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Why do you people hate it so much?

I recently watched this shit and I just couldn't stop. It was so enjoyable, that I watched the whole thing in one sitting. It really brought me back to good old days, when I used to have fun while watching anime.

I understand that the manga purists hate it because some minor changes were made (the mc's nerdy look at the beginning and changing the time period). these changes do not bother me, and knowing that the story was originally set in the 80's, explained some of the characters more questionable behavior. Also, the soundtrack is great (and I usually hate dubstep).

So, without resorting to the "muh manga argument", what do you people have against parasyte the maxim?
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You only say this because you never read the manga. Trust me, read the manga. The anime cut out many very powerful scenes.
I like Parasyte but the way he defeated Gatou was bullshit.
Nothing. It was popular, just like 90% of everything that gets shit on on /a/. Quality doesn't matter, it's who you can piss off by call it shit.

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Will this show save mecha genre?
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what is the description?
>skeleton mecha

Skeleton is good.

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are you ready for our guy's movie Shui Love Story
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Fuck the main cast, Ribbons runs this shit now.
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>you will never have your own harem full of cuties
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>Fuck the main cast
Don't mind if I do.

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If you root for the cake to win, does that mean you have mommy issues?
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It means you have shitty taste in women.
It means we want the women our age to win
It means you want to eat cake.

I expected facesitting and all I got was disappointment.
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shit-tier fetish, senpai
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You're shit tier.

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Does it have a chance of being at least decent?
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KyoAni has, or at least had, the knack of polishing mediocre manga. Call it maybe.

Also, Takemoto.

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So the notion of a magical girl death game isn't specifically weak, but I feel like the steaks disappeared too quickly and melted away any potential for narrative tension.

Because now the viewer just expects EVERYONE to fucking die, there's no investment in the characters besides "did I like them before episode five?"

For the last few episodes, and especially in eight most recently, I've felt like character death is becoming less and less meaningful.

It feels like the aim is to horrify me at the continued escalation. However, that relies on character death defying my expectations. Sure, the series was re-trajectorized to a death game on rather short notice, but after about two on-screen character deaths, it stops having impact. I didn't specifically like Ruler, but hers and La Pucelle's deaths were about the only two that made me feel anything.

Did the show aim for my emotional response to be "Fuck yeah, tall androgynous lesbian, fucking murder that one-winged shit-kid!"
"Goddamn finally, ever since they canned La Pucelle this fucking show has been dragging its feet about murdering the decent ones."
"No Mary, you need to murder Alice harder, she's fuckin' invincible."

If the magical girls straight up killing each other was done more discreetly, if the violence game didn't immediately escalate to full blown civil war, it might have been more emotionally affecting.

Is anyone else not feeling it as strongly as they did back at the beginning of the season? Or am I the only anime-only?

How will they even make it to twelve episodes with the cast dying off this quickly?

If you would be so kind, please spoiler stuff that's LN only.
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>steaks disappeared too quickly
I didn't know this had Americans in it. Did the show change characters from the first novel?
OP is a loser who can't even into spelling.

So yes, it would be "stakes," as opposed to "steaks."
There are a new set of girls every arc, and the arcs are all longer after the 1st one, it goes to 2 volumes an arc. The survivors become recurring characters and shit starts coming together more as the arcs progress

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Idealism is bad? Or what the fuck was the point of F/Z?
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Just Urobuchi jacking off to his own nihilism. A fun ride to an already known outcome, but not a masterpiece by any stretch. Fate/stay night is superior.
UBW, right?
coz the 2006 one is kinda lame
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The VN. In anime adaptations I do think Zero is the best Fate, but UBW is also fine and HF is looking great.

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Why did Gil lose in UBW? Why can't he win?
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He opposed the protagonist, narrative causality demands he loses for an ending that satisfies the watchers be reached.
He faced an opponent with the same ability as him but faster, and infinite, yet he still didn't draw Ea because of his arrogance.
Cuz he was a pride faggot who didn't think what the moralfag could win against all his treasures. That's all.

I noticed that the anon working on encoding the R2J DVDs had his batch released a week or two ago, it's on Nyaa and AB for whoever's interested.

Thanks so much for finally bringing us the show in 10bit and saving us from crushed blacks. Also, I was always kinda bothered by the western release just slapping a bunch of scrolling credits over the two EDs so it's great to see them in their original forms too.

Does anybody wanna have a Texhnolyze thread while we're at it?
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Fucking neat, thanks anon.
Also, I don't want to nitpick too much but I noticed the first episode uses KAA's typesetting while episodes 2-4 are either from another group or the official release, which come with the problem of having the ED credits alternate between subbed romajii lyrics or the actual translated stuff.

Would it be possible to get a v2 that fixes that?

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How did they manage to make this so fucking boring?
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Copy paste of S1 formula and NIPPON BANZAI
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The Russian Front was pretty bleak in WWII.
There just aren't many sexy fights to recreate, as opposed to where the Strike Witches were stationed.
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Hikari is fucking useless.
By this point, Yoshika was solo killing Neuroi.

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Marry, fuck, kill.
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Fuck Aqua-sama.
Marry Megumeme.
Kill darkness because she's into that.
Fuck the Megumin.
Marry the Megumin.
Kill Divorceness. Maybe Aqua will revive her, maybe not. I don't really care.
Make Aqua buy me snacks.
ignore masochist which is equivalent to fucking for her
kill goddess because she probably can't even die
marry walking meme before >>150156772 can

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Why does Italy love him so much?
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No idea. Everybody knows Ikki is the most awesome Bronze Saint and maybe even just the best overall.
Nostalgia. One of the first animes, etc

Seiya is cool. Not the best saint, but is cool. And the anime is beautiful and warming somehow.

Also, has the best filler chapter ever
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Show's just that good.

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Is this going too far?
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Mob got himself a gf?
she wants to fuck him so bad and she is the best girl in the series so I don't see a problem
100% lewd when

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