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Somebody just tell me that this isn't a thing for the whole series and the ten-year-old and seventeen-year-old don't end up getting together.
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He fucks Shaoran.
Good enough for me, thanks /a/.
What the fuck is wrong with you? That is the purest form of love.

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I want to start watching Evangelion, but there are a lot of different titles like 1.11, 2.22, 3.33, movies, etc. Is 1.11 first? What order am I meant to watch it in?
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The only correct watching order is the original TV series and then the movie End of Evangelion. The rebuild movies 1.11, 2.22, 3.33 should only be watched to put the series' greatness into perspective.

On other words, the release order you retard. .
Watch ep1
Puke at horrible art
Force yourself to watch ep2
Can't take it anymore, drop it halfway through
Watch the movie
Realise it's shonen tier shit
Realise you just wasted 3 hours of your life.

In this order.

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What a shitty show.
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What a shitty thread.
Shitty show deserves a shitty thread.
What a shitty director

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You find yourself in this situation, what do you do
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Kill myself if I can't shrug off 4 kids like that.
wake up
Me on the right

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What's her end goal?
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Marriage and baby making sex in the missionary position while holding hands.
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To NTR the main guy with the mailman.
Author already showed the NTR in the future chapter where the main guy is at work and then the mailman comes in.

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and why is it Wakana?
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It's Ohana obviously.
>not Ohana

She carried a whole show by herself, and almost NTRed worst girl.
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>Not Red Data Girl or The MC from Glasslip.

Actual best PA Works girl though is here.

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Why does /a/ never talk about hyakko?
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Best uniforms. Best MC. Great show. I just don't think there is much to talk about.
Because there isn't much to talk about anymore?
because it's dead and not coming back.

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Ufotable's animation style: have them play patty cake, then add a million sparks and shiny lights.
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damn anon, dropping some tough truths on us today
Wow look at this faggot, not liking patty cake.
Have you read the VN? It's pretty faithful to the way Nasu describes their fights.

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ITT: shows /a/ loved while they were airing and then immediately forgot about.
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I didn't forget.
There was a thread this week.
Is the manga even getting scanlated?

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Which tropes would you ban from the Isekai genre?

Personally i would pick :

>MC instantly gets a harem/love interest with little to no effort
>MC has godlike powers compared to the natives
>Most of the characters are retarded except for the MC

Those are the most cancerous.
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>Isekai genre
its large enough to be called a genre at this point
then delete the genre

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Explain how it's possible for anyone to hate Seiba.
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Bitter UBW secondaries
She's the most popular, which by default creates a lot of hate. I suppose some may find her a bit boring too.
they're heretic infidels

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I have a news for you, fellow foot fetish friends.
First: chapter 6 is out.
Secons: manga already ended on chapter 16.
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new foot fetish manga when?
Probably never but you can try megane fetish one from the same illustrator.
how does it end?

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>Tfw your fluffy haired waifu is a Yamaha fan
What's a devout Honda rider to do? It'll never work between us!
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Onsa is still best girl though. Fuwa fuwa~
>tfw Bakuon made you absolutely sure you wanted to ride bikes
>tfw Rin helped you decide on a company.
Suzuki all the way anon.
Sorry, I went for an sv650s, there jew.

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Isn't she his sister? What the fuck is wrong with this show?
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The author's self-insert
>didn't play around with his sister

What the fuck is wrong with you anon
Its Oniisama that's why.

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Why was she so haughty?
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Because she was a stupid bitch. Plain and simple.

There will never be another girl as great as she was, even if she was stuck in a terrible show.
If you were a pretty girl with a killer body, you would be haughty too. It comes naturally. Humility is a virtue because it requires effort.

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