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>months after re:zero is over
>still cant stop thinking about rem every night

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Rem and Emilia were literally the two least interesting girls in the anime
The show is over and there's nothing to discuss anymore. This is a general.
Report and sage.
Who was Rem again?

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This is Laura. Say something nice about her.
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Oh Laura. Your little friend Kana is so cute! You have such good taste in friends!
She knows.
You don't deserve TMS making shitty threads like this about you all the time, Hiroko.

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Why don't I ever see this discussed around /a/?
Picked it up recently and it's pretty great. Haven't enjoyed a manga this much in a long while.
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Will probably have to wait till there's an anime adaptation for it to truly get recognition.
Because there wasn't any update for like 5 months.

And it's getting worse and worse with each chapter.
/a/ has kind of soured on Hanazawa the last few years,

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who else cried like a bitch?

>inb4 shit anime kill yourself nerd

i have watched countless series and never cried, this is the only one to have ever brought me to tears and broken me down into a crying little bitch
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Literally the only good episode, I also cried but most of the episodes were fucking terrible.
I felt sad really, that's all is was.
So this series was they were being taught to assassinate their alien teacher by the time the school ended or he would destroy the Earth like he did part of the Moon, but then it turns out that was a lie and there was something else going on?

So was him dying the end of the series or did it continue/their training lead to something else?

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First they took Naruto.
Then they took Bleach.
Now they took Toriko too.

I know were supposed to pretend to be above these, but it ruined Tuesday for me. What the fuck do I have to look forward to now on Tuesday, I mean the new Souma I guess... but its not the same.

They took everything from me.
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I don't complain when the garbage collector comes to my house, it's his job.
Fuck off, you fucking retard. No one's pretending, we just don't like your favorite series, you fucking casual shounenshitter.
How about you start reading something else than shitty WSJ series, retard.

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Is Akira an essential anime movie?
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Is breathing essential to living? The manga is better tho.
>manga is longer tho
Manga is better

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It was pretty good.
Shame none of you came to see it with me.

I suggest you watch it, too.
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I'd rather wait for a proper release, even if that more than half a year off.
The reason it was so popular in the west too is because they can't pirate a good copy of it yet so they just watched it on theaters

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Daily reminder that this is the best anime ever made.
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2017 better not fuck it up.
Friendly reminder that there's no such thing as the best anime ever made.
It's good, but it's no 寄生虫の一夜

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We've gotten Shokugeki no Soma's special crossover chapter, Gintama and SKET Dance each had a crossover, Toriko got it's fair share of crossovers with series like One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. What other Shonen Jump crossovers would you like to see?
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Wan PissXBoku no Pico Academia
Gintama/Sket Dance crossovers sucked, though.
Episode 227 (the Gintama anime's side of the crossover) was hilarious, like most of Gintama.

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What are you working on?
What do you wish got picked up?
What do you need help with?
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>What are you working on?
Mitsukubi Condor
>What do you wish got picked up?
The rest of the Ben-to manga
>What do you need help with?
Wouldn't mind help with redraws.
What's the best advise for redraws? The reason I ask if for instances where the spreads of bought digital manga is butchered to all hell. I'd like to make a clean spread if possible.
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Does anyone know which chapter is this? I read all scanlated by niggerstream and I don't remember this page.

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Please post some booties I'm desperate to fap to some sweet asses
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So fuck off to /e/, /h/, gelbooru and sadpanda you fucking retard.

/a/ is not your fap board.
Yuki has an amazing ass

Help me understand moe. It's cute, right? Like, is Rukia considered moe?
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kanna explains.webm
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>It's cute, right?

Moe is not a trait of characters, it's a feeling that an individual can feel for those characters. Moe is the feeling of romantic attraction to a fictional character. That doesn't mean just thinking a character is cute, or attractive, or endearing. It means you have the romantic feelings for a fictional character which people would usually only have for other real people. It's not the feeling that you think you would like to be in a romantic relationship with that character if they were real, but that you pine for them as they are now. A fictional character.

And that is all moe means. What inspires feelings of moe is, of course, up to the individual. It may or may not have to do with appearance, personality, cuteness, age, sex, scenario, etc.

Okay, now that we've covered that, let's talk moe characters. I'll reiterate here, moe in not a trait of characters, but the idea of a "moe character" has become ubiquitous so it needs to be understood. So what is a "moe character?" It's a character who either very commonly or more often has been designed to intentionally inspire feelings of moe in the audience. There was a gradual shift in the anime industry whereby producers realized that moe was a thing and that they could cater to it. Catering to moe has become so pervasive that basically all CGDCT type shows do it unabashedly, and because the traits which successfully engender feelings of moe tend to coalesce around certain feature sets (dumb but not too dumb, hyper-optimism, classic cute girl design, etc., but don't forget that moe is different for every individual), people will now just off-handedly refer to characters who are obviously designed to match those feature-sets as "moe characters." The same is show for the idea of a "moe show," if the show was obviously designed largely to cater to feelings of moe.
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moe is sex.png
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Holy shit, great answer. Thank you anon.

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Why can Onizuka be so based and still not get pussy. I have a feeling he will die a virgin.
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Why did the anime not continue? It's one of the best ever
Hopefully someday, at least they could animate Shonan 14 days spin-off.
Where's love for Onizuka?

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Is it out yet?
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Can the thread wait until it actually comes out for once?
fuck off crossboarder
orc smasher

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ITT: Characters that /a/ despises
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God I miss him.
You're waifu

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