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Himeji Mizuki.jpg
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What do you think of this body type
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Too fat.
I don't like it.

I think he did nothing wrong. Or did he?
He just wanted to save everyone.
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>Or did he?
Other than bullying the people who did save everyone, and making things more difficult for them, he did nothing wrong.
Oh, he also bullied people who just wanted to live in peace and forced them to live in his country, but that at least had good justification.
imprisoning simon might have been wrong but simon would have prevented him from taking anyone in that space ship to escape the earth when the moon was falling. He did what he had to, to save humanity
>taking anyone in that space ship to escape the earth
Into space, while being attacked by a superior, extra-terrestrial force.
It's like going to Australia to escape the spiders.

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>There are people on this board, RIGHT NOW, who unironically believe there's a possibility of any ending other than Yukino end
I feel sorry for you
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>There were people on this board who unironically believed there was a possibility of any ending other than Orihime end
I think it's more likely he ends up with no one
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Hey anon! Can you help me cook and wash the dishes? I asked Asuka but she called me "Baka" and left.
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no i'm not a faggot
only faggots and women cook and wash the dishes
>I asked Asuka
Stop bullshitting me
If you actually had balls to ask her about something she might have called you "Baka" much less
Fucking spineless prick

Do you have a "too pure to fap to list", /a/?

Which characters for you were once on that list, but have since fallen off of it?
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I'm going to fap to all the girls that get posted.
someone arrest this horrible monster immediately
What about the boys?

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describe anime.png
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>Kimi no na wa

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Kuzu no Honky is basically a cartoon soap opera?
Idol master - Shibuya Rin being a femdom but getting beat up sometimes too.
Is that how idols work now?
>Amagi Brilliant Park
A bunch of people in mascot costumes go around beating the shit out of people at night

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Episode 79 summary
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nth for gohan is a gayfer
A good and fat Kid Buu would be fucking sweet. It will never happen though.
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Is this anime any good?
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Watch a few episodes and find out.
It's garbage.

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>Make a cute innocent 9 year old character
>everybody sexualizes her

Why do people do this?
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Do what?
You mean make pedobate for pedos. CG prints money by pandering.
because people want to stick their dick in aesthetically pleasing chinese cartoon drawings that why

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Find a flaw.
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Wasn't there an anime last season that had a cute girl in a suit with a haircut just like that?
who is she️
looks a little too much like Bill Lawry for my liking.

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Name an anime with a soundtrack more comfy than this one

Pro-tip: You can't.
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But I can, if OVAs count.
The soundtrack is by the same people, though.
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File: 486844.jpg (1MB, 1060x1501px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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but I can

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Asuka is pretty ew. You're right.
I'm confused
Your taste is ew.

Will we ever see more of Spice And Wolf?
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Spice&Wolf is dead.
Haruhi is dead.
Index is dead.
Darker than Black is dead.
Give up already.

Not to worry, though. Full Metal Panic lives.
It's honestly bullshit that great shows like spice&wolf only get 2 seasons while our shit shows have like 10,

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How can anyone call Tohka best girl when she has driven so many innocent receptionists to insanity?
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I'd quit too.
Holy shit please be real, my sides are in the stratosphere.

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Is this how normal people smile?
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Yeah, beautiful isn't it.

That's her eager face

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