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GIF reactions
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just finished watching this it was fun of course it has a lot of problems for once the last episode is the biggest waste of time hope we get another season to much stuff unexplained
fuck Subaru
fuck Emilia
Rem is best girl
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Yes, the happy ending was pretty shit and even the author didn't like it. Right after the confession shit went down pretty fast to the point where Subaru slit his throat to reset not giving a single fuck about his achievements and all. White Fox just pussied out.
I guess if they ever actually made a season 2 it would be quite a good first episode, but it still sucks they pussied out.
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They're gonna need to fix a ton of stuff regarding Subaru and Rem's relationship before that as well. As Subaru and Rem nearly tasted each other's tongues after the whale battle. Not to mention it was Subaru who was begging for Rem to be at his side rather than Rem begging for Subaru. Then there is the confession scene Subaru has with Rem where he couldn't help but no longer deny he had deep affections for her.

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Describe Miria in one word
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Have you sufficiently lewded the Keions today yet anon?
Cummed all over Ritsu's erogenous forehead? Tongued Mio's salty, wet puss? Splathered your Azusa daki with semen so viscous it'd be impossible to wash out? Fisted your cute boyhole and prostate gland imagining it was Mugi's 8 inch futa donger? Or do you like your Keions well-worn, in which case sloppy seconds with cock sleeves like Jun or Nodoka are for you.
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why is /a/ so sexually charged
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For you

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Alright be honest, how many of you originally thought Frieza was a female?
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Isn't he kinda neutral. Since his species don't really have genders. Kinda like Namekians. Except Namekians look mostly similar whats considered male on earth.
I never really considered him of either gender. Just "alien"
At best in my elementary kid mind a "faggot"

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What would Asuka be like as a house wife?
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her mental issues would likely cause a lot of problems for her kids

She'll have a husband who will spend 6 hours after work at a bar because he doesn't want to go home.
more importantly how would an insecure person who doesn't like contact at all manage to have sex with another man?

post any good english lyriced ED/OP you can remember (this is just to entertain me...)
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>You guys do not notice that we are gifted just by being humans
>We are absolute predators
>We do not even have any enemies
>Maybe there are other animals watching us
>and thinking that someday "we will beat them down"


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So who is this supposed to be?
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The first emperor of Earth, Barron Trump.
The final boss, probably.
The king(s) definitely aren't going to make a happy ending
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out of higgs.jpg
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Looks like the guy who iced Cirno's bootleg netdiver.

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>produced by Shaft
>directed by Shinbo
>written by Urobuchi
>character designs by Ume
>music by Yuki Kajiura
>incredible voice actresses like Aoi Yuki, Eri Kitamura, and Chiwa Saito
>and the others who came together to make this masterpiece

Post a better five star team in anime. You can't, you just can't.
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>produced by Shaft
>name a better five star team
> produced by Shaft
> directed by Oishi
> written by Nisioisin
> character designs by Watanabe
> music by Satoru Kosaki
> incredible voice actors like Kamiya Hiroshi, Sawashiro Miyuki, Hanazawa Kana, Emiri Katou and Chiwa Saito
> and the others who came together to make this masterpiece
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>Written by Nisioisin

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>everyone concerned about the crapfest kimi no na wa
>not liking the superior version
Unlike Kimi No Na Wa, this was:
Made more sense
Wasn't even sci-fi
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The superior Kimi no na wa was that 1980s live action film, with literally the same story.
Except last time I read it it was already pretty bad and was on a certain trajectory to trash tier given how badly Aku no Hana ended.
Why was it bad? Why was kimi no na wa good?

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The Kuzu No Honkai ED
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welcome to the nhk.gif
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Is this what all girls want ?
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only the 2d ones.
Only some of them.
All girls (male) want this though.
Why do people flip their shit at sexually active 2D girls but make an exception for hentai?

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This is Pyuko ;_;.
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Puyko a qt
I wish Pyuko would have a better name

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ITT: smiles that were not protected
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This is Makkachin. Say something nice about her
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He is a good loyal doggo who can be cuddled in place of Yuuri when necessary
He slept with Yuuri sooner than Viktor.
> her not him

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