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Will this be another manga where ending sucks?
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>Judar saved by the power of homo

Nah this is great.
Will Judar go back to despairing once Hakuryuu marries a woman like his status demands?
For real though, that was really gay.

"I'm happy having lived a shitty life because Hakuryuu exists."


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The fuck man
I had my volume up all the way with this shit
wait he's dead?

rest in peace
scared the shit out of me

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ProTip: You Can Not
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I'll start. noelle
Shounen cockhungry sluts.

Better luck next time.
That terrible artwork.

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ITT: Characters that are Reddit incarnated
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It was so much fun watching Part 1 and Part 2 with /a/.

It makes me sad to see what the fanbase has evolved into in the West.

JJBA is living proof that a fanbase can affect how you enjoy a property.

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More mango & animu wth girls fighting!
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Nanoha Vivid and Vivid Strike.

Have fun.
Master of Martial Hearts.

It's the best in the genre.

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I want to fuck Ayano until she go all ahegao
YuruYuri thread?
Who is this adult male?

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ʞʎou-ʞnu pǝuʍɐ˙
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Well pick down the phone you cunt

by the way why are you sitting up on your chair like that

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>MC has no powers
>in a world where everyone has powers
Every time
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>MC has the power to nullify or steal powers
>MC is actually the most powerful person around, but nobody acknowledges the obvious due to some sort of contrived ranking system
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MC is trash all hail the one true demonic best girl

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Quick /a/ claim your daughterfu.
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She is the best student of the school, used to be a shut in but now she has four friends
What happens if two anons claim the same daughter? Do they have to move together and start a happy relationship with each other so that their daughter doesn't grow up in a broken family?
>Let HER choose ANON!

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Koala is still a shit character.
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I wonder if we can watch bunny girls shitting into each other's mouths.
Hyena > Wolf > Zebra >Sloth > Cat > everyone else > shit > Koala > Human
Big wolf > Small wolf

Are translator notes ever acceptable?
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Yes. But that's not one such instance.
Yes, but they are tricky because you have to make them short enough to read without pausing and you need to avoid overusing them. I prefer short translator notes over changing the wording to avoid confusion.

They're just one of the areas where you really feel how amateur fan translations are.

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itt big tits
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her head looks small
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itt cocks growing

Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.
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That's it. I'm watching the first episode!

>TFW we'll never get a second season that includes Juji Kabane & Rocketbilly Redcadillac

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Hear me out here: isn't King Crimson's ability pretty simple except for the fact that Araki straight up screws up in one scene, specifically the scene where he introduces King Crimson's ability? I think the fact that KC's first introduction portrays the stand power incorrectly is the cause of all the confusion. Specifically the bit in pic related.

So, to explain KC's power, say you fire a gun at Diavolo. He already has Epitaph, which means he knows when to activate King Crimson. You start pulling the trigger, he activates KC. King Crimson Time happens, in which all effects do not occur (I like to say it's "hypothetical" time, but that might be even more confusing for some people), so in King Crimson Time you've pulled the trigger and the bullet is firing, but the bullet can pass through Diavolo's head, since all effects are nullified during King Crimson Time. King Crimson Time ends, the bullet hits the wall behind Diavolo, but he is unharmed. You find you've already fired the gun, even though you don't recall doing so.

The bit I'm saying Araki screws up is that nowhere in my previous gun example are there two bullets at the same time. There's no overlap between the past and the future. The bullet is in the barrel prior to KC Time, and behind Diavolo's head after KC Time. But it's never in two positions at once. YET, when Araki first introduces KC, Buccellati sees HIMSELF, as in, his past self sees his future self. It's like what is in post-KC time appears at the same time as pre-KC time, which, of course, makes NO SENSE. People try to account for this, which is really just Araki and his somewhat inconsistent writing (which we should all be aware of when considering JoJo), so it makes more sense to disregard the overlapping Buccellatis altogether and explain King Crimson's powers without trying to take that scene into account.

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I don't think King Crimson's first use of his ability was portrayed incorrectly. I like to think that what Buccellati saw was actually Diavolo giving him a glimpse of Epitaph and then used the time skipping power to appear behind Buccellati to donut him.
It's always like that. Araki tends to test things out before finalizing, in fact Josuke's original power was supposed to be Joushuu's screw power, but Araki felt that there's no way he could write that in with Joushuu's vision loss, so he went with the stealing bubbles. Other than that one moment, KC is pretty standard. He gets to skip through time and run away while leaving the end result unchanged, allowing Diavolo to carry out actions without consequence.
Part 5 is full of inconsistencies, don't bother figuring them out

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Is she a good girl?
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best girl
a literal autist
>implying you wouldnt

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