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Absolutely everything I know about the story, characters, etc was taken exclusively from the fight scenes. One Piece is just too damn far ahead to get into so I just collected data from interaction sequences and dialogue during fights, which brings me to my question:
What exactly is fucking happening? I know defeated Doflamingo but what does that mean for the stories progression? Also, what is a good arc, episode, chapter to start on?
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All you need to know is the pleasure of being cummed inside
this image is painful to look at
start from the beginning of water 7 i'v watched up to then and am personally in love with one piece, i will catch up before they finish for sure.

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SB69# 8
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Just happy

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New chapter's out.
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Vinland Saga c133 p004.png
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there is a guide : buyfag.moe
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> Animeadaptation launches in january

Will she finally be available for preorder then?
Anyone have some solid artbooks they can recommend? Looking to expand my collection.
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Posting PORK
Nendo soon

...which I also happen to be frighteningly completely okay with.

The loop of the anime is always the same in every episode: Hotaru shows up uninvited to the main character's shop and oppressively details every attribute of a real-world product (Ramune/instant noodles/etc.). All of it is meant to be humorous because "it’s ridiculous she is making a big deal about cheap products" and "she's doing silly voices" (some episodes are seriously just animated dramatizations of real-world company histories as though they were recited verbatim from the company’s Wikipedia entry… yes, really). When Hotaru finishes shilling the product, she takes a bite from it and the obligatory fan-service ensues: a zoom-in on her mouth while she eats in a fellatio-esque way or a chest zoom-in after she’s covered herself in sugary powder to educate others of “poor eating technique”. Rinse wash repeat for every single episode.

The show's male cast is silently sexually attracted to Hotaru and it becomes a rule to "just keep Hotaru talking because it'll all be worth it in the end". A Pavlovian effect results: the cast is conditioned to CRAVE Hotaru’s product shillings because she'll do something sexy at the end. Even when Hotaru wearies of shilling at time, the cast cracks and BEGS for her to shill to get their reward at the end. It seems the anime's real objective is for the audience to project themselves onto the horny male cast to similarly crave Hotaru's product shilling (the sexy reward also applies to the audience). More terrifyingly, to conflate feelings held toward Hotaru with the audience’s real-world attitudes: subconsciously becoming more suggestible to real-world advertising and company loyalty.
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I wonder if Hotaru's character was created as a response to the weirdness of seeing Rei and Asuka from Evangelion used as product mascots in Japan. Hotaru's in-universe personality is to shill to the fullest possible extent of a product's marketing pitch and to be a manic acolyte for its company. It's IN-CHARACTER for Hotaru to be an advertising canvas. On DeviantArt I’ve seen Hotaru fan art depicting her with real-world products which don't even appear in the anime because: "it fits her character to shill anything".

I’m terrified how completely okay I am with it all though… I tell myself: “Hey… it’s still amusing a cute character is hysterically shilling real-world products… right...?” “Hey, unironic product placement is counter-cultural and artistically poignant right?” Product placement is being crammed down my throat but the fan-service is just so damn delectable where I’m perfectly fine in being pandered to. Say whatever insulting things about my intelligence or my tastes you want: the creators of the show knew exactly what I wanted to see and dog-whistled me in all the right ways. I’ll never say I'm “too grown-up” or “too mature” to not be infatuated with a beautifully designed fictional anime girl (albeit an original design) with an idealized appearance, a hyper-passionate/maniacal (but also charming) demeanor, decked in a pseudo-secretary getup (with pantyhose and not stockings, infinitely improving the fan-service), complete with a plain-and-simple set of overtly large breasts to reel in the red-blooded pre-teen in me (there I said it).

I just hope I don’t start reciting the slogans to some of these Japanese snacks when I’m sleepwalking at night.
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You know, I've fapped to Hotaru thousand times but never tried any dagashi. It doesn't work.
Tits and sweets, what's not to love?
And for as product placement goes its best in its class, Im hapy to admit I spent a lot of time in the dagashi section when I visited the nips

This is your lesbian witch for tonight.
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I'd settle for a non-WW II story with lesbians doing cute things
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Dat ass.
When are they going to be tried for treason and espionage?

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Who is lewder?
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I'm going to need sauce on that saucy lady
>Translating Onee-san but leaving Imouto
hoozuki-san chi no aneki (+Imouto)

>I know about her
>Her parents are elite public servants
>She studies in a Church sponsored school
>She's being cared for by a lot of kind adults
>And she's allowed to live her life freely
>An ojousama from birth
No, Rinne, you know nothing.
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That's all true except the last one. But after StrikerS, Vivio lived a life of a top ojousama for sure.
>Even if you don't participate in martial arts, even if you are not strong, isn't it okay?
>You have a home to return to, you have lots of friends
>Aren't you happy enough?
Rinne pls

I wonder how would Rinne respond to Vivio's Clone Space Jesus background.
>top ojousama
that's Victoria for you. Or Rinne after the adoption.
Vivio only has an upper middle class lifestyle.

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New episode soon!
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Do we have a less shitty stream yet?
No. You'll have to infer the plot between these stutters.
I hope this episode has some Atra

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What's Roswaal thinking?
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>Arc 4 Ch 58

>Previous stuff

>For animefags looking to continue the story
How can I use this event in some kind of bullshit roundabout clown plot?
I want to fuck Subaru!

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When did you find out that Pitou was actually a man?
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Never, because she's factually female.
The manga defines all chimera ants except the queen or the king "it". Meaning they are unable to reproduce and not either females or males.
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>unable to reproduce


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Was it autism?
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how do we solve the Gohan problem?
>zamasu literally won

holy shit

brought the whole arc up to 7/10 from 4/10

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First for Hao Ryu Zwaku!
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This is a semen demon

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Time for more literary moe.
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There is bullying, and then there is bullying.
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I'm calling the police.
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But he is the police.

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