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sorry guys
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You went too far this time
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No such thing when hes around. Hes going to eventually marry all reality.

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>approximately 1 month away from the first volume's release

Who's hype?

Also, Galko thread.
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people still remember that?
>approximately 1 month away from the first volume's release
Wait, there is still no manga volume out? How the fuck did this get an anime?

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Anime girls who have hobbies. Taking dicks isn't a hobby. Bonus points if the hobby is actually cool.
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Martial arts.
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Name someone with a better hobby. Pro-tip: you can't

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This is Asuka. Say something nice about her!
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Her breasts are too small, I won't say anything nice about her.
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She's cute sometimes.
when she's not looking like a tranny
Every fucking day some nigger posts some waifu bait shit like this. Why can't escape this hell?

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MC of Goblin Slayer vs MC from Re:Monster (who is a goblin).

Who wins?
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isn't [insert gibberish here]-kichi some sort of eldritch abomination by now with all his broken abilities he copied
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Goblin Slayer, as he'd beat Re:Monster protag to death with a club long before he got the chance to level grind.
but what if goblin slayer doesn't find him early enough?

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I was working for the Walmart the whole time!
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>Horikoshi looks like some random fuccboi
would sex
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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth
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this damned nerd.png
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>All Might this, All Might that
>what about me
The face of a girl who lost her composure and who will do something bad

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Estrash finally died!

God exists.
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Breaking news

She was the best
>right in her tits

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New thread because image limit.
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Forever in our hearts.
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ITT: People who did nothing wrong
The episode's conclusion was a bit shockingly dark for DB, but... I expected something like it.

I mean, it was a timeline where the only god left was Zeno. Zeno didn't seem like the kind of guy who would bother put effort in recreating a whole new hierarchy of gods. Zeno seemed like the guy who would say "I'm gonna DELET this."
Best OTP and Heroic duo.
They will forever be missed and remembered.

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One page thread

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Koukou Tekkenden Tough.jpg
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Let's discuss using anime and manga to learn Japanese for the purpose of consuming anime and manga in their original language.
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I would like to start learning, is there a guide or something?
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ITT: Shows you were hyped for, but were disappointed after finishing.
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all triggershit and kyoanus
please don't remind me of this anime ever again
I mostly agree, especially about the latter
>please don't remind me of this anime ever again
Don't worry, few people remember it now, even though it aired this year.

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Is anyone else looking forward to the next big battle harem anime?
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Yes. And I'm enjoying this series.
>next big battle harem anime?
>big battle harem anime
There hasn't been a "big" battle harem since DxD
Jesus Christ, I am sick of seeing this word pop up in battle harems and LNs. Can't they reference another mythological doomsday?

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Last Hero Room 4koma this month, but there may be something new to replace it soon.
If not then there's still the Washio Sumi 4koma ongoing at least.
Also, the first volume of the Nogi Wakaba manga came out today.
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Nogi Wakaba is a Hero manga volume 1 can be bought from these sites:

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3rd wave of characters announced.
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