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I really genuinely liked Akira for my first time watching it but this has always bothered me. Kaori's death seemed out of place and somewhat unnecessary considering she was as innocent or more innocent then her surrounding cast. And it's not like her death symbolizes the transformation Tetsuo goes through because up to that point he was a literal monster. Is anyone else mad about Kaori's death?
>TL;DR Kaori's death is bad storytelling
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Innocent people die because they are powerless. And it was also just another brutal reminder that Akira's bloat was out of control.

It's got nothing to do with symbolism. You're just a fucking moron.
The random killing due to out of control leads to a theme of nihilism which contradicts the themes presented at the end of the film.
Why is this confusing, i always just thought it was a consequence of Tetsuo's actions that one of the few people in the world that genuinely knew and cared about him was killed because of the destruction he caused, purposefully or not.

>inb4 not deep enough

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>One of Naze's wifes knows that another wife is cucking him
>Naze getting double cucked
The dangers of having a harem.
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Dat smug, Azee
More dick for her.
>Next ep preview is just Yamagi being concerned about Shino even though neither appear in the actual footage (well yamagi might have appeared for a second, can't remember)

And people say Yamagi isn't gay for Shino

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>150 chapters for the characters to even fucking realize they're in love

I look forward to the confession by chapter 700
please. That was faster than your average romance shit desu

Has your fetish been featured in an anime yet? Mine is butt smelling.
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The objectively best fetish is you're waifu.
My fetish is when someone puts their dick in your dick and cums directly into your balls then you cum out their cum.
I don't think it's been in an anime yet.
Haven't seen gay furry diaper porn in anime yet but I have high hopes for Hosoda's next film

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Are you gonna watch her movie, /a/?
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Absolutely. Android Shiro is love.
Battle Angel Alita isn't going to be made for several more years.

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In two days, we will get to see best girl make a return.

Anyone else kinda looking forward to this? Everyones soured by OVA 3, but I still hold a little hope even if it is kinda dim.
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>more Ryuko circlejerking while the superior girl is ignored
oh great
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Pic related?

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This is your Hero for tonight.
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This is important.

Can she run away? Is she capable or retaliation?
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She can activate her cripple powers to turn her wheelchair into a spaceship
Fuck that alien shit I'm out.

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Just got done marathoning this.

Was it shit, /a/?
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Nice dubs
3.5/10 show
Hey there Anime Snob

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Does Japan have annual holiday specials that they air every year?

inb4 mods. Rudolph was animated by nips.
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>Rudolph was animated by nips.
>Other than Burl Ives, all characters were portrayed by Canadian actors recorded at RCA studios in Toronto under the supervision of Bernard Cowan.

Is any part of this special actually American made?

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sod that pair I'm picking Stella, if pressed then right;in;the.middle
Yozora gives me a bigger bonner but Sena is more bearable
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>tfw komari is taller than me
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Post your tits, cute.
Don't worry, when you get a bit older you will grow taller. You will probably pass Komari when you are around 15 years old

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God bless women
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Yamamoto's ambition outstrips her sadly
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Yamada? More like Flopmada.
Yamamoto is kinda bad. Yamada is great despite Tamako being underwhelming.

What an absolute disaster to a series. FSN UBW tarnished fate/zero's reputation as a masterpiece. Like cmon guys, admit FSN UBW was bad. Yes the animation/fight scenes were cool but everything else was shit.
I have so many things to say why this anime was bad I can't even begin. So I'm just going to go off the wall on a tangent here to let off some steam.

Long USELESS dialogues, no decent character developments, introducing filler characters and giving them so much screen time for no reason. SO many plot holes and scenarios where you think why didnt do a character do 'x' when he had a chance. I think this studio sold out and tried to shove down a romantic tsundere plot line down our throats instead of focusing on the fate world.

Like really how did shiro fucking beat his future self? Power of friendship/perseverance? If archer's original goal was to kill shiro in the first place he had PLENTY of oppourtunities to do so. And saber just watches them duel lol how in the fuck would she know shiro had a chance against his future self there is no way.
All of the morality talk about shiro trying to be a hero of justice was just pretentious bullshit. And fuck they took so many episodes to get to the point.

I can vividly remember in the fate/zero series that they mentioned masters had no chance vs servants because they are way too powerful. But then you see caster's master 1v1 SABER ROFL LMAO?!?!?!? (btw that character is an example of bad character development, like what is he even? An ex murderer turned teacher turned master because??)

Gilgamesh coulda killed shrio a thousand times, but of course plot armor made him win in the end.I felt like they killed illya off out of nowhere. In the fate/zero series all of the masters had an active role in the fighting/events. But after illya/berserker's first scene of fighting archer/saber they just fuck off to their castle doing nothing for like 20 episodes?
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Don't use my husbando to shitpost you slut
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Medea-chan best lady
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Where'd these screens come from? BD3?

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Kiritsugu... was he a good father?
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He was a good guy. I like him.
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He was able to recognize his mistake and move on, albeit with grail aids after it was said and done
Raised shirou mostly right
Only once he was BTFO by Avenger. He was an edgelord for as long as he could be.

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Why does Ritsu dress like a boy?
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Because dressing like a boy is the best way to lure in lonely anons who think they'll be able to rape a trap and complete their life's work. But it'll just be a normal vagina instead of trap butt waiting for them.
She does it for the pussy.
Wait a minute, I just started watching the next episode (about summer classes starting). Does this count as a date between Mugi and Ritsu? Is that why Ritsu wants to be a boy?

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