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Mai Ball! special chapter featuring the 765 idols when?

gabu is my spirit animal
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Looks cute.
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There were a lot of good reaction images in this movie actually

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You can gauge the quality of a series by the amount of doujins made for it.
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You can judge its popularity, though.
Clannad doesnt have that many doujin.

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So I haven't watched any of JoJo yet but it looks dandy and I would love to if someone could please just tell me what's the proper order? What will make the most sense?
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It's like Memento. Start with the most recent episode, and work your way backwards chronologically to episode 1.
That makes no sense, why would you do that?
Why would you ask a question then argue with the answer? Do you already know the answer to your own question?

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Is UBW 2014 anime a decent replacement for the VN route?

I'm hours into fate route now in the VN, and wondering if I should read UBW first then watch, or watch first then read. Either way I'm doing both.

Yes I'm the same anon as a couple days ago. Yes I decided to read the VN and I do not regret.
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Read it first, the movie glosses over things to save time.
If you're doing both either way then read the VN first. The anime is fine but it doesn't hold up to the VN.
Well, not the movie, but the series. I'm not even gonna bother with a movie that tries to fit the whole route into an hour or two

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Spoiler here King and Diane vs. the one of the old Commandments!

Alright, you three!! We're going!!
Ehh… going where? Eh? Wait up!
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W… what a large number of them…

That's… that's horrible.
We're just gonna get slaughtered!!

How are we going to fight these enemies…
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Go on

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Coming out today, why do I see no posts about it? This shit makes my loins quiver with excitement.
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Cause it's actually a good show with good characters and production values and /a/ doesnt watch good shows, just shit LN stuff where they can have retarded arguments over who best girl is. IG are really doing a fantastic job with the whole one match thing and keeping it tense this season.
Because I was too busy watching it. God damn that was an intense episode. Next episode better be as good as when they beat Oikawa's school.
Was this episode still ukai seiyuu, or havethey changed his voice alredy?. If it was him that was an awesome way to send him of.

Just finished Shinsekai Yori

Squealer deserved it.
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>Squealer deserved it.
You're objectively wrong, anon. Squealer did nothing wrong.
I agree that Squealer was a dastardly fellow. The rats being human in the end does not excuse his behavior.
Good portion of their human DNA was changed, they no longer can be considered human.

Their harsh treatment by humans was even necessary to control their population growth.

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Utaha clones thread
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/a/ is literally now /a-1/. Shill that fucking shit son
But Inou battle is from Trigger, anon.
Go on

Your youthful male protagonists and cute female heroines are voiced by 30 to 40 year olds.

How does that make you feel?
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It makes me feel about as weird as when people who aren't doctors play doctors in movies.

So not at all.
It bothers me less than knowing that everything my cute female heroine said was written by some male otaku virgin.
That's objectively wrong, but when it's true it's glorious.

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One of this girls is going to personally train you for the next 6 months.

Make your choice.
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Left I always had a bit of a crush on her.
Right successfully trained a complete normie while left cried like a little bitch as she got rekted by a hug.
The one on the right looks fuckable and puts out. I'll take that one.

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What should imouto call her brother?
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Oni Oniichan
Classic Nii-san.

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Should I watch PSG ?
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you need eyes to watch PSG
and you don't have eyes
But how am i able to post on 4chan if i don't have eyes
blind people magic
I honestly wouldn't know

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ITT: Art styles you like but everyone else seems to hate
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fujita wanna-be
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S2 on happening watch
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Nice image swap faggot.
I'm gonna freak the fuck out
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Who's Ready for Christmas to get ruined again?

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