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Who was in the wrong?
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Me, for watching this shit.
The one whose VA got the series pulled from sale for snorting coke and being in porn.
Main character was certainly in the right since he ended with best girl.

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Would you live with a girl who is 4x your size?
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if i were to die, i would only, only accept it in the form of being crushed between the thighs of a girl 4x my size

the most honorable of deaths
Snu Snu is the ultimate destiny of man.
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It is my ultimate dream. Big hugs

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Is this the greatest movie ever made?

I think this is the greatest movie ever made.
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Sure why not.
Movies suck anyways.
overrated. 90% of Ghibli movies crush this movie
that's like, your opinion man

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Newly discovered "erotic" drawings found in the closet of the father of anime and manga himself: http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201611070009.html
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Anime was a mistake
Anthro mouse girl masturbating...it looks like Japan really was way ahead of everyone on this too.

You have to live in your waifu's world.
how fucked are you now?

Alpha's place is pretty stress-free desu
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What if I have a small harem?
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>polygamy waifu
I feel disgusted
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Rural japan with semi-decent internet seems like a fine and comfy place, desu.

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Why does Yuri often have surreal settings?
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Because lesbians don't really exist and they need a fantasy setting to make it believable.
To spice things up and make it actually entertaining.

If homo anime did this, you would probably watch it as well
What about portia de rossi?

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Cover/Lead CP: Shokugeki no Soma (4th Anniversary)
My Hero Academia
Hinomaru Zumou (Color Page)
Samon the Summoner
Amalgam of Distortion
Toriko (31p)
Yuuna of Yuragi Manor (Color Page)
Black Clover
Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club
Spring Weapon No. 01
Himitsu Kessha D Tai Phantom Sentouin Entarou (One Shot by Monri Kei - Color Page)
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
The Promised Neverland
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Oneshot (World Trigger absent filler)
Red Sprite
Love Rush (END)
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

Absent: One Piece, World Trigger (Sudden Illness)

Issue 51
Cover/Lead CP: Demon's Plan (NEW series by Yoshimichi Okamoto)
CPs: Boruto, Toriko (END), The Promised Neverland

Issue 52
Cover/Lead CP: Orego Rasso (NEW series by Takamasa Moue) - Soccer manga
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That one retard that wrote "yah not using teh 100% of yer brain powah" Lucy ripoff oneshot is back
>Love Rush (END)

Wow. Didn't even get a second volume like E-Robot.

>Toriko (END)

Surprised it got as far as it did.
>Love Rush (END)
WAIT WAIT WHAT? Seriously? It actually died? I was just kind of joking about that.

>The Promised Neverland
>Kimetsu no Yaiba
Not sure whether to panic

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who is your papa.jpg
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Timing of his appearance is simply too perfect. You know that this will happen.
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What will happen?
he is implying Vegetto its Brah's dad.

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Kyoshitters will actually defend this.
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Both perfectly fuckable characters from Kyoani.

What's wrong with this.
I like tits.
>Look Mom I posted it again!

Why pics like that are so comfy?
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Like what? Yours? Because smiles and stuff.
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/comfy/ memories of comrades who'd put their life on the line for you and the planet you live on
Because they're true friends.

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This was just great. I can't believe I put this off for 5-6 years. Hasn't aged in the slightest and had me laughing plenty.

Is the manga worth reading still? Are there any good scans online? I remember somebody rescanned it some years ago, but I can't find it uploaded anywhere and the archive doesn't go back more than 1 years back now.
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oh, and Kanzaki > Murai's mom > Tomoko > Anko > Kadena > Fuyutsuki > rest

Kanzaki best girl

So favourite episode? I like when Murai basically spies on his mother to make sure Onizuka isn't actually plowing her.

Both the openings are great, I can't really decide which one is better but I've got a slight favourtism over Driver's High.

Best EP is the one with the national test probably or the very last one.

However one thing - the anime didn't conclude some plot points (what was the deal with kanzaki's father which only she and Miyabi knew?)

Driver's high is overall better, but the last 20 seconds of the second one are also great. The third ED is just shit though.

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trips zamasu

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Why has animation gotten so much worse since the golden age of 1939?

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It's no longer hand-drawn.
Who is in wrong here ?
What's wrong with digital animation? It's like you people live with this nostalgia you can't leave behind. Aren't more digital works looking retro old school lately just to look cool? It's like you people complain about everything.

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So what will she do with the blood of Urarararara, Froggy and Deku?
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>Toga confesses to Uraraka whilst disguised as Deku
>moves in for the kiss
>changes back to her true form only after the kiss
>grins and cackles in glee at the look on Uraraka's face as she realizes that not only were her emotions toyed with, but her first kiss also just got stolen.
she didnt get enough blood from froggy, she even states it.

goddamn speedreaders
>People still saying they are going to use Deku's blood to take his identity
>They forgot All for one transfers through DNA
If she tries to she will inherit all for one and probably die, they want All for One

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Would you?
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Cute meat.webm
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I would spitroast that meat
I would swiftly avert my eyes, apologize profusely, and leave the room as I am clearly not where I was supposed to be and am possibly lost and trespassing.
Nikumi isn't my favourite but I'm not gay either.

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