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Heaven or hell?
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All I see is different flavours of paradise.
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How funny, I just finished fapping to as109 elf.

Episode 6
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I love how he sees through her.
MC is pretty great.
hmanga when

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>[HorribleSubs] Natsume Yuujinchou Go - 06 [720p].mkv

For the 10 other anons who watch this show
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They're going to broadcast the OVA next week instead of a next episode.
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Boo! I wanted to see Madara kill the shit out of these little balls of shit.
Why? That's the shit OVA too

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What's the best romcom ever and why is it Seto no Hanayome?
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because fish-tails,
and non-beta MC.
>Want to download it
>No Seeds

This is still the funniest shit.

Season 2 when?
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>missing the announcement
>missing the 2000 post sticky
>missing the banner
Where have you been?
shitposting in 4chan I guess
When is it coming out?

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With GitS and Death Note both now getting American adaptations, are there ANY shows you could imagine actually working as live action in the west?
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With love, a good budget, a good cast and a good director, I think most things could work.
Unfortunately Hollywood thinks a good budget can solve everything.
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Netflix adaptation of Welcome to the NHK (the manga) has the potential to be wildly successful in the west.

Shows like Bojack Horseman show that westerners are really into depressing grim stories.

It would need a few tweaks for a western audience, but I think its got a pretty good base to be adapted
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Can anyone give a rundown on the GITS saga? I'll watch the first movie, then what? There are like 4 movies and two tv shows. Are the shows great or should I just stick to the movies? I don't really feel like watching a series.

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Okay /a/, time to pick. 4 will protect you, the other 4 will try to hunt you down.

A B D E.
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Thats a big girl
Also 4 new chapters out
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That depends, do you like big girls?
Not him but I certainly do.

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Maken Ki!.jpg
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Does anyone care about this series anymore? It's shit as a battle harem, but the girls in this series are prime breeding material.
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good art
meh story
slow as fuck releases
Author should stick to NTR hentai
All this series is good for is the cuck porn which is ironic.

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Why isn't Japan interested in more BALLOON TITS in SKINTIGHT BODYSUITS anymore?
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Cows don't belong on /a/.
anta baka?
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It's time.
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Is this happening?
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I've waited so long. Next week can't come soon enough.
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We're back fags.png
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I'm gonna try a new system of OP images so it'll be easier to tell who's up this week.
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Is she up?
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>Page says volume 7 is out
>It actually isn't.
Editor-san is a liar

[Title is 'Take your time']
Sugawara Takurou
Year 2 Class 4, Soccer club
He's always had a one sided love for Takano-san, but he couldn't be with her in the three legged race so he's dying inside.
Takano Chizuru
Year 2 Class 4, Wind Instrument Club
She's been getting worried about Sugawara-kun recently. She's comparing herself to Patricia and depressing herself.

This year's special event was the mixed gender three legged relay
"One two!! One two!!"

"Good work!! Sugayan, you and Patty were so fast!!"
"Because we practiced a lot!!"

During the Athletic Festival, I'feel like
Takano has been more or less cold to me.

You tell me.
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Sugawara-kun looks like he's having fun...
[Side] Picture time
[Side] Yaaay
With Patricia.
They were perfectly synched.

Everyone also looks like they're having fun now, sorta.
I don't have to say anything...

[Side] Patty, Did Sugayan oggle you?
[Side] I felt like he was gazing
[Side] He... hey...!!
[Side] Hahahaha!!!

I see. This is

"G...Gouda!! You guys are the last, right?"

"......you too, Takano. Good lick!!"

"O...okay... should we tie the string now?"

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Is Stella the pinnacle of the tsundere archetype?
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Stella a shit. Worst tsundere.
More like the pinnacle of shit.
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>neo tsundere

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>seiyuu has a kid
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Do you think seiyuus get asked to be in character when fucking?
>giving two shits about the personal life of the one who voices your animuh
I have seen people in Nipland lose their shit about their seiyuus not being virgins or things like that.
Why are japenese otaku so autistic?
Is it okay if they're 80 like Masako Nozawa?

>everyone else worrying about the state of the anime they're working on
>Chitose is busy obsessing over people's twitter comments on her

Defend this.
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Momoka and Kazuha aren't.
Also, worrying about something is 100% useless.
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I... I wrote a song for Chitose.

The Gi(a)rlish ladies sing this song,
Chi-tose, Chi-tose
The Gi(a)rlish racetrack's five miles long
Oh, de Chi-tose day

Goin' to run all night
Goin' to run all day
I bet my money on a smug-cheeky egg
Somebody bet on the hag

I hope she'll like it.
could you guys stop writing songs for chitose please? it's creepy and pathetic

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