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In celebration of Sekai project officially releasing the Gate manga in english, and my volume one finally arriving, I'm going to post some Gate. Enjoy.
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Let's start from the beginning.
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Too bad that series sucks.

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Spoilers are out


幸平 創真 田所 恵


一色 慧 久我 照紀

女木島 冬輔

>The Rebels discuss possible ways to defeat the E10

>Isshiki and Kuga show up and claim they have a plan

>They're still waiting on one man to show up

>Enter Tosuke Megishima
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>Spoilers are out
Yeah I don't think so
It's monday
Early chapters this week

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Drawfag Thread 1906

second rarfag's files until thread 1899: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/m5rhvc5a9bfku

Draw Friends Booru!

Please help a little by tagging and uploading pics!
Tag list of artists and colorists: http://pastebin.com/J0dJ6gtn

Missed a delivery or sudden 404? http://desuarchive.org/a/
Drawfaggin' references and tablet guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r76FugZ2pZIE74LdSEBMwGJ7HxweawNdoGrNT6hrOfs/edit

Thread 1905 >>149986327
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Curses. I thought I was free from this wretched place at last.
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Requesting gag kissing between Elizabeth and Chiffon, bonus points if Charles (right) is included. Refs:

Requesting Yozora and Sena masturbating on the same bed, not realizing that both of them are imaging each other getting NTR'd by Kodaka.

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7.3 earthquake off Fukushima, 3 m tsunami inbound.

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will we get a vid of tsunami landing?
As long as kyoani is safe I don't care.
Something about tectonic plates

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Meeting with Lewdest Witch happening again soon.

>Chapter 59
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>Previous stuff

>For animefags looking to continue the story
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Use this one from now on. Summaryanon changed the name of the first pdf so we don't have to explain the 80,000 word thing. This pastebin reflects that.

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Ferri will marry Crusch-sama. Not even Tappei's sudden death would be able to stop this.

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whew that last thread was terrible.
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You can say that again
Am I b8?
Joshuu makes me horny

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Read the guide: buyfag.moe
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Waiting for cute Erika

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Have you given your Kaga the proper equipment yet?
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when it will be translated, I will play. Fuck me I'm EOP
dem big american tits

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>joke's on you! we actually solve things in a healthy adult way
It's one thing to make a more mature anime, it's another were the whole point is to be a PSA on anime not being realistic.
Were nerds getting accidental harems such a big issue that this needed to be done?
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Tomoyo a shit.

Hatoko a best.
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I'd agree with you except
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Why the fuck do you guys like Tomoko?

She's an insufferable cunt who actually makes the lives of those she interacts with worse
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Which is super relatable.
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we don't, she isn't cute, she isn't pure and she isn't a little girl, we don't like her
>1 ova since 2013
>umaru's already getting a second one

just a reminder

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Anime girls irl thread
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Miyu has some nice _______
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Friends. I want to fuck Illya and Kuro.

New chapter when?
>taking both

You greedy fuck, share. I'll take Kuro, you take Illya.
Okay fine. But I get Kuro.

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How can any future villain even top this?
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A future villain can't but a past villain has.



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Demon's Plan by newcomer Yoshimichi Okamoto. Next week we get another newcomer's manga, Ole Golazo by Takamasa Moue. This one, though, boy does it look gay. Let's read it I guess?

Toriko ended this week, and World Trigger is OFFICIALLY on hiatus again. His health has gotten bad again. Damn.

Pages not joined, 1568 for spreads:
The Promised Neverland - http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/MMaGZOLv/file.html
Shokugeki no Souma - http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/n31qBKpA/file.html

Boku no Hero Academia >>150021761
Red Sprite >>150022051
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Did Viz say anything about Toriko's end/WT's hiatus in this issue?
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new stuff

Toriko is labeled "final chapter".

I only heard about World Trigger's hiatus, nothing in the English magazine I could see.
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Dumping Viz
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Pudding is ugly.
Her eyes are too far apart. Nose is definitely crooked. The shape of her face is not aesthetically pleasing at all. She looks like a 2/10 with make up in this photo. I don't even want to imagine what she looks like without make up. I actually just threw up in my mouth, just thinking about it.

Her head is too big (although that may be, because of her mutated eye). As for her hair, lol. Seriously, she needs to do something. She looks like a horse.
Her lips pout out like a prolapsed ass hole.

If you stare at her face for more than 5 seconds you will see how ugly she is. Her eyes which are too far apart is what ruins/damages an already ugly face even further. Unfortunately for her, that can't be surgically fixed, lol. Not even a DF could fix that.

Her arms are way too long. lol at how they hang by her sides. Kind of reminds me of lurch. As for her tits, we all know there is extra padding there. Don't even let me start on her shitty blushing personality. That would only work if she looked hot. Unfortunately, she does look hot. Its hard to sum up a creature like her in one word. 'UGLY' would be unfair, since it doesn't reflect how repulsive she looks. GROTESQUE is stretching it. But somewhere in between, is where she would be.

I'm sorry if my words seem a little harsh. Just so you guys know, I sugar coated this post as much as possible.

Have a nice day.
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