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Tachikomas are for _______
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provoking thoughts
Filling with natural oil

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The characters don't have any history with each other, robbing the scene of any narrative impact
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>narrative impact
What the fuck does that mean.
It's pretty to look at if really busy choreography is your thing, but it's not impressive and doesn't contribute anything to the story.
Gilgamesh only represent the trial that Shirou has to overcome if he wants to prove that he is worthy of is ideal.

If you wanted that there was the Archer fight 3 episode earlier, or wait for Heaven's Feel movies

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Generic manga that everybody forgot about but was popular at the time and still worth a read today.

Black Cat is my choice. Been rereading the series for the first time since I was a young kid and I'm surprised at just how much I'm enjoying this. Reminds me of HxH desu.
How an arc about the crew fighting a giant dinosaur at a dinner party was followed by an arc where the villain and his crew commit a terrorist attack at a conference and kill all of the worlds political leaders.
It's really fun. So fun that it keeps the general concept of a battle manga with guns not feeling edgy.
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One of my all-time favorite Jump series and I'd kill to see it (and its sequel series) scanlated. Luckily the whole anime is dubbed and most of it is subbed so it's still accessible for those of us not fluent in moonspeak.

The art-style is odd and make take some getting used to, and it's pretty generic, however the charm and atmosphere however are just standout as fuck. The anime speficially is of incredibly high quality due to being directed by Noriyuki Abe.
Clearly has been a massive influence on a lot of future Jump series as well.
Also, it's a real shame that we never got another battle manga from Yabuki.
I like TLR and all, but he had so much talent with battle manga...
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Unfortunately there are no scans for this, but I've heard great things about it and I really like the mangaka.

Rising Impact ran in Weekly Shonen Jump for 17 volumes. Same mangaka as Nantsu no Taizaki and Kongou Banchou.

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>This loli says "put a donkey dong inside your bumhole or I pull the trigger"
What do?
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Laugh hard.
Put my dong in her bumhole.

Only if it's attached to a hot chick.

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What's the most unintentionally hilarious use of gore you've seen in anime?
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What do you think of this anime?
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Proto Flip Flappers
Pretty good two episodes OVA.
It's a pretty mess.

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>she will never teach you japanese
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>she will never teach me how to have sex better
She's a pure maiden, though.
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ITT Translation & Scanlation never
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Because it's shit series, not like pic related which hits 500+ posts and people translate new chapters
You could just read the books.
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what went wrong?
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Shouldn't he be wearing some of Vegeta's armor since Vegeta was wearing it when they fused?
>Fanboys still crying their first boyfriend wasn't OP enough

Gook novel thread

I want the next volume to come out already. Can't wait to see the consequences of Paimon's major fuckup/power move.
Hopefully best girl Humbaba will get more action too.
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Why is Lapis so shit? She ruined the entire novel.
>not wanting to be dominated by lapis
beta fuck detected

Why aren't you reading Platinum End?
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Because it's shit, like all Obata/Ohba cooperations.

Nigga I will fight you
That one was just a fluke. Death Note too if that's your thing.

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Why do people like to pretend that One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Black Clover are the only battle manga in Jump?

Kimetsu is probably the best thing running.
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Kimetsu is boring and Samon isn't funny.
Not enough mindless action for you? Is atmosphere and build-up too much for you to take in?
Maybe Black Clover is more your speed.
Kimetsu was boring at the beginning, but it's pretty good now. This spider family arc has been really impressive.

Samon is meh. Now that it's fully a battle manga now though it might at least have its tone and style going for it.

will we ever see this goddess skate?
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Sadly, no. It's fujo anime.
That's a man, baby.
who knows. Maybe if we get an ova.

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What anime has the best Thanksgiving special?
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I don't think any anime have Thanksgiving specials.

But post anime girls in Thanksgiving hats so I can use them.
But why not? They stole all our other holidays like halloween and christmas, why not thanksgiving too?
"Your holidays"?

You mean the holidays that existed for around half a millennium before anyone discovered the rock called the Americas?

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How frustrating would it be to not get fucked in the P.E. shed when you're more than willing?
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at least she got shoulder massage.
She needed a pussy rubbing, not a shoulder running.
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> How frustrating

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