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Let's continue the thread.

ITT: Girls that everybody on /a/ fapped to at least twice.
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Your waifu.

And NOT twice.
>insulting a man's waifu by only fapping to her once

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ITT: Ideas for doujins. Anything will do as long it's for an anime/manga.

I want to see a doujin where Sailor Jupiter bullies the hell out of a manlet, but that will probably never happen. And even if it did, the manlet would probably turn the tables on her halfway because Japanese pornographers are allergic to women completely dominating.
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what if the manlet was a shota
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What if the manlet was a full-grown guy who worked out a lot to compensate for his lack of height.

And he still gets sexually bullied by Jupiter.

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Dio was invicible with this shit gtfo
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Jotaro speaks German?
>Dio was invicible with this shit
I'm going to start my adventure as a filthy secondary and an starting JoJo S1 TONIGHT.

How fucked am I?

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Is this the Kumiko & Reina of this season?
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They don't have nearly the same level of characterization and development, nor are they as cute, so no.
No because Kumiko and Reina aren't lesbians.
Check the catalog you fucking retard.

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Are there any numbers for how many copies of the Haruhi BD rerelease were sold?
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>Are there
Let go of your crippling"number sales" autism and enjoy shows for what they are not how much it sold you faggot sheep.

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In the webnovel, Asuna is the same size as Sugu, both being 82s.

Even in the LN she's only about a 80 to Sugu's 85.
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why are you complaining ? bigger tits sell more
I don't care, I would fuck both
Interesting stuff OP.
Perhaps more information could help you find out the details.

Such as the anime adaptation's character designer, their past works.

Or older LN artwork.
In anime we can't always go off by the stated sizes, sometimes they'd draw the difference between 80 and 85 as much bigger than it really ought to be normally but in those cases I'd say the visual design people got matters more than the size they stated.

Minor changes and "improvements" to a cast's character designs are not uncommon when transitioning from LN to anime though.
Often designs are streamlined, improved or switched a bit so they work better as a whole.

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Which is it?

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TOUGH BOY from Fist of North Star.

Hell, the lyrics are literally "we are living in eighties, eighties" sung in english.
Pretty certain it's the second opening of Kimagure Orange Road.
Summer Side?

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What's the point of harem shows if it's always so obvious who wins?
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Money, waifufags, doujins and trolling.
To disingeniously bait readers with cute girls for money
It's gateway Netorare.

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Why is satania so shit?
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Her fanbase became annoying, just like Nene's.
she's not?!?!?!?!?!?!
The difference is that Nene is actually worthless while Satania carries her show.

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Left or right?
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Hi, i introduce you my wife Sharo(Syaro) !
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is that a boy?
Yep that cute rabbit is male.
Imagine Syaro's anus is squeezing tightly around your dick.

Then imagine peeing so hard that Syaro flew off into space like a bottle rocket.

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Is it me or did everyone drop this show? Even during airing days the threads are dead.

Also, by the way, OP single's out.
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Why are you still watching it?
I watch it.

But I can't say it's because I really love it.
The girls are cute and the music is good.

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Choose your alien cake to have and eat.
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it is inhumane to only choose one
Both are top tier choices along with Mikan and Lala.

Why does she look so much better without the lipstick?

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This is Adagaki Aki. Say something mean about her.
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She probably shits a lot.
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she is going to inflate to cow like proportions when she gets older and her metabolism slows down

then she will be the pigs foot
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Why would I do that?

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So, 3 Freeze increases the weight of the object/stand it's used.
So, shouldn't have that made it easier for Kira to actually activate BTS?
Like, weight of his finger when perpendicular to the ground should be "mg".
If his weight is increased via |P|=|mg| then his finger should've triggered the bomb faster.
So, is it the Araki's fault or is it just "JoJo logic"?
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Look closely at his hand, try to guess its position relative to the planet and you will know why.
So, you're implying that Kira's just dumb?
His hand is tilted sideways you retard, the weight is evenly spread out.
Seriously, out of all the plot holes you could shitpost about, this is what you came up with?

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