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What's the manliest series you've ever seen?
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your mom

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Who is objectively the smuggest girl in anime?
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She practically kickstarted the whole smug meme.
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Running in a crowd
In a faceless town
I need to feel the touch of a friend
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In the countryside
I wander far and wide
The isolation gets me again
I don't know where to gooooo
When I feel like crying oh my
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It's time to open myself
Do something new
I want to stop, and grow up a bit

Some anons say LWA is "western style" because it's "western style", but there are no American cartoons that look like it UNLESS they're "anime-style" already.

However, while not "western style", I'd say LWA is "cartoony" which IMO means deforming things in an irreverent/comical way. It doesn't matter if it's a Japanese tradition of exaggeration or a Western one. A show can have the anime-est core designs, but if it's full of irreverent and/or funny deformation then to me it's "cartoony".

How do you feel?
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I guess the OP should apply to manga too.

Tezuka manga is extremely cartoony author not just because his designs are inspired by Disney Donald/Mickey/Scrooge etc comic books and Fleischer cartoons but because he also deforms them comically.
Anime is cartoons.
This show made me realise that i miss character designs that doesn't look "anime attractive" if that makes sence.
It reminds me of the wife in the Shining, that made me realise how i came to expect attractive people in movies.

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Nyanko is ____!
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in need of spaying.
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Jihad for the sake of Allah, for martyrdom.

Childhood is when you idolize Love Hina.
Adulthood is when you realize Maison Ikkoku makes more sense.
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What's with all the Maison Ikkoku threads lately?

I downloaded it back in mid-December and I only caught one thread through the months before then that died rather quickly. Don't come to /a/ since then and now I notice there's at least one a week.

Anyways, you're somewhat right. And that's when I noticed that I wouldn't deserve Kyoko anyway. Not only I'm broke almost all the time, I'm not assertive like Godai so it was depressing in that regard.
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How does /a/ feel about McEnroe?
I dunno, I'd rather watch the Urusei Yatsura anime as far as Rumiko Takahahi works go.

I never liked Love Hina. I was getting into anime through Limewire when I was 13 downloading random stuff. Everyone was talking about Naruto so I watched that before it quickly went to shit and I realized my only reason for watching is the occasional "superstar animator quality bump" fight scene and those could already be found on Youtube. I got into One Piece and watched a bunch of it (c'mon the anime wasn't that bad in the early days, was it? I liked having voices, music and colors...) I tried Azumanga but it wasn't really my cup of tea. I watched FLCL and it became my favorite thing ever, then Mind Game which was the second best thing ever.

So during this anime baby phase I downloaded Love Hina. Watched the opening, thought "nope", deleted the file. Didn't even last as long as Elfen Lied when I deleted it when the girl pissed all over the floor (and then the internet justified it as SO DEEP despite the author introducing a diaper fetish character in the manga

fucking Shmorky ass nigga, I swear).

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What does /a/ think about ah my goddess?
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I don't much are for it.

Oh my goddess sounds better.
In before magical castration.

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Iori a cute.jpg
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Is this a nice girl?
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No. She's a liar and a whore.
For you.

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>Hestia is still the best oppai loli

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Hestia is shit
Off yourself.
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How good is bleach without filler? I enjoyed naruto without filler so im wondering if bleach is watchable without filler. No spoilers pls
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>How good is bleach
I want Ishtar Rin to step on my dick.

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Are you cruel enough to make a mothgirl cry?
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i hope not. maybe on accident

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Okay, tomorrow
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>more Tomon
I want to fuck Misuzu.
Aw fuck, she's gonna be late
And Jun might not wait up

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Nou nou canele!
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>open cupboard
>see this
What do?
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It's next to the olive oil.
Arthur and the Knights of Justice.
thanks senpai

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No matter what the haters say, Mineta is still the best character in MHA. He has fucked every girl in 1-A and the men want to be him (except bacon, who hanged himself after witnessing Mineta grape his oneitis).
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thread dead before it begins
Let this thread die and create new one in 3 hours for spoilers.

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