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>2 (two) yuri series getting anime
Has nippon finally realized the greatness of the purest form of love?

>tfw people said this season would kill the yuri
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>>tfw people said this season would kill the yuri
Why do you listen to newfags?
You guys deserve something after so many seasons of fujoshit after fujoshit.
> It's Citrus.


Dating in my Gundam?
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But she's already married! The scandal!
She was just a fangirl of italian, Guts is her true love
>She was just a fangirl of italian
But didn't she have a baby with him?

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>Manga's plot basically boils down to everyone just being Avatar spirits of the planets and they're destined to repeat the same cycle again and again cause it's the will of the Galaxy Cauldron, if they would want to escape their fate that would mean they'd have to destroy the essence of life and creation itself. So they choose instead to keep fighting and continue the cycle, knowing that their own wills essentially don't matter and they're just vessels for the Sailor Crystals; they're meant to sustain and protect life in this galaxy not to live it, but hey it beats there being no life at all and everything just turning into nothingness!

Where were you when the perfect deconstruction to the Magical Girl genre preceded Madoka by 19 fucking years?
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Crystal a shit, A SHIT!!
>Where were you?

Being born.
>SM manga

Too much "mirakuru romansu," not enough comedy/slice of life stuff with the girls for my liking.

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Is there a tag for this kind of stuff? I find it extremely hot but it's not just NTR/cheating.
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Are you on the /u/ ship or what?
It is ntr
Reverse NTR

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Post PURE girls only. No sluts allowed.
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My wife Yoshino is so cute.
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Do you like it?
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Don't zoom in before taking a screenshot.
It got canceled I think. So Japan doesn't like it at least.
Wrong, it just ended with 3 volumes.
Or maybe you wanted 100+ chapters of making a pair of shoes for one girl?

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Say something nice about Aqua
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She's a charming retard.
Sorry I got nothing
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Fuuka will air next season + voice cast
How do you think they will adapt it? I mean in which episode the truck will happen?

Kazuyuki Okitsu as Kazuya Nachi
Yūsuke Kobayashi as Yū Haruna
Saori Hayami as Koyuki Hinashi
Lynn as Fūka Akitsuki
Sōma Saitō as Makoto Mikasa
Mikako Komatsu as Sara Iwami
Mikako Takahashi as Mayu Haruna
Saori Ōnishi as Hibiki Haruna
Kaede Hondo as Chitose Haruna
Yōko Hikasa as Tomomi-sensei
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Is truck-kun going to have his big moment?
Hopefully this waste of money will at least inspire people to draw some fanart.
Also second best girl appeared to inherit best girl legacy

Also tfw read the chapter where best girl get rekt by truck and subsequent funeral with artic monkey song, fluorescent adolescents

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yuyushiki fanart.jpg
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Get your Yuyus for Yuyuesday!
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Season 2 Woes
Can Takkyuu Musume join these threads when it inevitably bombs in sales like Yuyushiki?
I just finished kinmosa, was pleasantly surprised to see the yuyushiki reference.

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Name one good thing about Naruto
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hinatas tits
Zabuza was pretty cool.

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This is a girl (female).png
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This is a girl (female).
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>futanari before female:muscle
i knew it. there will never be one
Don't worry, we'll get some kinniku some day.
Your first hint should have been the fact she's a hyena anon; the #2 most widely known fact about hyenas is that their females have fake dicks.

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Shows only you liked
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Aside from the bait and switch I can't understand why it isn't more popular.
Liking bad adaptions is an insult to the series.

What's your opinion on Rururaruri Rurararirararururirirari Rirararururararururararirari
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The ass is fat

Best Onahole

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Fire > Water > Earth > Air
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Objectively correct.
Air last? She's the best, you pleb.

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I appreciate the lack of the same VAs so many anime have as part of their casts nowadays. What company is doing the dubbing? It looks like Funi is releasing it in North America, but they don't seem to be the ones who announced the dub cast according to ANN.
Finally. Anime deserve getting repeating digits.
I came here to shit on this dub, surprisingly not bad.
>Spirited away of this generation.
Go fuck yourself

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