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I still can't choose between yukino and yui please help
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There is only one woman who deserves your loyalty. Only one that can rightfully claim the title of best girl. Choose Haruno. Come home.
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8man made his choice

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is KyoAni vs Shaft an actual thing that japanese otaku argue about or is it just a stupid /a/ meme?
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Not even /a/ argues about SHAFT v KyoAni anymore, that was only back in 2009.
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Not really a contest any more is it.
You've never browsed a 3-gatsu thread before, haven't you?

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>/a/ full of tasteless fags not enjoying this hidden gem

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ITT: /a/-related tracks that never fail to get you hyped.


>pic related
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Man every time I look at naruto part 1 it pisses me off, it was so fun back in the day.
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The ultimate hero.png
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This is the song I want to hear when I give someone my energy.

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Do you like hats on your girls?
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the silly hat board is that way >>>/jp/

Fuck off Quisling
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Best girl is hatless, repeat hatless.

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What do you think of bath scenes?
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I think there should be a wikia dedicated to them. Oh wait, there is.
the internet is a wonderful place.
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i love them when they aren't forced, or if they are at least well done.

really love the monogatari ones.

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All these years and still not a proper faithful adaption of the manga with all the crazy fantasy adventuring shenanigans happening.
Yet they made million spinoffs.
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I'm still ultra salty that Negima never got a proper ending.
>The art was amazing.
>The story was something I can look foward too.

Didn't even bother with the anime
Just read UQ Holder, anon

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Woah! So I tried I mean I watched the Show Lain to day. At Least I think I did.

So I Have To Ask how happen the show? Were this the Right one. Is lain Anische anime?

Is This the show:

The one girl dies. They get drunk at a bar. Lain haits trains. Some guy gets punked by a 5 year old. Lain's sister becomes retarded. Lain haits sootmen a cause of laser pointers. Lain stakes alisu and watches her mesecrate then becomes alain chrishan roswelle. Then she kills the nights. Then she kills the dead dude. Then she kills herself???


And WHAT was the DEAL with that BEAR SUITE?

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yeah, that's lain alright

I think it's trying to communicate...
I want you to do two things.

1. Swallow some rat poison.
2. That's it.

>Anime you want to livewatch with /a/ again
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Kill La Kill
If we're talking about watching for the first time with /a/?
Then TTGL, Panty and Stocking, Haruhi, Code Geass.
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>senketsu is still dead
>no season 2

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What does /a/ think of Mezzo?
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wanted more sex scenes

haven't watched it for the plot yet, was it good?

Watch Kite (same artist) for sex. Mezzo is about a detective agency and yes it's good.
Movie or the anime?

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Does the location of where it's produce make an anime one or is it the art style?

>pic not related
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its the autistic cold socializing of the japanese that make japanese animation japanese animation

also their uncreativity
This see the difference between japs and koreans
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Not really, this is just a meme, japanese don't actually act like that in real life.
Its from theater, where every emotion is greatly exaggerated by rising your voice and emphasizing words or grimacing.

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Hachiko did nothing wrong.
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Hachi is retarded.
this was a shitshow full of literal cucks (no, really), prostitutes and whores.

Frame arms girl anime announced.
It's based on a figure series i think.
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>big guns
Are the girl robots or normal ones? I dont see them surviving those cannons. There better be some framearms whoring a bagpack made of VLS missiles.
Huh, that's neat. I have one, it's pretty cute and it was fun to build.


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Leave Shishio to me
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Everyone knows C-C-O was the real mastermind anyway.

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every GC thread.jpg
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Do you remember the Guilty Crown threads, /a/?

I miss them.
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People don't miss their garbage anon
Guilty Crown was just a much worse Code Geass.

If you liked Guilty Crown threads then you are a newfag and must leave
kill yourself chode gayass faggot

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