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Heavy Object EX is fully translated now.

And it's one of the best volumes.
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What the fuck was all the conspiratorial shit at the end?
Is there going to be an EX2?
Skuld did nothing wrong. She can't help but do all those things, she was made that way. If Hamazura or Touma was there, she would have been saved.

I only hope we'll see more of her one day.

>"What do you mean you already forgot about me, idiot?"
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Who are you again?
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Please stop talking to me.

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Horrible cringy shit.
I don't know why there even was a dilenma. A hole is a hole, and if one is cannot be used without the memory loss, where's always the backdoor.
MC should have fucked the landlady.

What's with the primal urge to fuck this retard senseless and leave her taking care of your spawn?
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It must be the boots.
The feeling of being pandered to.
Feels good.

What's Mio into?
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name a girl that is worse than this

pro tip: you can't
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Rei the retard
Not easy, true, but this should do it.

Holy shit the expository dialogue and monologuing in this anime is off the charts. It feels like I'm watching Naruto with moeblobs.
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Why are you using words you don't understand?
You have to be 18 to post on 4chan.

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Have genderbenderfags moved to traps?
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I kinda bounce back and forth between dicks and vaginas that used to be dicks. Both are good but I think gender bending is more pure. A used-to-be guy innocently finding out the pleasures of being a woman is heart (and dick) warming.

Idol Pretender's artwork was great. The girls were so soft and cute.
Gender bender is so niche. Traps just have more artworks and doujins.

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What is your favorite comedy manga /a/?

Grand Blue is just fucking killing me.
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sumire 16
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Grand Blue is god tier comedy

>Male symbol on her crotch
>No futanari porn of her exists
Why is this allowed?
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Because futa is trash
this desu
It's supposed to mean "dick goes here" not that she's gonna grow a cock you ninny.

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special snowflake.jpg
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>pretty princess needs to get what she wants at all times or it's the end of the world
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Kyon should have punched her.
>I was having fun
wow, what a revelation. fucking bore. you have to be on the spectrum to think this show is anything more than perpetual high school fun times.
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It adds to her appeal in my opinion. You must work hard for Haruhi's heart.

Fat or flat?
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you know full well the only answer is coconutcoffee
Ain't nothing wrong with a little more cushion for the pushin'

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What made Trigun so good?
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We were kids.

Outside of that though its universal in its themes of Idealism vs Realism and the conflicts that arise between Vash and Knives throughout the show, even when they are children, are akin to all moral struggles that humanity has and will continue to face.

Outside of that for the time the animation was fun and stylistic. The music was pretty rocking and the characters were fun to be around. Also imo because the series is largely light hearted and fun in its first few acts it makes the distinct shifts in tone latter on stand out a lot more.

Also the guitar riff for the sweet guitar riff for the bumbers was and still is rad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw9T5jjZceY
being an edgy 13 year old
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It understood the simple concept that if the hero is OP strong then you challenge him on a level that's not always combat

How do you feel about knee socks?
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Better than thigh-highs desu

Thigh highs > over-the-knee socks > actual knee socks (which go up to the knee, not over it)
Scanty is better.

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>[Commie] Zaregoto - 01v0 [BD 1080p AC3] [1D43B377].mkv
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SHAFTshitters will defend this.
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t-thanks commie

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