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Are you a Rize guy or an Ayaya guy?
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they arr rook same
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I'm going to have to go for option C.

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What's so bad about milk?
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non-whites get terrible sick when they ingest milk, its called lactose intolerant

they will shit for days
Shinka only likes my dick milk.
The Japs never looked at a cow and thought, "Oh geez oh man, what if I sucked on those big fat cow titties" like everyone in the west did, and they don't have the same resistance to lactose that we do.

It's the same thing with alcohol, they boiled water and turned it into tea instead of alcohol, that's why they can't handle booze either.

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>Issue 51
>Toriko (END)
What went wrong?
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Look at chapter 1.
It was never good to begin with.
It was pretty fucking shit compared to DB or OP.

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I want to beat Shinoa up.
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such wasted potential in material for doujins.
Purple hair with side bangs(?) makes them the most abusable
>beating up the only noteworthy thing from that series

Did you know there was a new chapter today? This time more of the twins!
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How would you get out of this situation?
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you don't
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I wouldn't.
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>Not wanting to stay pinned under Shinka's fat bottom, sniffing her sweaty butthole while she teases you

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Asuka is for gangbangs.
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Sorry anon, I'm too possessive to share her.
That doujin where she gets gangbanged and gives birth as a live show is fucking hot.
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My cock is definitely saying otherwise right now.

I'm depressed right now.
I just finished watching the 1st season of Saki for like the 6th time and I'm getting the feeling that there's never going to be another anime that can top it, not even the newer seasons of Saki.

No other anime gets my blood pumping with excitement the way this show does.

I feel like I'm pregnant.
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Enjoy the delay and live action.

Shinohayu is as good as the first season though. Not in the same way, but as good as it nonetheless.
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I lost track of how many spinoffs there are now.
I'll just wait very very patiently for more anime.
iPS strikes again.

Just thought of a to way to end one punch man, whenever it ends that is. While fighting the strongest enemy yet, Saitama does his best punch yet, which rips a hole in space/time creating a black hole/entrance to a parallel universe. In the parallel universe, on a planet similar to earth, there is a villian by the name of one kick man. He is the parallel to Saitama, he defeats everyone he fights with one kick, and he gets bored when hero's try to fight him. Him and Saitama meet and have the most badass, over the top fight of all time for most of the episode. At the end, saitama does his most serious punch, while one kick man does his most serious kick. The punch and kick collide and the entire universe explodes and the show ends. I would actually like this, but I could see how this is a little bit retarded. Is it retarded?
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Saitama is only a street level character. Spiderman could whoop his ass
Better End: Saitama finds a new hobby which doesnt involve fighting, so he feels challenged again.
obvious bait is obvious

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Imagine an animu/mango about a 40 years old bald man summoned by a mad goddess who is already tired of the constant teenager reincarnators and their harems. She has chosen Bald-san to act as her angel of cuckholdry and destroy all those chuuni isekai heroes.They might have cheat skills but they are not ready for an experienced cuckmaster.

Why is this miracle of the universe not being made?
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There are no heroes left in the industry, OP
People are not ready for the second savior of anime, it will be too much for their bodies and they will suffer from indirect cucking syndrome. If you want to learn more about indirect cucking syndrome, please email me at [email protected] with your credit card info to learn more.

Arc 4 Chapter 55

If you missed any of the previous chapters check here

If you've just finished the anime and want to catch up with the current discussion check this link
http://pastebin.com/jELdbTH6 (embed)

How are you holding up, Ferribros and Cruschmissiles? It was confirmed that Ferri and Crusch-sama will have a happy ending, so everything will be fine.
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Get of the season
Imagine if Regulus sounded like this:


Would be good

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winter 2017.jpg
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This season is fucking garbage. Not a single show worth watching.
Who else dropped everything and is just waiting for based winter?
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same thread.jpg
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But it got no replies, so let me try again.
Apparently Khara is doing something with Dragon Dentist, so that's cool

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>you order your copy of the OAD with extra lewd
>expect to be the first anon to post screencaps and get fueled with an infinite amount of (you)
>it gets lost in transit
>you never get your copy
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What happened anons
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The fact that this is actually bound to happen to some anon makes it so much better

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Would you consider having sex with Panty?
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s-x is for perverts
I wish I was a pervert.
Of course. It's one of the few things she's good at. The other's being sliced into tiny cubes by her demon sister.

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