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President of PA Horikawa released the first announcement
after a revelation by that female animator.
He didn't deny that he collected 6k yen per month as a fee for using desk
in this announcement.
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>Collected 6k a month for using her work desk.
Man if that wasn't in the work contract I would've been arrested because I would've beaten his ass.
The next Kyoani they said.

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Somewhere, somewhen, a successful artist drew a character and decided it would be totally cool if he would wield his guns upside down.
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It makes it easier for him to grab his girls by the pussy.
Fuck you it was pretty cool when i was a kid.
Better than wield a gun with your tits like you know...other shows

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What was that, anon? You don't like Sword Art Online?
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Why hate, anon?
I liked the first Cour

Then it went to shit
I actually quite like SAO.

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Are there any anime that genuinely scared you?

All I can think of off the top of my head is the first arc of Higurashi, Satoshi Kon, and a few of the nightmare sequences in Ghost Hound.
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The first episode of Lain had some good moments.
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Only some moments in Shiki.
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One of my favorite moments of Monster was when they were speaking with a serial killer who had helped Johan, and showing him Johan's picture drove him to stab himself with a pen.

Who is the best representation of black guy in anime or manga?
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A calm person of color that might as well be part of the background most of the time. As they should be.

>no father
>big lips
>afro hair
>life full of crime
>big nose
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Afro Samurai.

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This is a cruel joke
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>recycling nep jokes
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KyoAni does not gratuitously sexualize its characters, though.

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Why are japanese boys wearing women's hair accessories in manga so often these days?
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It's cute.
Maybe they like it
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Oh I see, he wants gay sex.

I want to fuck Wendy.

Reminder that Mavis is confirmed used goods.
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what's Wendy's best move?
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Cry for the pain
>Mavis a loli milf


I specifically had to come here because you are the fucking A level experts on this shit. You know this anime shit?

anyway, what is the fucking problem with this gals tooth? Is she british?
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It's called fangs. All humans have it. Look in the mirror dumbass
You don't think she look cuter with this?
>fucking A
>anime shit
>fucking problem
>on this shit
You have to be over 18 to post on this site.

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If you had the chance to make a choice, which race would you choose for an Overlord style Isekai scenario?

"Skeleton" is not allowed.
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Will there be elves? In that case I choose orc.
>wanting to be a ugly green skinned human

literally why
have you seen those elf doujins? elves love the green fat dick

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Alright anon, strike your best pose.
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We might possibly get the preview tonight. Definitely sometime soon.
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Will it be a long as NT16's preview?
Maybe, considering this novel is much longer. Hell, the preview may even be longer.
that doesn't seem like a good outfit for hiking

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Did halloween make everyone forget about our secret santa? I still haven't gotten my assignment, though i've been confirmed from when i sent in my wishlist

where are you santa loli
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I just got my email earlier today. Be patient. It takes a while for them to figure this shit out.
They said it would take a week or so to get all the assignments out so maybe Fridayish at the latest we'll get our assignments!
Just got mine a second ago actually. Check again maybe op

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So it's them, now

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Gyaru scum.

i thought Tomo had abs

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What's wrong with this guy?
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Absolutely nothing. You'd only think that if you yourself had never experienced to pure bliss of rubbing a loli's head.
He's a loser that can't grow up, get a job, and move on with his life.
She seems to like it though.

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