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Well that sucked.
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Just finished this an hour ago. Well, i must say i have to disagree. Although i guessed the plot to the frightful degree, it nonetheless was a such a wild ride. While whole "entropy" thing was unraveling i was at a loss should i cry or laugh ended up doing both Madoka is an symbol of purity. Homura best girl. Also i'm in pain and i don't know why. Anon, help me, please.
It was cool if you can get past the slow start and the in my opinion unappealing art style.
The ending is over the top. I would've preferred something with a smaller scope.
The OST is amazing (ED 2).
The movie is a dumb cash grab.

9/10, point deduction only for those (small) flaws. Movie is only for those who liked the TV show.

The /a/ fanbase is atrocious.

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So, this series was started 11 years ago today (and ended 6 years ago). By sheer coincidence, I happened to watch the second season of the anime a couple weeks ago, and I was shocked to find that I liked it a whole fucking lot. I watched the first season as it aired, and all I remembered was that I liked it, but the second season just drew me in completely. I ended up binge watching the first season (which I fucking loved) and reading the manga (and I'm gonna start reading the light novels today). Holo's character is great. She's not really a tsundere (she's just spunky), and the constant half-joking flirting between her and Lawrence was amusing. It got pretty melodramatic at times, but I like that shit anyways. To give an idea of how much I liked the series, I started rewatching the first season the same day I watched an episode of Zestiria. The one episode of Zestiria felt like forty fucking minutes. Two episodes of Spice and Wolf felt like ten minutes each (and I watched the OP and ED for Spice and Wolf but skipped them for Zestiria).

Did anyone else like this series as much as I did? Obviously, my taste in animes is shit, so I need other people to either affirm or deny the quality of the things I like.
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Yeah, I loved it, especially the soundtrack.
I liked it until that little faggot joined them, at which point I dropped the series.
Their child?

This is the ideal female body.
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This is the ideal female (male) body.
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You seem to be mistaken.
>four fingers

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What does the SS mean?
Why are you dressed like that, weirdo?
Oh boy, here we go

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nt march.jpg
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CC needed to be in top 5 as well.
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Fateshit was a mistake
Our God and Savior Kira Yamato and his wife Lacus Clyne has yet to return. NOT INTERESTED.
Is that Siki at #4?
Fuck yeah, Type-moon is back baby (FGOshit shouldn't be there).

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Chapter out on mangaONE app. rough translation up to page 3. Will finish translating or dump the Uranucleus scans version when it's out if I'm too slow.

>I noticed that I was different from others when I was 5.

>Even when what the kindergarten teacher thought was different from the words he said, nobody would notice.
>At dinner time when I managed to guess my father’s true thoughts right and my mother broke down crying I realized it was something I shouldn’t do.

>I was the only one who could read other people’s thoughts. I could hear it arbitrarily. The voice of the mind of anyone next to me, that is…
>As I grew up those voices grew louder, so did the range of reception, and the pain was incredibly painful.

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>For example, when there was a late night live broadcast of a soccer match… when the match between Japan and the champion nation was good… It was so noisy I almost never managed to sleep.
>You guys can’t understand, but… When one feels excitement, anger, hatred or pleasure… The voice of the mind is immensly loud for strong emotions.

>But since I entered 3rd grade…
>I’ve become able to make the voice of my own mind reach other specific people.

>You’re always carrying sweets. You get a lot of pocket money ?
>That’s cool.

>Since I still have à lot more at home I’ll give you some. There’s anything you want in there, so I’ll give you what you want next time.
Kid 2
>Seriously ? Well, I’ll take some Pachi Pachi gum !

>Eeh, I want to eat some Acid Potato.
>Okay, I’ll remember that.
>(Let’s go shoplifting again)

>(Are you dumb or what. You’re gonna get caught.)
>(Go take it back to the shop.)

>Ye… Yes !
Kid 2
>What’s up with you ?

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>[From this moment on, I would use the voice of my mind to shout at someone and criticize in so that I could let off some steam.]
>Damn kids… They’re ignoring my welcome speech, aren’t they. Let’s extend the speech for ten more minutes.

>(Hey, Principal ! Your speech is freaking boring! Hurry up and put an end to this meaningless morning assembly !!)
>(The school nurse is even looking at you with disgusted eyes !)

>You… You’ve been doing this your whole life?

>(I’m not doing it right now.)

>What is it ?
>Ta… Takenaka, just now… he talked to me inside my head… !!?

>(Kijibayashi-senpai… Saruta…)

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So, what is U19 plot?
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It's shit

Not by a veteran

Cancellation soon!
Still no raw
Synopsis: In a world totally controlled by adults, a group of young people need to fight for their own "independence", even if they need to rebel against everything and everyone.

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Botched work, only good for H doujinshi
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Imagine Hotaru after she gives birth. She's too busy doting on her children to lose the babyfat she put on so she ends up with thiccer tits and ass with a tiny bit of soft tummy that you can pinch.
Coming home to her in a naked apron while the baby sleeps upstairs and her cooking dinner for the family, wishing her darling husband can give her another beautiful child.

Is this the best anime about terrorism?
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Railgun S
Why is she wearing a diaper and displaying it in such manner? The outfit is simply retarded.

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I want to Akane to use me!
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You need to be desirable for that.
Your mom doesn't count.
How would Akane feel if you got a girlfriend just to seem desirable and lure Akane into your bed? Who would be using whom?
It must feel nice inside her

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Senseis you can respect, look up to and admire. I'll start
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So.. who was in the right?
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Setsuna is the worst girl of all time
Is there anyone in the right?
Setsuna is literally on the right and also the right one for me.

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Will anime ever be this funny again?
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You got your reccomendation, not fuck off.
this had the most rape jokes i've ever seen in any medium.

to answer your question, who knows
>Tokyo Tower got wet! What a slut!

The time has come. Bellies out.
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I'm gonna impregnate this boy!
She clearly is straight and isn't trying to act like a man. In their town there are only woman and she took up the role to protect the town.

She cut off her hair because it is more functional for her role. And the uniform is just that, her damn uniform.

She wears thigh highs instead of pants so that's the real indicator here that she wants the dick.
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Don't try to derail a married man, please.

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Some girls are for hugs, and not for fugs.
But are there girls that are for fugs, and not for hugs ?
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Sluts are only for fugs.
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