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Would you watch a poptepic anime?
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Fuck yes.
Perfect material for Deen to produce.
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Would you reply to a poptepic thread?

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Would fansubbing still be alive today if it was ran be NEETs instead of people with full time jobs/education?
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>5 paragraph blog
Less ego-centric fansubbers would've be nice
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No because CR fills everything and if they don't it's done by the 5 other companies that shittly sub anime.
Maybe you don't know how life works but everyone grows up at one point. That means you have to use your own money in order to survive. Money doesn't grow on trees.

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>ITT: Facts about Japan which you learned from anime

Gyarus are called gyarus because that's the sound effect they make as they walk by.
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If I'm in highschool and I have sex with a lot of my female classmates, one of them will get jealous and invite me over so she can stab me to death. Then, another jealous one will kill the one that killed me.
Keikaku means plan.
Japanese men and women called M-types (masochists) get erections when their noses bleed.

These are Neps.
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This is Nepgear.
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Reminder to read the official "Hello New World" manga, if you haven't already.
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>the girls in the story are not virgins
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isn't this like the fifth greentext today?
They're breeding, the meme isn't a virgin anymore.

>everything is a meme

If I recall correctly, the newfags a few summers ago weren't this retarded.

Please, kill yourself.

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A real anime enthusiast should know why this car is significant.
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It's shit, just like the anime, OP.
The point of Initial D was that the AE86 was a shitbox, not "the best car ever".
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Here's a real anime enthusiast's car

Black and Baby Vegeta are pretty much the same damn thing, only difference is Baby looks stupid as fuck.

You cannot debate me on this
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Yes, and?
Yes, but Trunks isn't a faggot here
I think Black looks boring as fuck, at least when he isnĀ“t fused with Zamasu.

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Talking about Chika.

Boku no Hero Academia >>149516524
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Kageura is moe.
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Tio is the softest monmusu
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I want Tio to cuddle me lovingly
any tio hmanga
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I want Tio to break me of my bad habits.

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Just finished the first movie, so goddamn boring. Can't I just skip to the most interesting entries of this franchise?
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Just watch IBO, the rest of the Gundam shows are trash.
watch IBO and G no Reconguista
Yes 0079 is shit. Skip to the good entries: Wing, SEED, 00, AGE and IBO.

Why does Gintama have such MOODY intros at times?
I wasn't really questioning it at first, but after reaching the 10th one, I'm a little baffled.
It's like the OP for a completely different show.
Other examples:
https://youtu.be/XkL2W2GZ65c (my personal favorite but christ it doesn't fit at all)
Is it just one long meta joke by the staff (like so many other things)?

Also post shows that have unfitting OPs/EDs I guess.
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Gintaman best OP
from time to time there is a longer arc with proper serious plot. thats when those OPs pop out.
Dont remember Gin being alone near the end of the Opening 8.

So why do people consider this to be the "best" part?
>Says its a SoL. Its still a MotW like Part 3
>People say all the characters are developed. The only character who gets development is Koichi and he still regresses back to whiny bitch mode all the time
>People say Kira is the best villain. He gets his shit kicked in and his dad pretty much takes his role

Why do people think this part is so great? IMO I think Part 2 is still better than this and Joseph is way more interesting than Josuke.
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Part 4 fags have always been a vocal minority yelling memes like MUH SOL MUH ROHAN. I'm glad anime watchers finally will BTFO them.
It's mindless and really entertaining fun. That's what people like more about JoJo at the end of the day. Other parts are more of a chore.

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What's the worst anime opening you've ever heard /a/?
This is up there for me
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Was pretty shit, I didn't like the VN much better though. I think it was made worse by watching it after Stein's ; Gate which at least on a surface level had more science behind it.
I said opening, dumbass. Chaos Head had a pretty good OP

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Want to join my familia?
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I would, but you're not flat as a board so no.
No, fat bitch.
Sorry, I love Emilia.

/a/ I'd like to announce my wedding to Saber. We're now husbando and waifu for laifu!
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Congratulations, friend. Although you're wife kind of reminds of this mysterious girl that sucked me off in an alley last night, I'm sure they're not related at all.
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ah, you're most likely sucked by Nero, she's a whore of babylon.
and yeah, they're kinda look the same.
No no. She was nothing like the God Empress. This girl had a smaller bust and wasn't very good. She kept talking about knowing how to please men too.

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