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Missed out on the original thread since it got archived so soon, so thought I'd dump the chapter for those who likely missed it like me. Took the initiative to fix some mistakes on a couple of the pages myself too.
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should i watch the original version or the american-localized version?

i've no experience with popcult in grorious nippon
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English is more interesting.

it's also famous for being quirky due to the stilted and mostly straight forward translation
Do you mean Sub or Dub?

I'd go with dub.

Have been rewatching NHK lately, how the fuck there can be episodes that look good and then there are some which look like they suddenly ran out of budget.
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They probably did, and it's by Gonzo. If anything it gives the show a bit of its own unique aesthetic, I liked the blocky animation.
NHK is shit
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Blocky is one thing. Just akihabara ep near beginning was sersiously fucked up.

What? Did you realize you're a failure from watching it?

I really wish I had the money to buy the creative rights to Zero no Tsukaima. If I bought the property rights, I really wish I could then somehow get HBO to make a live adaptation where the focus is on religious conflicts, diplomacy and politics between Gallia, Albion and Germania, basically 17th century fantasy rather than goddamn fucking haremshit cancer.

But that's just me.
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Stopped reading there
Fucking BAITard
That's just Europe with some bits chopped off.
You keep making this thread, and it's very obviously you because no one else gives a shit about the fact that a decade-old harem was a harem. Please stop.

>Girlish Number

Can we agree that these are the only shows worth a damn this season?
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You forgot AOTS, Flip Flappers.
Where's drifters
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you forgot about

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I've just watched Code Geass for this first time.

Pretty incredible. I think it's only the second time an anime has made me shed a tear. Was there a shit storm on /a/ when it first aired? If so, anyone have any screencaps?

Code Geass thread I guess.

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>being brought to tears by garbage
I've got a soft spot for redemotion arcs, sue me. Though it wasn't so much that as it was when Nunally suddenly realized Lelouche's reasoning at the end
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CC best girl

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Which Ichigo would you Mashimaro, /a/?
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Nobue and or Chi
Coppola best mashimaro.
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WHY would You call Her that!!! REEEEEEE

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Remind me her name.
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Nao Touyama

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>14 years old boy falling in love with a woman who meet in the bus
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Why doesnt it happen more?
Greatest love story ever told.
best romance author

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Is there a worse instrument to play?
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Bass. You don't even get the girl.
The piano

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Domekano 119 raw and 119.5 Korean which takes place right after.



Reminder that their parents are home during this.
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Not sure where 119.5 was published as it has nipples. 119 is the latest ch, so it can't be from a tankoubon.
man, this mangaka always knows how to make girls getting dicked look good
Literally Shou senpai 2.0.

>the one guy who looks like he could be Japanese is also the best character
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But Ling's the best character.
>muh friend
>muh flame
No he's not the best character.
is the best character.
Ling isn't even top 5

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This baka could have lived if she had just accepted the grief seeds. Now Madoka is sad.
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Madoka doesn't care baka anymore as she's Homura's bitch now
If it is any consolation Madoka and Sayaka are able to remain together in the afterlife.
What are you talking about, op? She did live.

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Is this going too far?
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>no bulge
Not far enough it seems
I think the bulging ass compensates enough for that
The manga is shit but this girl makes me keep reading.

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ITT anime only you have watched
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Every thread.

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