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I can't wait for Wit to rake in more titanbux and then spend it all on another season RG just for showing.
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Another original series would be nice.I'm always excited for original series every season.
I didn't watch the series but I got the owner of the series' wikia blocked in an autistic flame war years ago
RG hasn't even been out for two years, yet.

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ITT we predict anime adaptations that will be announced in current year (for 2017 or later, it doesn't matter.)
At the end of 2017, we will chevk who was right.

First for Dungeon Meshi and Golden Kamui anime.
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Index III... right?
Please not this garbage. It's just another self-insert ""love"" story for sad otaku
The token anime + pachinko adaptation.

Wait, the Emperor ultimately wanted to create a communist paradise where there would be no more war and everybody got along.

What's wrong with that?
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Charles wanted aCG version o NGE's human cocktail sea
Communism is a fallacy. Let's say 'real communism' is attained, humans still possess envy and avarice.
Communist? No, he just wanted some fucking fruit juice and so on and so on.

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no hype for this historic gem? tut tut

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It sounds too interesting to be an actual thing so I kind of gave up on it until it starts.
I'm still internally bracing myself if it turns out to be a short, a biweekly, unsubbed or some other stupid shit like that.
I've been hyped for a while de gozaru
I'm hyped as fuck, familia. Hopefully it'll be as good as it sounds.

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What do you guys think of Doraemon?
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Played in the best Japanese CGI movie.
He's the perfect friend/bro anyone could ask for.
Going to be surpassed by Detective Conan as a franchise

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What is the point of this character?
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existential crisis
Anno's own blog.
He's a hedgehog

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/a/, who is the best Marshmallow and why is it, absolutely and unabashedly Miu?
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Ninja Miu.
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>you will never be the table
that rat is looking up her skirt

>haha murder I'm so edgy
What the fuck was his problem?
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the show he was in
He was right all along.
But he was the best character of the series. Also made the most sense, too.

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>almost ruined everything because 'muh tradition'

Name one girl worse than her.
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Not even worst girl in her series.
Fair. Hikari was pretty shit. aMANe just wanted a quiet life though.
same guy as >>151857768
But after Nagisa ran out on Shizuma, Rokujou pulled this shit where she forced Nagisa and Tamao (who likes Nagisa) to run for Etoile and tried to make Nagisa forget Shizuma and then makes it worse when she asks Shizuma to help them. She probably knew Shizuma would pull that shit at the end which hurt Tamao further.

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Has your dick ever forced you to read something against your will?

I have to admit some of the scenes were straight up fantastic, not even from my dicks point of view
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this had some scenes that made me diamonds and a decent story, anything similar?
ibitsu is kind of similar

Then you realize the MC loses his virginity to a corpse. Fuck that manga.

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Who was '2016 Queen of Reaction Image' ?
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Is it worth reading?
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it's worth reading and watching, yes
Just read Lost Canvas.
less bullshit and drama.

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so did they like ever release a data book that explained the rest of the bankais or like anything?
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Wait for the new novel in a couple of months.
Bankais don't need to be explained, it'd just be nice if they were. What MUST be explained, however, are plot points like what the living shit the Soul King is.
I'm still waiting for Aizen backstory

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Why do people like Junku?
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People don't like Junku
I like all those fuckdolls
I'd fuck her.

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Why is Nichijou so popular on youtube when all other anime is not?

Like every video has a million views. Many more than the average lucky star, k-on or Evangelion video.

Why is this?

I thought the show got canceled due to low ratings?
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Anime doesn't get canceled due to low ratings unless you're talking about 70s and 80s anime.
Nothing was cancelled
The sales weren't too good because of ridiculous BD prices and the whole erarthquake thing so they decided one season is enough
>I thought the show got canceled due to low ratings?
Please lurk more.

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