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Is this a zombie?
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This is a best girl.
This is best girl.
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I don't get.

I don't, why would a mage go for vitality instead of intelligence?

If she were a dancer VIT would make sense.
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Because this is not your shit rpg stat allocation story.

A mage that can tank hits will fight longer and cast more spells and deal more damage
>not WIS

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Why are One Piece threads literally ALWAYS full of shitposters?
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because nami is a slut
as opposed to shingeki no kyojin, hero academia and tokyo ghoul threads?

the moment something becomes popular its threads automatically become shitposting central
Shit series = Shit posters

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I'm watching Cowboy Bebop right now.

Is it just a "space Lupin in the future" or does it actually get good later on?
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Why don't you keep watching and find out, faggot.
>Does it get good?
Is OP a massive fag?
show is overall mediocre and decent at best

it follows a shounen-esque villain of the week formula and raises fairly cliche 'is life worth living' and 'maybe immortality is a curse' kind of questions. mc is a gunslinging self-insert that does whatever he wants and has a dark past.

it also has the kind of cult following that cant take criticism: everything is dismissed as "/a/ being contrarian"

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How does one summon his own succubus (male)?
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Hmm, well you've got the virgin aura down
You need to develop a potent virgin aura.

Stick around on /a/ and it just might happen.
>tfw you get visited by a succubus but she doesn't have a cute penis

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ITT: Mascot characters that aren't obnoxious pieces of shit
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What the fuck is that

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I do not understand why it is popular.
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its the spirited away of this generation
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It's good.

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Took a mostly uninteresting subject and made it interesting with style and characters
Im shit at pingpong
1v1 me
commitment to an unusual yet effective visual style

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>"Hm, hm, hm, hmmm. Oh, I found some vacuum-packed duck slices! I thought fish paste was the only thing you could eat without cooking it, so this is a nice surprise.”
>“Wait, defenseless butt girl. Try eating that without paying and I swear I’ll give that ass a hard spanking.”

When did Touma become such an alpha/bully?
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Left or Right?
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Right of course.

What the fuck was that ending? All that foreplay just for a fucking kiss?
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It's so ugly chink girls can spend all their time getting wet just for nothing to happen
But I expect at least some fucking payoff
this looks like a shitty manga

Is there anything she can't do?
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get the protagonist to fuck her
bring back ed's mom
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Is Rurouni Kenshin worth watching or should I read the manga?
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How about you watch a couple of episodes and decide for yourself?
you should watch samurai x and call it a day. The show blows its load way too early
Why not ask /a/ instead?

Muh Dick
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source, friend?
I want a qt loli to kick my ass for being a disgusting NEET!
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I just begun episode 9 and went in blind.

Is this what I think it is?
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I dunno, what do you think it is?
The fantasy of a 13-year-old boy.
If you're talking about the time travel episodes, then no

But get out of the thread as fast as you can because someone will ruin the joke at the end of that arc for you.

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What's the point of this character? I didn't understand her story.
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Whats the point of all the characters actually? Like, what are they actually doing except smug faces and insulting each other?
She's somehow Araragi's guardian that prevents him from dying to random oddities or something like that.
Quirky loli is cute and fuckable. What other reasons do you need besides that?

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