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Throwback Thursday
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I'm still surprised that the GaruPan writers knew enough about Monty Python to make that reference in the OVAs. I mean, Python does have a couple of military jokes, but they're mostly infantry-related, and the Spam sketch didn't even have that,
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Men of good taste. Although it's jarring to see Western pop culture mashing with my tank girls.
Well, to be fair, Western pop culture also includes Kelly's Heroes and 1941, which gave us Sergeant Oddball, the Elefant sequence, and Ferris-san.

But yes, sudden Monty Python is very jarring, which is probably the point.

My name is not important...
What is important is what I'm going to do.

I just fucking hate this world and the human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred... And I always wanted to die violently.
This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can.

It's time for me to kill... And it's time for me to die.
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rofl xD 2.jpg
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>bumping a thread no one wants

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Spoilers already out, chapter soon.

Sanji better make Luffy smile damnit
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I caught up in one piece from beginning to end in July. I'm not reading it again until I turn 40. Keeping up every week and being on edge forever is some form of self harm.
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Who would win in the following 4 way fight:

Jack vs Cracker vs Jozu vs Lucky Roo

ITT: Shows that are better than what you remember of them
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time to throw down a face down

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>doujin artist states how much he loves the character
>all doujinshi of her are rape/mindbreak ones

Why is this allowed?
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It's a friendly kind of rape
When you truly love someone, you give them what they never knew they wanted.
But women love rape

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Rei is best girl
Mio is best K-on
Tsugumi is best Nisekoi

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>"Please support the official release"
>Go to anime store to get new Galko volume
>See BD for Mobile Suit Gundam, a nearly 40 year old anime
>21 episodes
>65 maple coins

Wow, people actually pay for anime?
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Your blog sucks.
Overpriced and substandard. Anime is dead.
Where can I find one of these 'anime stores'?

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i thought it was alright but lost interest midway through the season, around episode 23.
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Nah. Benio hasn't been fugged yet
Well, you're halfway there, might as well finish it.

I stopped around episode 13 I think but by the time I noticed there were 20 more episodes and the fact that I'm up to date with the manga and that those 20 episodes probably contained a lot of filler don't make it that appealing.

Anyways do it for Benio.
If it's a lot of filler and no Benio payoff, I'm probably not going to bother.

Ty anons.

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What's the point of moeshit and slice of life? It's so dull, why would you watch anime just to see a bunch of little girls go about their daily lives with no actual plot or sense of progression?
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OP here, pic unrelated
The point is that you're literally being forced to watch it, so you had better learn to like it.
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This is a Japanese skeleton.
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I guess that makes me a necrophiliac
No wonder. She looks like she's about to snap in half!

Why is a dyke allowed to have such a great body?
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She's bi.

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I don't get it. What exactly was the point?
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Of what?
To kill Nanoha. Come on man, this isn't that hard.
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I mean, what exactly was going through the director's head when he decided to include this shot?

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Name a better mascot character? You can't.
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I can
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He's literally worst, I can't stand him

I always joked about loneliness, but this show made me feel genuinely empty and lonely.
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feels about time for a rewatch
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Where can I find this outfit IRL?
Literally every other outfit in the whole fucking show can be bought somewhere except this one.
Please be in London

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LoGH thread
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Do anyone think that I.G. has the guts to make the new adaption 100+ episodes?
I think they said they were doing stuff that wasn't covered yet in the OVAs so I don't even think they have enough material for 100+ episodes.
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So it's not a full re-adaptation of the books? This is good news. If only the voice actor of Yang was still alive.

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