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Is this the most bland boring and cynic main protagonist ever?
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She's sexy
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Good thing she got better. Failen Gabriel is Godsent if you know what I mean.
I want to fuck her from behind while she ignores me and plays video games.

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you now remember charlotte
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I wonder what percent of people who watched Charlotte even know that there was a bonus episode.
Inferior Angel Beats, next.
It concluded so abruptly that I've completely lost any remaining interest for any bonus material.

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most isekai stories these days have no respect for truck-sama
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but that's not truck-sama
The MC of Nirvana died in a plane crash. Is that any better?
But Truck-sama is usually the catalyst for the entire story

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what are your go-to romancecore animes anon? why were pre-2000 animes so good at love plots?
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Escaflowne is one of my old favorites. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime was a more recent one. The main couple had an adorable no-nonsense relationship.
Fuck off.
it's another /a/ shows why they're worst board thread

just talk about anime you miserable autist

Is there a term for that type of forgettable early 2000s anime?
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Why did they even bother with a TV series with no sex scenes?
Pic possibly related

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I finally watched it last night.
I thought you guys were memeing, but this is literally keit-ai: bodyswap edition, down to the alternate universes and the DRAMA
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I don't know what keit-ai is but You Name was an enjoyable movie overall.

Now, I don't watch a shit ton of anime but I will say that Miki Okudera is one the best examples of a chill, calm, and collected chick in anime.
>I thought you guys were memeing
Now look who's talking.
Kill yourself.

I just finished writing an essay in which I used the quote :

>"Human life is full of pain and suffering, and although humans can hurt each other some choose not too. That is what makes human interaction worthwhile. "

and I was wondering if there are any other quotations from Anime that surpass the genre, ones that offer insight even a normalfag could appreciate.

I particularly like one from Big O, though it doesn't have a particularly direct meaning:

>"Cast in the Name of God, Ye not Guilty"
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" I forgot to make rice for the curry"
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The greatest quote in fiction
>In philosophy
>Professor asks me about the concept of death
>Put on the spot, start panicking but remember a certain quote from Bungou Stray Dogs S2
>"Man fears death and yet, at the same time, man is drawn to death. Death is endlessly consumed by men in cities and in literature. It is a singular event in one's life that none may reverse."
>Professor looks stunned, class gives me a round of applause
Anyone else had anime help them in real life?

Will VG and Monica ever be reunited? Or is there no hope?

Remember this is primarily about SM and TE. Trilogy stuff should remain sporadic or limited to lore questions
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>this harms the oneesan
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I love my daughteru Vivi

Why does Naruto Shippuden consistently have such superior art to DBS/One Piece? What's wrong with Toei?
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fillers instead of glacial pacing
a powerpoint of stills with music and voices is much better representation of manga. Toei knows what's up.

Who could look at detailed animation without getting nauseous?
Shippuden also has better girls too.

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ITT: Canon retards in anime
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I love her though
Suzaku is a product of his environment he dindu nuffin

Who is best girl? Does anyone even care about the remake at this point?
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Tsukihime had an anime? When
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>Who is best girl?
You posted her.
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It had an anime but it was heavily compressed and poorly made so most people ignore it. However the manga is a great visual retelling of Arcueid's story.

Accept Genaral San's Shaved Ice and tell her something nice
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Braveman will never accept you

a general for cockroaches
i like her boobs

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This isn't a fun mecha series about kids using a giant robot to save the world. It's straight up despair porn.
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Yes, and?
I liked it. Did you?
Did you get tricked or something?

It's my favorite manga.

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They also die when they turn into bloated pieces of shit, like the fate franchise
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Oh shi~
I object, respectfully of course.

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