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Why are Imaishi girls so best?
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I don't think Imaishi actually designed Ryuko.
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Who did then?
Yes, Mako is a best

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This movie is coming to Mexican theaters this weekend. Should I watch it? Is it good or should I watch Gantz-O instead?
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It's pretty enough to see on the big screen. Watch it.
be careful, cartel in my area use theaters that play anime to do deals cause nobody in my town shows up to watch in those theaters
Anyone else want to fuck Tomoko's ass until it bleeds?

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Why isn't there more female on male rape depicted in anime?

You would think it would be a more common theme in settings where females are immensely more powerful than males due to magic/technology
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that's my fetish
Huh? I'd say it's pretty common, far more common than male on female rape since it doesn't carry as much stigma and is more of a fetish for the mostly male target audience.
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No cause no one would ever hurt a shota

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Everyone keeps talking about CC's ass, but why are we ignoring Karen juicy butt?
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Because CC is a meme powered by Pizza Hut, we have to ignore that Kallen has both tits and ASS for days.
Karen is a worst. A WORST!
>trash tier haircut and haircolor
>imperfect ZR
>cannot beat long haired immortal waifu ever
This, it is because Karen does not have long hair and has a shitty personality.

Would you allow yourself to be haunted for the rest of your life by spoogy ghost if it meant being with this cute ghost?
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is she a poltergeist?
Yes, i always wanted a ghost blowjob.

I'm sure you can go anywhere if you notice the invisible wings on your back.
Don't stay still due to sadness, fly up high!
We are one, don't be late to ride.
Time will not stop for you.
In order to live out now, we might have met.
Without stopping, sing out with us.
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PriPara has to up their game.
I hope Garumageddon get a new song.
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Fluffy thread?

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Has there ever been a girl that is just this bad ever?
Like there is literally no redeeming traits about her
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>tfw you will never be the table-kun
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I can think of one redeeming trait.

This so much.

In this cheap death note rip-off, Nina was the only good thing to happen.

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How fappable is this? Should I watch the Dub instead?
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Very, but I'd rather watch some porn.
Read faster if you're not the type of degenerate who likes inferior female voice actors.
fuck off
I bet you dumb fucking niggers don't even understand a lick of Japanese

newsflash: chinks aren't some gods of acting, you're just too fucking stupid to know what's good and bad because you don't speak the goddamn language

get the fuck off my board

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Episode 9 is out, and man, Hanasaki was a major dick this episode
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Where is my cute petite Hikki girl at? Feels like they pulled a bait and switch with the first 3 episodes of her screentime.
The plot is all over the place in this show.
Dude literally melted the fuck down over his retarded big brother that got played by an old skank, the same big brother that wouldn't even spare ten seconds to listen to him when he's trying to talk. Total 180 on a character shown to be gifted, the guy was so off the mark he could barely walk ten steps without falling over something.

And for fuck's sake, why is Inoue still in the damn wheelchair? It's already been shown to be psychosomatic.

Why fuck do you made me watch this
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What did OP mean by this


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what's her appeal?
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She's cute
Sadako is the cutest retard.

So /a/ Christmas is coming and now i want to know what will you watch on Christmas
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Actually, I don't celebrate Christmas because I hate capitalism and religion.
But Capitalism and religion is good for you
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Thinking of rewatching Kanon at some point.

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How does it even work?
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This is Killer Queen, not King Crimson anon.
what is King Crimson?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I'm going to reply with this everyday until you like it.
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Posting in a deleted thread
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Be careful when eating fish.

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Is she ok?
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Definitely not
She might be having a stroke.
That happens when your boyfriend runs off to america.

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