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What the fuck was his problem?
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There is no consensus on whether results of Gödel and Gentzen give a solution to the problem as stated by Hilbert. Gödel's second incompleteness theorem, proved in 1931, shows that no proof of its consistency can be carried out within arithmetic itself. Gentzen proved in 1936 that the consistency of arithmetic follows from the well-foundedness of the ordinal ε₀.
Too edgy
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I fucking hate her.
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Keep watching, you'll hate her even more.
This. Fuck that bitch.
It's just adolescence.

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Hinamori Amu, if you're out there somewhere, and actually exist, thank you for all you've done.

>motivated me to find my dream
>motivated me to never fucking give up
>i can now understand the pain of others
>i finally see the purpose in life, striving for goals
>my heart has finally unlocked

You're a literal saint. You saved me.
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Are you cool and Spicy?
Waifus haven't done shit for me but make me more depressed.
I clicked this intending to shitpost then thought better of it. Good for you, man, keep on being the person she'd want you to be.

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What did they mean by this?
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I always thought they were a metaphor for African men working as night club bouncers and J-manko fuckers in Roppongi.

This confirms I was right.
They mean bugs will evolve even further. I think the humanoid on the left is supposed to be one of our ancestors, maybe earlier homo or something, but I'm not knowledgeable in this field.
Can a big black man go against a johj?

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What would of happened if Kakashi didn't show up and Naruto and Sasuke accidentally killed Sakura when she tried to stop them.
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the series would've improved
She wouldn't have died. Their collision course would have been in the air and Sakura was on the ground. If anyone would have died it would have been Sasuke considering how insanely strong Naruto had become at that point.

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What's your excuse? Princess Mononoke is in theaters again. Japanese audio with eng. subtitles is today.

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What's your excuse? 4chan sells banners to people that want to advertise here.

First post best post
Fuck off, shill. Princess Mononoke is a generic, overrated Miyazaki film
Because I already have it on Blu-ray.

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What's the Japanese homeless population like? I think I've only seen them ever focused on in Tokyo Godfathers and Strongest Man Kurosawa (when no regulated to the standard "scary bearded guy who will rape a loli" territory) but now that I think about it for a place with such high population density has got to have a sizable portion of displaced people.

Maybe this is a little strange and a little too off topic for /a/, but remembering the stuff like homeless camps in both stories and how different their communities must be makes me wonder. (Also the image quality is fucking horrendous, sorry)
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>Maybe this is a little strange and a little too off topic for /a/,
Oh, so you did notice?
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>but remembering the stuff like homeless camps in both stories and how different their communities must be makes me wonder
They are not that diferent IIRC. They both get attacked by underaged delinquents, both have old people. The thing is there's not much shown about these communities so it feels like they're not the same when what is diferent is the approach to it.
You should read Homunculus, its story starts with the MC living in his car, beside a homeless camp which is in front of a five star hotel. He doesn't want to be asociated to them so he doesn't have a tent and tries to distance himself from them but, in the end, he's still a homeless. An absolute classic and if you haven't read it by now then you should lurk for two years before posting.
>You should read Homunculus
I came here to post exactly this.

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What did /a/ think of Mirai Nikki?
Is it agreed upon that Minene is best girl?
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ofc she is
Started off interesting, turned to shit
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Would Uzumaki translate well over to anime or no?
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7 episodes
isn't there a movie about this manga?
or at least a horror-film inspired by it

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Your waifu has been arrested and incarcerated. What do you do?
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Masturbate in the corner while I watch her get BLACKED by the inmates
can't arrest that which isn't real

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Hayao Miyazaki.jpg
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Say something nice about the GOAT.
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environmentalism is not entirely stupid
Miyazaki and Anno were right to start their own plane club. Fuck that otaku plane club.


I got nothin'.

>height: 144cm
>hips: 80cm

For once, the gigantic ass makes sense in an illustration.
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Buttjob with clothes on
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I'd rather her to give me a titjob.
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I just want to marry Vine.

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Yui was forced to wear a dress! Tell her how cute she is!
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She looks like someone's little brother.
Do I get rum raisin if I do?
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It feels so wrong yet so right

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WWW.Working!! was fucking disappointing compared to the other one and it's all because these two idiots have no fucking chemistry whatsoever.

Higashida's fine as a character and really makes a few moments with his negativity, but Miyakoshi is so fucking bland and boring that I'm actually surprised how someone could have come up with such a shitty character. Just listening to her is aggravating. I know Working is all about running gags, but Miyakoshi being a massive moron can only go so far before it starts being irritating for the viewer.

How do you get all the other characters right but fuck this one up so hard?
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This was a prototype. And it was pretty good.
Apparently it was pretty good but the subs were absolute garbage meaning half of the jokes were totally missed

But I can't speak nip, that's just what i heard
I loved the old Working, hated all of the character in this one.

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Best grill won
gg ez
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fuck you
what did she won tho? Not MC, that's for sure
She obviously did. That look he gave her at the end was love

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