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What's your AOTY so far?
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Probably Mob Psycho.

Which is sad because I didn't even finish that series.
Still Kabaneri.
David Bowie - Blackstar

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What went right?
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Ai-chan is cute
MK2 arc was the best.
Fight me faggots.
What was the MK2 arc again? Was it the battle against the goddess Atari? I only watched the anime so I'm not too well versed in the games.

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Pure Elements a cute! Cuuuute!
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Amusingly enough, I now search for these threads by typing "iku".

RIP Top Mom
Princess Deluge> Prism Cherry=Princess Quake>Princess Inferno> Princess Tempest
Slutty elements.

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jonathan death.jpg
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Press F to pay respects
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1st for best boy.
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2nd for actual best boy.
1st for best man

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Whoa, White Fox does it again. Season 2 is looking great.
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>The spirit tries to hype Rem as the best waifu that Subaru could ever hope for
>Ends up maimed beyond recognition for trying to memeboy her
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>Chapter 59

>Previous stuff

>For animefags looking to continue the story
>Long winded explanations about how she's going to be best girl and that this is fine while she's currently beating his guts out with a flail

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Don't mind us, we're just the worst team in Girls Und Panzer.

They only had one bright moment to shine in the movie and that was about it
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>Rabbit team
>the worst
>not the Anteater Team
it's like all that practice from WoT amounted to nothing
They defeated a fucking Elefant, Jagdtiger, and two Chaffees. In a fucking M3 Lee.

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rinne-chan sad.jpg
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This little girl is an orphan, was bullied in school, has no friends, has to get into life-threatening fights for a living, her coach overexploits her, and was just humilliated on national TV.

Say something to cheer her up!
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Rinne is cuter than Fuuka. Probably.
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rinne-chan happy.jpg
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Also she's in a Strike Witches spinoff but somehow she's wearing pants.

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Time to get drunk
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oh wait maybe not
if panel 4 is actually what I think it is
Goddammit, Tomo.
You fucking blew it.
Carol is really fucking stupid.

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hi again
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Wait Future Trunks' hair is blue now?

When is the second DBS OST coming out?
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Don't worry Gohan. I will take care of Videl.
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You know.

I don't know why the writers just make up a new future timeline for trunks instead of using the android saga trunks.

Let's talk about boat girl. What's her end game?
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Like all girls in this show, making Cocona go doki doki.
Real talk.

There's no reason for EVERY girl in this show to be flat.

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Is Sun and Moons animation more or less costly than previous seasons animation?
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Depends on the salaries of the people they hire.
Probably less but the animators are using better and more efficient techniques
>lets rip off youkai watch

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Spoiler pics anticipation thread

Text spoiler are out.
Chapter title is Luffy and Big Mom.

Chopper and Carrot get captured by Brulee in Mirror world. Carrot is about to be thrown into a boiling furnace.
Chopper (Heavy Point) is tied up, but this situation is what he had planned. He can be free if he transforms and he can even use Monster Point.

In the library in Whole Cake Castle, Big Mom shows a book to Vinsmokes.
Many rare living creatures all over the world are confined in the book due to Mondour's ability.
Judge points out that he has not seen Giants in Totland.
Big Mom shows hatred toward the word "Giants".
Big Mom's subordinate reports that they have bring Luffy and Nami.

Luffy and Nami are confined in the prison in the book. They start talking with Big Mom via Den Den Mushi.

Big Mom tells Luffy that she will open the legendary treasure box from Fishman Island (probably that bomb...) in Tea Party tomorrow.

Big Mom gets enraged to hear from Nami that Lola was fine since Lola had escaped from the largest political marriage.
Big Mom says that she would have defeated Kaidou, Shanks and Whitebeard and become Pirate King if Lola had accepted the wedding.

Luffy says,

"What a dumb story, Big Mom.
It was Lola who decided not to get married. It is you who haven't become Pirate King yet!
I'll pick a fight with you once again! Just because you are Yonkou, don't act like you are great!
I'll bring back Sanji! We'll win in the end!!"

Big Mom is pissed off.

Pedoro's plan starts.

Brook "Now let's begin a special live concert in Yonkou Big Mom's castle
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in b4 spam.
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fuck, marry, get raped by
File: 1479693290723.png (182KB, 365x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Okay can we please not have spamming this thread?
That is a fact.

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While Shiho is hot, she is a terrible mother.
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I'd say horrible
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Rosehip identified as Irish and British in the last census.
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It's over. Megumi won. Greatest love story ever told.
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my reaction.jpg
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The only way I was going to watch this series was if Utaha won. That character design is godlike, and sadistic girls are always best girls.

But of course that couldn't happen.
Oh wow popular girl won again, no one expected that.

Fuckin author.

Why does Darkness have such a big ass?
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Because she's black? Isn't that what her name implies?
Royalty so selective breeding plus best care for the money plus hard training. Seriously, you should see her abs.


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