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Why do we love Shaft so much?
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Artwork is too pretentious
They're the ultimate anime studio. Nothing else in the industry comes closer.
We don't.

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sliding umaru.gif
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The fuck....

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This is truly the darkest timeline
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it's... not bait.jpg
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...holy shit. This isn't bait.


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ITT Characters you still remember
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Just because something isn't posted daily does not mean it's forgotten

Pic related, this character has not been forgotten despite what you may believe by looking at currently active threads.
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fear perfection.jpg
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I'll never forget my waifu.
Blushing cube was fun.

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Beautiful Lala.
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How can breastlets compete?
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>service with a smile
Any family with 'Satan' in their middle name should be avoided.

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What is it implying??
forced shading

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What is the next step of fapping? I need stronger fix.
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Drill hole in the wall.

Properly affix poster of waifu to the wall.

Start fucking.
Raise enough money to rent a 3DPD for thirty minutes. Once you've had sex, you come to a crossroads.

1) Abandon all attachments to the 3D and devote yourself to 2D sex. There are no longer any ties to reality to bind you save for money to get food. Invest in supreme fleshlights and onaholes with 2D VR.

2) Abandon the 2D to pursue the rare ecstasy of sexing the 3D.
Stick something up your butt

>gives them super powered mecha bodies and makes their soul invincible
I don't get it either. Putting aside my other differences with Kyubey, this can only be seen as a good thing for the magical girls. Why the fuck did it upset them so much? Why do people care so much about the specific detail of their earthly vessel? Am I just insane for not caring what my body is as long as my mind is intact?
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Did you stop watching after episode 8?
No, I'm on episode 6. Yes, Kyubey already implied that it's not entirely invincible, but so far as the girls knew at this point, there was nothing about the information Kyubey gave them that should have upset them that much. I can imagine feeling a little confused and maybe a bit off at first, but it's not like it changes their lives a whole lot besides making them stronger. So far as they know, nothing horrible has happened. I know Kyubey does some shit later on, but that particular piece of information as Kyubey presented it isn't even bad.
>teen girls just being teen girls

How do you feel about this tanuki?
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I want to fondle his huge balls
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go home lil tanuki.jpg
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Have you ever been to the top?
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I want to sit on top Munemune's pillow
Take me higher,
Lift me higher with your speed,
I need fire.


She derserved a better anime.
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She deserved to win the guy

She had the worst song tho

Kiss through the glass should have won.
She deserved several tonguings in her navel.

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Leave Zamasu to me.
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1 (2).jpg
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I-Is that vegito
What happened
The king is back

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Why is your opinion on this series?
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Where are you thinking?
Best girl stuck in a mediocre show.
Inaban is top tier, the other characters are ok.
The drama seemed pretty forced at some points especially because the only explanation for it was an unknown entity that basically admits to do random shit to force the show into scenarios.
Still worth watching i guess

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How much better would SAO be if it was about an international server?
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>almost 2017
>still no good 'trapped in a video game' anime
Why you want Kirino to be a waiter? And foreign?
It would be worse. There'd be a bunch of fat and ugly weebs.

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Chino is getting married!
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My wife in the right
Me on the right.
Left is gonna be in the right.

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You have died at last /a/.
What song is playing in the background?
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I loved Don Bluth movies as a toddler. I've always thought If We Hold On Together and Somewhere Out There should be played at my funeral.
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TWGOK Megumi-Hen OP.

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