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What's an anime you know isn't good but that you still like?
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The ramp up in crazy is the only good thing about Mad Bull, the insanity factor goes up by a factor of 2 each episode
Code Geass
>outlaw star
>not good

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/a/ are we evil?
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elves are made for rape
Evil is an anagram for rapeable, so yes, you are evil.
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How many of them do you think were impregnated before they were returned?

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Am I the only one who thinks that Geass Sundays aren't going to be nearly as good as they were way back in the day?
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/a/ is too jaded to have fun anymore. I hope we get an influx of newfags to make things more interesting
Good news, we have those. I just hope for ore Pizza Hut adverts.
Sure, because geass sunday isn't going to exist. The threads will be forced into one at a time and the people in the threads will be constantly trying to keep the thread ""quality"" and be overly serious about everything. Don't forget you'll be told to fuck back off to your general if you dare bring up geass outside of its thread in any form.

Welcome to modern /a/, no fun allowed.

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>Yukimura appears
>Everyone loves "him" because they think she's a trap
>Immediately drop her when she turns out to be a grill

Explain yourself, /a/
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I like girls with dicks.
Why are you surprised faggots acting like faggots who like to eat assess because they are proud to have shit taste.
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girls are gross. for example this one is absolutely repulsive.

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Started rewatching this and holy fuck the second OP is the laziest piece of shit I've ever seen. They literally just reused the clips from the first OP and mixed it up a bit and added a different song that's orders of magnitude shittier than the first.
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Started rewatching this and holy fuck the second season is the laziest piece of shit I've ever seen. They literally just reused the clips from the first season and mixed it up a bit and added a different sibling that's orders of magnitude better than the first.

post your favorite frags

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Boob element is best.
See >>150323093
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I am partial to this particular frag.

Akira is shit. It features some of the ugliest character designs of all time and there is barely any shading. None of the girls are even cute. And let's not forget the retarded story.
>edgy kid gets powers for literally no reason and becomes evil
What a masterpiece.
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>implying /a/ wouldn't do the exact same thing
what a nuanced take
Hmm I'll have to rethink my opinion after reading this

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ITT: Grooviest, funkiest anime OPs/EDs.
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Random thought tho, why japs do jazz much better?
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we need more of this in Thailandese cartoons

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Yokoi is made for molestation
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I wanna talk about how perfect this seat partner is.
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What made Rumi so embarrassed?
Rumi is way too developed for her age

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What's the best way to watch anime? Binge watching or watching in spurts?

How do you do it /a/?
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You can binge a standard 12 ep series but I don't recommend it.unless you really love the show
Chunks of 8-10 episodes per day, with breaks where convenient. Watch the whole thing in a day if it's 12 eps or less.
I can't stand waiting between episodes. Brings the experiwnce down a notch for me, be it SOL comedies or linear storylines.
That is like asking: what is the best, to heat up thing or to cool down thing??

Some shows work better as binge, others by waiting.

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Choose your Asuka!
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Twintails megane Asuka.
Literally worst asuka
Is the nerd asuka canon? I don't remember that

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1. Empress Cornelia li Britannia
2. Euphemia li Britannia
3. Nunnally vi Britannia
4. Marianne vi Britannia
5. Milly Ashford
6. Villetta Nu
7. Shirley Fenette
8. C├ęcile Croomy
9. Rakshata Chawla
10. C.C.
11. Kallen Stadtfeld
12. Sayoko Shinozaki
13. Anya Alstreim
14. Kaguya Sumeragi
15. Tianzi

100. Tohdoh's waifu

901. Zhou Xianglin

9001. Nina Einstein
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>C.C that low
Shit list.
Which of these rankings were most affected by inflation?

How should I invest in my Code Geass females to ensure that I have enough for retirement? Is it time to short Kaguya, or is her stock fairly constant?

You could always go with C.C. futures since those dont expire and you get interest on the contract, can always hedge with some Kallens.

>You will never ever know
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Know what
She's fucking the mailman while Nikishita is working and the kids isn't his.
>NTRfags still trying to salvage a pure vanilla love
When will they learn?

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Why are you so dead today /a/?
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No idea
Anime finally got boring.
2017 is gonna become the golden age of anime

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Is it really really that terrible to jerk off on to an unconscious woman?
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No see, the point behind the scene is asuka would have done the same thing in his position.
It's pretty fucked up
Thx anon I've been waiting for this

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