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What sort of anime are you yearning for, /a/non?

I could really go for a slice of life comedy series about a loli having to put up with older perverts trying to forcefully get into her pants. Unaware that she is pretty capable to defend herself and quite mature for her age.
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loli soldier chocolate ptsd.jpg
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Cute girls doing World War One things
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I could really go for a slice of life comedy series about a loli having to put up with older perverts trying to forcefully get into her pants. Unaware that she is not capable at all of defending herself and quite immature for her age.
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just give me haruhi and gundam so i can die already

This is Himeji.
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>Annoying pink moeblob
She didn't deserve the Abowl.
baka baka
Himeji is healthy

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Does /a/ like timid characters?
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Can you stop posting my waifu, k thanks bye.
Depends of how timid. I hate the kind of character that hides behind a wall everytime someone wants to talk to them
They get annoying fast

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What's your sales prediction for Neverland?
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Ugly as always
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Less than 30k

There seems to be a bunch of holes in availability for lots of anime out there.

Why has no-one uploaded BD releases for Heartcatch Precure? Or Oofuri Natsu no Taikai-hen?

Every so often some of these holes get filled but for the most part a lot of things just seem to get forgotten. Don't these shows have fans who should be on top of this kind of shit?
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I mean, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There's nothing wrong with the current Heartcatch releases. And honestly, who gives a shit about stuff like that? Focus on getting out older shit than BD releases for something that aired five years ago that's already plenty watchable.
but there are watermarks and hardsubs and all manner of yucky things as the best options for plenty of stuff out there. It can be watchable, sure, but very obviously not ideal.
take it to your fucking general and stop shitting the place up

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Simbly Ebina.
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ebin benis? :DDD

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How do you feel about Revenge Classroom?
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Kind of forgot about it. It doesn't go anywhere and the heroine became too unlikable after she started murdering people.
MC girl is super sexy
Didn't she get raped or something

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This is Kobato.
She wears dresses that are proper for girls her age.

Your waifu dresses like shit.
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I miss her
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kobato attempts to dance.png
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Still one of the cutest protags ever.
Let's do our best today, /a/!

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New Humans.jpg
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Does anyone else miss these little fuckers?
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Nope. Boring show.
I miss their queen more
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>Does anyone else miss these little fuckers?

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Did you forget about her /a/?
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Where's Nagisama now?
What a fucking slut.

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The tree did nothing wrong
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The tree didn't leaf
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Best boy

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Why Houki is Perfect?
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She spawned several clones that are NOT shit
ITT: opposite day.

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WTF... They hype

>It wont be a pachinko machine

But fuck it, I want to belive
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Sin título.jpg
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Where they want us to review it?
Maybe they meant rewatching?

I've always liked megarobots and loved evangelion (even if not a enough mechanical for my taste) but I'm completely lost on where to start gundam...
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Most people around here probably started with Gundam Wing which is it's own thing set in it's own universe so it's very self-contained and easy to pick up and isn't as dated.


The original is very dated and it's hard to shake the 70s vibe from it but it is still an enjoyable series that's memorable and still has it's poignant moments and characters.

It's best to watch that first if you want to go on to watching Zeta Gundam which is the show which is more commonly thought of as the height of the series as most of Zeta is a contrast of the first series and can be lost of people just jumping in.
Wing is shit.

Just start with the original, then watch Zeta and then ZZ and finally Char's counter attack. After that watch whatever you want in any order.
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>4 episode in ZZ
>Judau is even more shit than Amuro and Kamille in their worst states combined

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