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Asoukah or Rye?
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>not Aska

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It's over.

One of the most cliche and worst possible endings, with nothing being explained or elaborated upon, no resolution worth mentioning and no catharsis whatsoever.

I'm glad it's over.
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I'm glad I dropped this pile of shit a few years ago.
I dropped it long ago but based on the text there I'm assuming the splash of blood is what used to be MC's girl? They probably survived up to the end and then there could only be one winner etc, so he's the new god now and he'll make a new world.

Am I right?
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double shit.jpg
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Not even close.

Summary: Final game leaves MC a memoryless husk and for all intents and purposes, dead. Thus, he is destroyed. Uishimitsu is the final god.

He cannot live in a world without Akashi, or rather, it means nothing to him. Once again, it is reaffirmed that nobody can ever be brought back to life. Acid Mana acts like a smarmy edgelord to the very end.

People cannot be brought back to life, but Uishimitsu realizes that he can turn back time, and Acid Mana affirms this is possible. As the Akashi Uishimitsu knew is dead forever, Uishimitsu decides to run the death game again with himself as Kami in order to watch Akashi rise up and become a brilliant shining star once again. Time is rewound, Uishimitsu has a fateful meeting with Akashi right before the games begin, and the manga ends there.

Fuck this garbage.

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>Yoru no Yatterman Sequel
[citation needed]
That last episode still haunts me even now.

Shinka cheers for you, /a/
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Can I use her pussy as a pom pom for my dick?
I'd drink a cup of her sweat.
I cheer for Shinka

Is there anyone who still considers himself a fan of this thing? What went wrong?
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America paid for more and milked it to death and shitty executive control like writing off the fema!e characters
>W-we can't show attractive females in a kids show!
But honestly, the more i look at this gif, the more shitty the animation in last two seasons feel. I don't remember scenes being so dynamic.

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Lewd Fuwa.jpg
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Would you teach her the secrets of pregnancy?
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>explaining sex is difficult

How dumb can you be?
After showing her that she can't get pregnant through her ass and mouth. Along with a few other samples to make sure she gets a proper conclusion.

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How does this shot of Kallen advance the plot?
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It just does.
It adds to her complex characterization.
it advances my dick

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What am I in for?
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One of my favorite series.
Main character and love interest teased for 1000+ chapters

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Was this the meme anime of the year
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>DR thread
>when V3 spoilers are flying free
Dont see why not?
It was doomed to be the meme anime as soon as it was declared the sequel for the game.

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ITT: We recite the Evangelion OP, one word at a time. I'll start:

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Tumbling down
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Miyazaki and Anno.jpg
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Lets do this overdone shit fuckers
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looks like a QUALITY show
Use something that isn't MS paint and try again.

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Did you cry watching Hibike Euphonium?
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I hate Reina but that outfit of hers actually makes me want to fuck her.
No, but I still feel dead inside.
Yes, I was in tears. Bored to tears

Anyone here have a personal heghehog's dilemma?
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Yeah, I like Sonic too much. It's becoming a problem.
Can we all agree episode 4 is GOAT?

Spider Girl from Monster Musume is best girl! I'd ask you guys to prove me wrong but you can't!
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I'd ask you to stay in your general but you're too cancerous to do so.
Found the slime lover!
Nice going, bruh

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How can this raging slut be so cute?

Despite how much she's fucked up the cast why do I just want her to become a housewife raising her and cucksensei's kid
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Also let me just say objectively speaking the best end for the kids is to be friends.
And I don't mean fuckbuddies (at least not for a long ass time) but just to genuinely be friends with each other.
Because she's finally found love, and that's generally a cute thing.
Because you yourself are a cuck.

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