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What's your opinion on Code Geass S3
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No single military college attending Kallen with larger tits than R2, no buy.

It'll be like Nanoha Strikers
The greatest show ever produced, ushering in a golden age of shounen mecha and shitty fan subs.

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jojoparts 1-4.png
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Is this accurate?
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I don't know about Stardust or Diamond, but that Lupin one has me dead. It's hilariously accurate.

Thanks, anon.
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Really? no one else has an opinion?
Fist of the solar star?
Jojo the third?
Saint Stardust?
Jojo Hakusho?
Should be Queen next to Bowie for 4

What do you think about Kingdom Death: Bizarre Adventure /a/?
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Kingdom Death
Literally the Berserk, Jojo, Miku, Gurren Lagann, Slayer of board game

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Thats a nice Nep you got there.
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Do they know what the fuck is going on?

So will season 3 have Lelouch going crazy like Mao?
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i hope so
Mao went crazy because of the voices he kept hearing. Lelouch just needs his eyes covered with his contact lens to not command people.

but isn't the implication that Lelouch's geass will continue to grow out of control until it consumes him?

ITT: We post the best damn voice actors without actually posting
Hardmode: do it without posting their characters either
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>without actually posting

So... we just don't post in the thread at all? Are you retarded?
>Best voice actor
>All three of her most famous characters have the exact same voice

Maybe it's just me, but when I think of a good character I think of one with such an insane range, you wouldn't be able to tell that all their characters are voiced by the same person without prior knowledge.

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'member Code Geass?
'member Dragon Ball?
'member FLCL?
'member UC Gundam?
'member Card Captor Sakura?
'member Full Metal Panic?
'member Panty & Stocking?
'member Gunbuster?
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'member when South Park belonged in /co/?
oh I memeber.


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>“To add onto that, recently I’ve made a promise with Kazuma to go to his room to play, and I probably seem like a simple and easy girl. Well, about that, I’m purposely delaying the promise as what you might call an adult tactic…”

best girl 10/10
I'm on episode 2. I'm going to binge this whole thing. I've already dropped it twice, but the MC's voice has me sold.
I thought it was pretty weak at the beginning, keep watching.

Why am I enjoying such gay anime if im heterosexual?
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>if I'm heterosexual
Not anymore

Welcome. You are now gay.
>if im heterosexual?
Pretty big if, fagfag.

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You haven't forgotten Umineko have you, /a/?
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Krauss vs Goat.jpg
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Why is he so best?
>Anime didn't have Krauss vs Goat
Probably the most failed adaption I've watched to this date.
Which stake would you stake?

Why is levi-san so fucking perfect?
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DFC + ninja + fembro + too cool to get stripped by MC.
Too bad the show wasn't anything special.
I was really disappointed.
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Every girl (except Lilith) is perfect.

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Santa Yui.webm
731KB, 710x720px
I will post this every day until Christmas!

26 days![]

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I saw this
2nd Christmas without moot.


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>first chapter, all the girls are wearing full plate armor on the battlefield
oh wow an actual fantasy series where the girls aren't in bikini armor? sign me up!

>from the second chapter onwards, all the girls wear ridiculous skimpy clothes and one girl even has a transluscent skirt with fully visible panties
>nobody points out that her panties are in full view or even looks at them

What the fuck happened? Did the editor decide there wasn't enough fanservice and ordered the author to change it?
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>oh wow an actual fantasy series where the girls aren't in bikini armor? sign me up!
I want to be pandered to without me realizing I'm being pandered to
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Is this ludmiła thread?

No one has a penis in Code Geass
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It's just Japan
Classic meme, neo-/a/ won't know about it.
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Could you have saved her?
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Her brother should have whored himself to old fat men to support the both of them. What was his problem.
Wasn't the moral that as horrendous as their aunt was to them, swallowing your pride and staying with her would have been better than starving to death?
She was annoying

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