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Was this the most satisfying death in anime history?
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>Best girl murdered by shitty gary-stu
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>shitty "hurr i love killing soo much i'm such a lolrandum kawaii edgy character" grill
>best girl

Get right out with that shitty taste.
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>not liking clem

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Is Bulma the best aging MILF in anime who is just a normal human without any supernatural powers?
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I wonder how people will react if Super goes where I think it will.
>draw a teenager
>call her milf
Why is this allowed? Why can't they draw a proper milf with saggy tits and wrinkles?
Ingesting Sayain semen has anti-ageing effects

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How the FUCK is Guts supposed to defeat the Godhand?
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Kill the God Made By Man first.
magic sword innit
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he wont, he will defeat them by not using the belihet and sacrificing everyone to take revenge on grifith like it was preordained (guts birth puts him outside of casualty). Choosing instead to defeat his own inner demons and let go of hate. then grifith will defeat the godhand

basically its a loop, skull knight was the Griffith of his time and guts is the void. the only difference this time is that, as stated before, guts wont choose to sacrifice

Asuka is half American, but why does her German heritage get more attention? Is it because her American dad didn't really play that big of a role in her life?
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Because she was raised in Germany in NERV's German branch eating bratwurst and going to church like a good little heine she is
(((((Americans)))))) don't exist.
They are descendants of Europe, usually Germany.
She doesn't speak in terrific Engrish and she wasn't shipped with her eva from MIT.

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Post a better first episode.
You literally can't
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Though it was technically a double episode so not sure if counts
Mi-mi-mikuru Beamu~!

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How does this make you feel?
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Makes me want to throw it out of the window or step on it to see her cry.
I want to fill her ear with my siemens
braces and hearing aides are under utilized.

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So what's the purpose of a character being a trap in relation to the overarching story or themes?
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It greatly enhances the theme of muh dick
make me get an erection
I don't know, what's the purpose of a character being male or female? Having brown or black eyes? Preferring orange or apple juice? Having A-type blood or O-type blood?

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Was Valrave satire,parody or just a complete utter train wreck

I am really not sure /a/
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Which anime has the best dubbed opening? The worst? The most nostalgic? And by dubbed referring to any localized version outside of Japan.

HxH had it pretty comfy with this one
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Shaman King had a pretty cool Dub OP
This has always been a favorite of mine.

I've had this memorized word for word for over a decade


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Even if you remain idle on Valentine's Day, remember that you're still Love You!
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Hey you, want to join the latest colouring project? Just ask for a rectangle and pour all your idle in it! All types of colouring are encouraged. See pic related for the available spots.

Square download:
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lala loves it (2).jpg
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The Guide: http://pastebin.com/iDebHQu6
Dreaca's scene was the best.

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What did Kagami actually mean with this?
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She wants to well, you know, have crazy sex
She wants to defeat death with Konata. And also snuggly times, sssshhhh no more bad dreams.
Yuribait from noncanon Ova

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Which Mikan would you breed?
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Mikan Tsumiki

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>"hey guys, zero has this mystic power that gets people to do what he wants, also he's a britannian prince"
>"WTF we hate zero now"

Seriously? They just blindly believe their biggest enemy and choose to betray their fucking leader like that? These guys wouldn't get anywhere close to overthrowing Bitannia if Lelouch didn't lead their sorry asses, his heritage shouldn't matter at this point, and it's not like he geassed that woman for no reason either. Lelouch is also a retard for trying to act mysterious at a time like this instead of properly explaining himself, he also makes things harder than they should have been for himself.

Goddammit, fuck this stupid-ass show. Now I understand why Guilty Crown was such a big pile of shit with unbelievably dumb characters, figures that it came from the same writer.
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Yep they are a bunch of idiots, let us also not forget how they ended up fighting alongside Schneizel who was also a Britannian prince.

But then again these are the same guys who couldn't do a damn thing on their first attempt to liberate Tokyo after Lelouch paved the way for them AND also took out of commission the Britannian commander (Cornelia).

But they put the whole blame on him for not being with them even though the Britannian were in the same situation as they had also lost their leader.
Honestly, I don't even know if I want to finish watching Code Geass after this atrocious episode. It was rec'd to hell and back and I went in with big expectations, but it just kept getting progressively worse after Lelouch saved Suzaku from being executed.
Don't give up now. It gets fun because Lulu just says FUCK IT and abbandons all morals. He's like "Oh, I'm an evil overlord? Here's a real fucking overlord!".

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Is it just me or is the Evangelion intro playing but it's with the Tim Allen grunt?
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it's just you anon, lay off the degenerate drugs

It's only you
How are drugs degeneracy? You arre 125% drugs statistically.

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Let's fucking flip flapping!

Just finished it and is was great!

Papika, Cocona or Yayaka?

Why is Bu-chan so based?
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>Just finished it and is was great!
Told you.
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>Papika, Cocona or Yayaka?
best grill of course
Uexküll best though
also Bu-chan ans Uexküll spinoff when?

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