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The more money Nasu can make off of spinoffs, the less actual work he has to do. He's probably sitting at home playing video games right now.
Because money.

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>"we don't want no tits and moeblob highschoolers like anime of today"
>"we want moar GITS and Akira when anime was GOAT back in the daaaaayy in my edgy OVA/movie scene"
>fucks over production costs thanks to mismanagement of funds or lack thereof
>delivers a piss-poor excuse of an episode that looks nothing like the PV trailer
>filled with moeblob highschoolers and titty fanservice of your main heroine
>artbook is more like a production character profile book that only contains a few pages with none of the old concept art shown in the PV

>only saving grace being a unique statue figurine of the heroine as designed of character designer Kozaki Yuseke: gets cancelled

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Wait, the kickstarter for this actually succeeded? I took one look at it when the project first launched and knew it'd be hot garbage after only a few paragraphs.
It's almost like it was a scam.
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If only some handsome, roguish anon had told you it was a scam, and that it looked retardedly gay.

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>rewatching garbage
That tsundere christmas megathread is the best love story ever told and i will be there.
I watch kyousougiga every christmas now.

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does preferring English dub make someone less of an anime fan?
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No cartoons are cartoons no matter what language
The whole point of anime is watching the work of professional seiyuu. If you're not in it for the voice acting you may as well stick to manga.

Japanese VAs generally overact and emphasize melodrama.

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>101-20 winning record against Gin

Just how insanely strong is this nigga?
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Stronger than Gin weaker than Azami
The winning dish will be cooked by Souma and Erina together. It will break Azami's hold on her and btfo Megumifags for all eternity.
Almost everything gonna get reveal soon.

No 2nd year confirmed. This is it folks.

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Let's start a Emilia hate thread, I'll start.
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>said I'll start hate thread with a hate pic
>not a hate pic

Well shit
She looks very beautiful. Good taste in girls OP!
Emilia is second best girl though.

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Others will read it and evaluate it.
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An autist comes on /a/ and asks people to write anime plots, everyone tells him to get the fuck out.
How about, an autist comes to /a/ and shares his plot with everyone, little did he know it was shit
A guy, the main character, is the chosen one who is supposed to fight an ancient evil that has awoken and a magical girl comes to find him so she can guide him toward his destiny.

He doesn't care, and the rest of the show is a SoL comedy with the entire world going to shit in the background.

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Edge Geass
it was so bad it was good sometimes
maybe i just wanted to watch a shit anime

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How would things have gone if Frieza replaced Boros in the Dark Matter Thieves arc?
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>uhh- m-moonbuster
Saitama is already dead.
Frieza would stomp Saitama. Nigga wouldn't even need to go gold.

Is there a single genre more dead than Mecha?
There hasn't been a great series in 7 years, most big productions these days are treated as jokes/trainwrecks from the get go, and the rampant CGshit even in stuff like UC Gundam just confirms that nobody really gives a fuck anymore.
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>this negro has not watched thunderbolt
Young kids arent interested in super robots.
Its all about owning a lot of small creatures and make the fight, or cards.
Good animation and little else.
You could have mentioned Unicorn as well.

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broly 2017 confirmed
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Toyotaro is literally /our guy/
Gohan is literally /our guy/

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What did Grappler Baki ever do to deserve such a shitty anime adaption?
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>Stopping an earthquake with a punch

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>shitty anime adaption
It's getting two more. Shut up.
Any new info on the upcoming tv series? It was supposed to be officially announced today.

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Would you date a tsundere?
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I hate immature fucktards who can't be honest with themselves, so no, I wouldn't date a tsundere.
No, I also hate tsunderes that are main love interests in anime, even worse if introduced in first 2 min.
Most tsundere are shit. I can only name one (1) I like, but she's 99% dere, so some might not consider her "tsundere".

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Why is Hyouka so good, /a/?
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Good source material elevated by a great director.
But it isn't. Just another stupid mystery anime with annoying characters.
Its not

I mostly kept watching because of oreki's internal monologue/problem solving skills. A bunch of the conflicts in the show were overblown and melodramatic as hell

>its been 6 years already
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>season 3 never
I need more chubby lolis in my life.
At least the creator still regularly posts on twitter

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