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Is it any good?
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No, it literally ruins everything good about the first part and has the worst writing I've ever experienced.

t. somebody who watched all of it
Well, I'm watching it right now and it feels kinda wierd, it's like the atmosphere lacks something...

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Who are the biggest jobbers?
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Is this bannable?
Where is Yamcha?
Not if nobody sees it.

Why is this trio of personality type so popular in so many shows?
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>30 years apart
>characters still look identical

Is Miyazaki creatively stagnant as an artist? His art style hasn't evolved at all in the past 3 decades.

Even Takahata, despite not drawing himself, has enough sensibility to change up his style every as time went by.
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What's wrong with consistency, op?
The future of kyoanus
It's boring. And extremely unusual. I don't think I've seen any artists whose style of drawing doesn't change at all in thirty years' time.

To be fair though, it's hard to imagine how Ghibli designs could have "evolved" without going into awful modern moeblob Kyoani territory.

Why is it so hard to find anime with stuff like this in it?
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Most studios don't want to test how much ecchi they can get past censors, and just go for regular pantyshots and boobies.
Also, just plain masturbation isn't funny.
It's not funny but it's lewd and people like that
I don't remember this.

Then again I didn't bother with the BDs for this shitfest

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Why can't they just nuke the grail?
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Because nukes are hard to find.

More specifically, they can but it comes back, Kiritsugu used Excalibur to nuke the grail in the 4th war and it just forced the war to restart over a decade later.
>obtain the grail
>wish that the grail goes away forever
wow so hard...
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Sakura is Best Girl.

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ITT characters that may have probably fugged each other
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Undies & Socks

>Occultic;Nine is the most intriguing mystery anime we've had for many seasons
>Most of /a/ have already dropped it because of "the pacing is off for me!" or "that meme girl is putting me off!"
>meanwhile most /a/ are falling all over Ping Pong girls this season just because it have cute girls being cute in it

You guys have no right for calling Japan having shit taste or anything
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Occultic 9 is garbage though
both are garbage
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OP, this is the same board that fell head over heels for fucking Mayoiga and used the pretense of "fun threads" to justify watching that garbage for more than a few episodes. O;9 has been solid so far, plenty of room for actual speculation and the visuals are nice. Characters are annoying at first but they grow on you, and the pace is a non-issue.

Good OP and it's ED is the best of the season.

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Hey /a/ i'm having a bad time lets have a Tomoko thread.
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I hope everything gets better for you, Anon.
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Watamote - 10 - Large 01.jpg
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Thanks Anon.
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Shameful self bump...

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Did kyoani ruin original again?
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All improvements (especially Natsuki).
Made it better just like always

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I've seen end of Eva 10 times now but still don't get certain things:

1. How does Seele intend to start third impact? Does it only require unit one, MPEs and the lance? When the lance was lost, did they send Kaworu to get Adam so they could do third impact differently?

2. Do all angels need to be rekt before third impact can happen?

3. Was Gendo trying to put Adam into Rei so she'd merge with Lilith? If so, did he realize it was fucked when she cut off his hand cuz she wasn't supposed to do that? Did his plan involve losing his hand or did Rei do that as an additional screw you before turning to god?

4. What wacky combos of things like unit one, the lance, Adam, Lilith, Kaworu and Rei can start third impact?
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None of it matters tbqh
The plot is simply an instrument
I understand the themes are more important, but I already have an in depth understanding of those. Now I just wanna get these nit picky things down.
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>Does it only require unit one
Unit one's core is Lilith's core.
Unit one is made from the bottom half of Lilith.

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Oh my, they are so pure.

OTP indeed.
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Such cute dorks
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That and the first phone call were pure gold.
I thought the author was gonna chicken out and drag shit out.

Thankfully the next chapter gave us this adorable shit.

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Reminder to rewatch Noucome this Tuesday, as it's the day the most relevant country on the planet is effected by "Absolute Choice"!
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Noucome was bad, only worth watching for the cute white haired girl
Your opinion is wrong, and you should feel bad. Noucome was good, but the white haired girl, while cute, detracted from the overall show.
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Noucome Smug.jpg
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Reminder that you're favorite girl is a WORST and MC is blind.

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This man comes and slaps your waifu's ass and tells you to fuck off, what would you do /a/?
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stare at him uncaringly as he is easily triggered by that
Slap his ass and tell my waifu to fuck off.
I let him fuck my waifu, such stupid questions.

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ITT: overrated shit
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at least try to pick better bait anon
Gurren Lagann, not so good.

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