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Nice Pork
For once I want mods to delete this one.

Ohhhh, you're gonna get it now.

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Our Nene, whom art in heaven, hallowed be thy name
thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven
give us this day our daily high quality posts
and forgive us our stupid ahagonfags
as we forgive those who shitpost against us
and lead us not into tempation
but deliver us from homosexuality

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Why is /a/ so obsessed with this stupid meme character?
Nene wills it!

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manga vol 2.jpg
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Would you a cute spider?
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Nice legs.
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>draw 10/10
>call hikki
Wait so why is she an unpopular nerd with no friends who spends all of her time playing video games if she's that hot?

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I would like to ask your opinion. Which of these cute girls is your favorite?
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Miki > Twins > Iori > Trash
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>no good airing anime
Maybe 2017 will be different...
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There hasn't been a good anime to air since 2011.

The anime industry is dead for now.
I hate faggots like you people, trying out 3 over-hyped shit shows despite them not matching your tastes, then deciding the entire season is shit.
Hatefuck with Sadao when

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Why is he so based, /a/? He carried the whole show, the others weren't even trying.
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>You will never be trolled by a date
Him and Hans carry the story. Fremy a cute
kill her adlet and become new majin

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Pics: www.spoiler.net

Text: http://1of4-basedanon.tumblr.com/

I normally wait for pics first, but the last few weeks the wednesday spoiler always turned out to be real and this chapter is just great.

Mom came to her office. She doesn’t notice that Don and Gilda are in the basement and works normally on other stuff. The two manage to escape without Mama noticing it.

Emma’s Side
The first one who noticed the Owl Illustration’s encryption was Phil(=:3). Emma and co. head to the Dinner room, but Don and Gilda are nowhere to be found.

Mom’s Side
Mom hears a strange noise from the corridor and checks it out. A boy called Eugene is lurking around there. He says that he found the master key on the floor and returns it to Mom. Mom checks if her pocket is damaged, but it isn’t.

After the dinner
Emma’s group meets up with Don and Gilda. Don explains them what he and Gilda did and saw.
Ray: If she had some sort of surveillance, alarm etc., all of us will-
Don: Tell me what’s really going on here!
Don assumes that Connie was already killed. Emma apologizes emotionally and promises to tell them everything. She explains how Ray was a Traitor and she planned with Norman to escape with everyone. Don beats Ray and Norman up. Gilda stops him from hitting Emma. Don understands why they had to lie. He mourns as he realises that he was a burden for them. Don says that he needs to calm down and leaves the group as Gilda rushes after him.
They discuss how Don acted out of anger and was in the wrong here as he sees himself as ignorant and helpless.
It’s revealed that Sister was eavesdropping on the five kids from an open window and she smirks like a villian.

There’s also this comment by a japanese reader:
N - Norman
E - Emma
V - ?
E - Eugene *new*
R - Ray
L - Lani (Ranni)
A - Anna
N - Nat
D - Don
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>Don beats Ray and Norman up.

also if neverland is supposed to represent the kids, what about "promised"? Phil could be the P.

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So that's what happend after Nisekoi
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Ribbons must be bullied.
That girl having a superpowered evil personality was so fucking cliched and ridiculous I couldn't stop laughing.
The F/sn references with her are ridiculous.

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Guys from Sagami suck, will we ever see based Miyuki again?
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Holy shit, did Hyahya just rape someone on the field?

Also, seems like we've got a faster group working in the manga now.
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Because he certainly looks like he came with devastation.

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Yuuko santa.jpg
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It's that time of the year. Post your best ones for me, /a/.
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what a harlot.
Tfw I fucking love cakes but don't have any on my phone
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Is she our loli?
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Mikan is good, but nowhere near being the best loli.

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umi sonoda.png
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Umi is just a shitty Mio's clone. She has no personality other than No fun allowed. Truly the worst raibu.
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>doesn't even post the gif version
Umi is older than Mio, though. People forget that Love Live existed before 2013; Umi's been around since at least the first song in August 2010.
How the fuck is that older than Mio retard

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Don't worry, OP. I have (admittedly weak) ESP powers, and my intuition tells me much more is going to materialize in 2017 - a preview with animation from the movie, and a 2018 release date.

Mark this post. It will not be wrong.
Stop being a party pooping troll, you dumb broad. The movie has been confirmed and will one day be released.

How would you compare him to the other Dragon Ball villains?
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good concept but it was spoiled by having the anime turn him into a Sunday morning cartoon villain that can't handle a little teargas.
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Cell > Frieza > Zamasu > Buu

File: 1476453097592.jpg (659KB, 996x1428px)Image search: [Google]
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You now have the power to be look like any anime character you want.

Pic related is me. I am now the cutest person on earth.
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What a coincidence. I, too, look precisely like Koito.
File: wliykkc.png (1MB, 1635x2485px)Image search: [Google]
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it's not a competition
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W-wanna scissor?

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