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Screw attack maybe, in some ways, cancer.
But fuckit leaks when?
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It's a web show
How would it leak beyond someone who made it putting it online somplace besides their own web channel.

This ain't a show that is released on multiple channel stations worldwide thus leaving a lot of openings for online illegal release.

Just check YouTube and check again later.
Erza won
secondary cancer shit

And I saw this shit on the banner.
>He failed his own work.
>He ruined his own fans' expectation.
>He destroyed his own series.
>Why do people kept praising him?
>Is your head alright?
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Lurk more until you figure out how to use greentext properly.
It's not used for emphasis.
Have you considered that you're just too new to understand the meme and that it's not adoration?
It's a meme

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Just got done watching this. Shame that worst girl won.
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To be fair, the anime misses the arc where she goes off on her own and grows up some.
just finished it yesterday too. best girl won.
i could really relate to the characters, something which doesnt happen often when i watch anime.
second season never.
It's kind of in the title.

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Tama-chan is my daughteru and I'm her Papa
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Nice to meet you dad. I am your daughter's husband.
You daughter is a fucking slut.

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Wouldn't you?
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Do you think 18 prefers passionate sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation, or some nasty robot shit?
Having 18 as your wife would be amazing. You could probably modify her vagina to feel good as fuck
She's the Dom.

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garden of words.png
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What anime had the best art?
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Phantom World
Ninja Slayer

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Come and get it!
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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY2yjAdbvdQ

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back to rule.gif
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You cucks said he was dead for 8 fucking years, Now we get more of our glorious emperor
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Fuck off.
first trump
now lelouch

what next?
>bring back lelouch
>completely fucking up a perfect end to the series

It's gonna be shit.

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Can someone help me with this translation please?
thank you!
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"The pleasure of being cummed inside, feels so good"
I watched myself feel the pleasure of being cummed inside, without my shirt on, like a leaf in the wind.
Read the rules, newfag.

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The cutest girl!!!!
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hug chart.jpg
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You can't have a proper Ryuko thread without Senketsu!
She's not a girl though.

Daily reminder to respect your elders.


>Picture is over 4Chan's 4MB limit, please view it in MSPaint, Photoshop or anything that can view large pictures 100% of the way.
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>please view it in MSPaint, Photoshop
Very funny.
Picture is 8567x29985, it is very big.
Neither paint nor photoshop are good for viewing images. There are specialized programs for that.

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End of Red Sprite. Dead at 14 chapters.

Boku no Hero Academia >>150301963
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File: 205.jpg (384KB, 784x1145px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>brexit is a thing
>code geass r3 announced
How long until it actually happens?
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History in Code Geass is fucking awful.
It's the history we're moving towards right now anon

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W-will we?
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Ask /fit/.
In some way he will, just not how he plannedpoor kid, he was just lonely
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Anyone else thought that despite her incridible looks, Yoko had a rather boring personality? I mean compared to all the interesting female characters with striking personalites from other Gainax shows, she stands out as one of the blandest.
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What? Rei is pretty far on the quit, mysterious and borderline passive side of the character spectrum until the events of the anime change her. If I met a person like her I'm sure I'd be weirded out and remember her for a pretty long time.

Yoko is kind of hard to even describe especially compared to characters like Rei, Asuka, Misato, Haruko, Nonon, Panty, Stocking, Yukino or other Gainax girls. I mean you can describe what she looks like and what she did but her character basically boils down to such trivial traits like "nice" and "strong".
That's just your autism and head-cannon playing tricks on you.

Rei literally is an empty slate doll.
Yoko's an outgoing, confident and brave little warrior princes, that does not let little boob grope ruin her day. Also openly goes after the D she wants.

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