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ITT: Pure sluts
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>Oscar nomination
>17.97 billion yen

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It's gonna lose to a disney film anyways.
I love how even you hold KyoAni on a pedestal.
Definitively, even if this movie is amazing it will loose. It will never win to Disney.

That's not to say i wouldn't love to see this movie win. But i don't see it possible. Not after the year Big hero 6 won over so many better movies in the same category the same year. I'm still bitter.

But it's not like the Oscars really matter.

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Shortstacks are love. Shortstacks are life.

This is a shortstack.
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Hello shortstack. Nice to meet you.

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I'm going to bed, /a/. I'm leaving Chaika here for you to take care.

Please, don't let her fall to the 11th page. Thanks.
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I'm in good hands
Front page!
>not taking your Chaika to bed with you
OP is a monster.

Can any DJT fags explain why Yosuga no Sora was translated into Sky of Connection when the kanji translates to Edge of the Expanse / Brink of Emptiness ? I mean, where did the Connection part come from?

For everybody else, I guess its a Sora/imouto thread again.
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>isolated, we are bonded.
>bond = connection
Except the title is written in katakana

You'll have to forgive me, I'm a chink so I just read the characters that I recognized.


if we take each word individually:
縁 - brink, edge, hem
空 - space, sky, void, emptiness

how do we end up with >>isolated, we are bonded?

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Great characters trapped in shitty series
Both girls and boys/men welcome.
Pic is one of the best examples I can think of.
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Like, half the cast of Last Order.
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ITT: Forgettable anime that actually got forgotten.

I remember that I enjoyed Softenni and the ecchi was good. But that's it.
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QUALITY lesbians.
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>Code Geass:


>High School DXD:

>Akame Ga Kill:
Leone (Tied with Esdeath)

>Shingeki no Kyojin:

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You got almost everything right, except for Rias and Leone.
Since when is Kurumu unpopular? I might like Mizore more, but Kurumu has to have the most fans of any of the Rosario Girls.
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Akame 1.jpg
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Is Esdeath better than Leone or is there a 3rd girl (Please no Mine)?

And who other than Rias?


People like Mizore and Inner Moka more than Kurumu typically.

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It's pretty obvious who is gonna be the target of K for most of the thread.
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Kill Tomo
Fuck Kagura
Marry Sakaki-san

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cutes girls doing cutes things

>i love where this serie is going
The light ahead, he missed it.
I love how tons of show about edgy and tragic mahou shoujou suddenly pops up after Madoka.

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All right guys, what am I in for?
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Pie charts.
Another chinese cartoon.
thank you

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Maybe I'm slowpoking, but what is this? Did we drop Yotsuba?
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And no. Yotsuba was never a staple on the front page anyway, people are bitching about literally nothing.
Anime on Leddit. Kotaku. Manga Fox.

Three fucking strikes and you're >>>/out/

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If you had the power to delete one anime/manga property from existence, which would you choose?
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For starters, this shitty thread.
I prefer the power to delete some scanlators.

SZS is literally a masterpiece. One of the best anime of the modern era.

SHAFT will never achieve the same brilliance again. It was made at that sweet spot where they were still hungry enough and creative enough to make something truly brilliant with the talent they had. Now all that is left is a corpse.
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It certainly was the height of the SHAFT stylistic movement.
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I want to properly make love to Chiri Kitsu!
2006-2011 Shaft was the best, nowadays they just are just Aniplex bitches and keep milking the Monogatari license

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is this the greatest scene in anime history?
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the teeth girl
Why is everything tinted piss color?
Maho is top tier

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