part is that they're not even proper fights, it's just wanking off the old characters.
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what would you want instead
An proper fight instead of 20 chapters of Sirkosky being a punching bag? Or at least for him to be a punching bag for someone he actually interacted with.
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It was good that Doyle was worthless. That was the whole point of his character; you can't cheat to get to the top. And Motobe's reintroduction as the guy who beats Yanagi was perfect. There is nothing wrong with him reappearing like that at all.

Seriously, what the fuck?
Why can't anime tie up loose ends before ending?

Is there more to this? Who the fuck is the witch? Does Subaru ever find a way home? Who becomes the next ruler? What the hell happened to Felt?

So many questions!
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Has anybody read the manga?
Read the novels you stupid newshit. Season 2 will take a year or two to come out.

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Tfw tomboy onee-san will never get the D
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Cuddling is sufficient. Would be nice if the manga-ka drew the girls' feet nicely though.
>fucking your sister with her friends and your mom right outside
So close, yet so far away.
I like girls my own height, it makes kissing and other lewd things convenient, so yes.

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>no re zero episode today
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Subaru please stop! You're just hurting yourself.
i'm not subaru

At least we have the light novels being released in English, isn't the second one coming out this week or next?

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ITT: Best character in their respective series

I'll start
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>several members of the audience begin to visibly smirk and snorts of muffled laughter become audible
I've made some new Chocolate for you, Higashida!
>the laughter builds in volume at Higashida's negative reaction when presented with a neatly decorated box. A number of people in the audience begin to show severe strain as they desperately try to control their fits of chuckling
I made it, Higashida! I'm certain it's good this time. Please tell me what you think
>as Higashida receives the attractive package from Miyakoshi, the audience start to show signs of what can only be described as uncontrollable fitting. Several have begun foaming at the mouth and beads of sweat are running down the foreheads of almost every onlooker as they await the punchline. As Higashida lifts the appetizing confection towards his mouth, members of the audience start rolling out of their chairs, lost to the hilarity and with a glazed expression, no longer able to respond as they quiver with a possessed giggling around the floor.
Miyakoshi. It's still. No good
>what was once an audience is now nothing more than a melding of human flesh and body fluids. Twisting with eruptions of laughter and wailing as Higashida shows a dissatisfied expression and falls to the ground unconscious. As the walls are overcome with writhing bodies pulsating from the floor and seating area, accompanied by a mindless, incoherent scream which started out as laughter and is no longer recognizable as a sound by any living being. Paramedics arrive at the scene but are quickly consumed by the engulfing mass of hysterical bodies bursting from the exit and spilling into the streets.
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dude she punched him lol!
Literally the only think that's keeping her from being perfect.

Violent women are disgusting.
Are you okay or just tired of repetitive humour?

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Why do you love Maki?
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Who told you that? Maki can't find out about my crush on her. Delete this.
I think there were 5 reasons but I can't seem remember them now
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maki nishikino2.png
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People love Maki because she is Maki, agree?

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Does she ever become dere in the novel?

I liked her but she never stopped being a tsun bitch in the anime. And since a season 3 is not happening I would like to know how it continued.
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Saras is the superior girl. But Sera gets all protective over female Ayumu.
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>has a job so she contributes to household budget
>does assorted household chores

she is already a waifu
Yeah but she still hits him and she is still being a bitch.

Did she ever go full dere? Not just temporarily but did she fully admit her love?

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Reminder that manga isn't reading and you're deluding yourself if you think so.
nice pic, dude
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Show me your ahegao face, /a/
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Post angry, right NOW
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Make me, grumpy mcgrumpypie!

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>tags: Webtoon, Colored
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>Tags: Vanilla, Child-hood friend, Leg-locking
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>Scat, Urination, Vomiting
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>emotionless sex

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