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Do you think Ami's girlfriend is a nuisance?
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>Do you think Ami's boyfriend is a nuisance?

And no. He's cool and handsome, and is always ready to protect Ami's smile.
He's a nuisance to my dick.

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>only just found out about this manga
You have failed me /a/.
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we have a couple of threads up after a chapter release
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At least I finally found a new good manga.
Finally? There are, without doubt, lots of good manga out there that you have yet to read, anon.

Girls that only you seem to like?
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years later and i still want her to femdom me
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Her lips always bothered me but she's pretty cool besides that.

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Do you like Lina?
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I am more a Martina guy, but Reena is ok too
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Not really. Amelia is the best girl for me.

This. As fine as Lina is, Amelia always was the best girl.

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i did the first chapter of this, as well as this one, a while back.
never got to posting this one, so i'll do it now.

>Although she may not look it right now, she's an ab-girl.
>Saotome-senshu Leaps
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>x3 Tatan
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>Saotome Yae
>Because of her sharp face, she's called the "Cool Beauty".
>She's our Boxing Club's ace.
>By all means,
>she's someone who would never look right next to me.
>x2 Doki
>Calm down, me. Act as normal as you always do...
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>He-Hey now, Takkun!
>What do you think you're doing?
>I am so sor...

With our love we could save the world
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>that tiny body

Go away, George.
She doesn't have to push all three of them out at the exact same time, buddy

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Now, I know that this chapter is old af, but seriously i need to hear a's opinions on this, cuz that really traumatized me, I still think that yami and nemesis would be better waifus than fucking Haruna
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Post yfw Haruna overrides the harem and ends up dating Rito


Who you newfag?
author literally dead by the end of the week

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>"If you keep using that ability, your life-span will decrease!"
>character keeps using that ability every single fight without facing consequences
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Your life-span decreases every second
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from "Kimi No Na Wa".
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Without the textures...
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With a cloudy background.

I did not make this myself....
Why would you?

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ITT: Canon lesbians.
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>Neglects his kids because he's too busy with work

But doesn't this go against the entire point of the character?
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He's a talentless hack weeaboo who faps to doujins at work.
He wanted this job more than anything, so I guess he went 100% with it.

He has too many advisers up his ass to good of anymore.

He's sleeping in the bed he has made.

You should be able to solve this.
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No, Minami thead instead. It won't last long either way.
New chapter never.
post best girl
My retarded waifu Uchida is so cute.

>never read the manga, watch the old show, or see it talked about on /a/
>pick it up recently
>first few episodes really good like them great
>middle of season 1 rolls around
>characters become more and more ridiculous
>it becomes "sucking killua's dick: the animated series"
>give up just short of season 2

Has there ever been more initial greatness, eventual shit and wasted potential in an anime? I have never seen a single discussion on it here before, so I don't know where the general consensus of love or hate is for it, but I can't stomach any more. It's just getting fucking terrible.
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Nothing wrong with the sixth point is there?
Gon eventually calls Killua out on his shit and they separate.
>>never read the manga, watch the old show, or see it talked about on /a/
> I have never seen a single discussion on it here before
Fuck off.

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until you like it.png
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I am going to post this everyday until you stop liking it.
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I already hate Satania.
So far, that fish is the best character of the show

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So looks like the Light Novel has a lot of changes from the Web version.
It seems like we're gonna have Arachne Kumoko much longer than we did in the WN, so Kumo's ascension will probably be much more delayed.

Spoiler summary on the differences below (written by the WN translator)
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Holy shit is that how she looks like?
>If you want a micro summary, it's kinda like this at the end: imagine we're at about chapter 210 but "Kumoko" hasn't become god yet - she's still Arachne. Shun story ending is pretty similar to WN - Shiro turns up after Shun hits Taboo 10 and is recognised as "Wakaba Hiiro". On "Kumoko" side her previous life's name has been officially revealed (by "Maou Shojo Ariel") though she isn't called Shiro/Shiraori yet. "Kumoko" and Ariel have officially teamed up - Mera and Sophia are with them.

>"Heroine" Ronant doesn't appear in the story at all but he does appear in the author's afterward. (lol). There wasn't enough space to to include him it seems but he should appear in the next volume.

>Kinda have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, we'll get something I thought I could only dream about - "Kumoko" raising Sophia while still being Arachne (though I was hoping for them to be by themselves). On the other hand, there's no Ronant and a bunch of interesting things was skipped over. The Shun side stories weren't as interesting as in the WN - it's even more shonen-like than before and is basically Shun and co trying (and totally failing) to even injure Sophia. The pacing is better overall and flows more naturally but some things are done a bit too fast, I thought. Kumoko hasn't learnt about the delights of alcohol yet either.
I love this work. Kumo is the best.

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