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How do we save the romance genre?
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No need. Leave it to rot and focus on superior genres.
more ntr
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What's the matter? You don't like cute romance stories?

Kagura is upset. say something nice to cheer her up
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You're best girl.
Please don't use Kagura in this kind of posting. She deserves better than that. Her self-esteem issues genuinely saddened me in that show.
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You're almost half as good as Miss-Sakaki

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I just finished reading Berserk (I follow HxH so I'm used to hiatuses).
I got a few questions:

Is SK supposed to be an ethereal being? Since the Berserk armor destroyed his body and all that
Did Griffith feel homo lust towards Guts or he just really liked him a lot?
Did Judeau feel more than camaraderie for Casca, but he knew she wasn't for him, so he just told Guts to take her away so she could be happy?
Is my boy Serpico supposed to be in love with Farneze or is it all just brotherly love and a feeling of just trying to serve her?
Will Shierke win as best girl?
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I'm a certified Berserk connoisseur. Here are your answers.

1) Yes.
2) Possibly. Not even kidding here, you can find essays about it elsewhere.
3) Yes, he liked her. Yes.
4) The later.
5) She might have some competition with Morda now.
Fish girl also a best. plus she's a monmosu, so extra points.
New chapter at which point in time

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This is you from now on.
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I am blessed.
Should I know her?
What am I listening to in that pic?

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Kouhai finally got it on.
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Wait is this official or a doujin?
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They needed more screentime. So much more. Fuck, I can a whole series about these two.

Dear god, please let there be a season 2

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Why is this series so disappointing?
Did the first OVA and Kill la Kill set standards too high to live up to?
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Those aren't particular high standards OP. Trigger is just a trash studio
Why would you expect something good from trigger
It's good though. The fuck did you expect?

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What emotion is this facial expression trying to convey?
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Contempt, hatred and her full rejection towards Shinji.
utter disdain
where's her chin?

like you're one to talk, bitch

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And ever
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To the front page

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The real lie?

Kao should have died a few episodes before the end, the rest should have been about Tsubaki and Kousei getting together
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should of just went through with the suicide pact she suggested.
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Also what the fuck was with the art style? The lips and nostrils just looked awful.
its shoujo gone too far

Posting chapter 9.
Please point out any typos or errors.
Broken ellipsis and inconsistent quote marks symbols are trivial and I'll fix them later, feel free to ignore broken commas and dots too, though pointing out any punctuation that seems extra rare is helpful.
Still posting 1 chapter a day, nnnnnn.
Also, if anyone has HQ illustrations from Yen Press please share them.
And yes, I'll share the full volume later.

Chapter 1: >>152935775 (colored illustrations inside)
Chapter 2: >>152976705
Chapter 3: >>153012570
Chapter 4: >>153060226
Chapter 5 Part 1: >>153101246
Chapter 5 Part 2: >>153105648
Chapter 6: >>153146295
Chapter 7: >>153179542
Chapter 8: >>153215897
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IN A FOREST CLEARING A SHORT DISTANCE FROM Mananarena, the other members had already congregated ahead of us.

Thanks to Asuna's formidable Persuasion skill, I saw Agil's Bro Squad, Shivata, Liten, and one other player from each guild, wearing their respective colors. I'd asked the two of them to recruit members if possible, expecting it to be futile, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Nezha went off to pay his respects to Asuna and the others, so I approached Shivata's group.

“Sorry for being so..."

"Late," I was going to say, but the large DKB member with Shivata spun around ferociously and grabbed me by the collar.

"Hey there, Blackie," said Hafner, a greatsword user and subleader of the DKB, calling me by a nickname that referred to my outfit. He leaned in with a menacing face that made me think of a soccer team member and growled, "I'm going to clobber you if it turns out that you've told a single lie about any of this."

Setting aside the fact that the Anti-Criminal Code in town and the threat of going orange out of town prevented him from actually clobbering me at all, I nodded obediently. Shivata grabbed Hafner's shoulder with an awkward smile and pulled him back.
“Haf, this idea came more from our side. All Kirito offered was the info about the guild flag, and I don’t think he’s lying. Why would he? There’s nothing for him to gain by it.”

“…Well, you might have a point there. But why would he put together such a dangerous plan? Does he have a good reason to keep the ALS from getting that flag thing?”

“Hang on,” I interrupted, waving my right hand to cut off the DKB officers. “First of all, the point of this operation isn't just to keep the ALS from getting the guild flag. When the flag drops, we can't give it to the DKB, either. If either guild gets the flag, it might spell the collapse of the other."

It seemed that Shivata had explained this premise to Hafner already. The soccer player scowled but fell silent, so I took the opportunity to ask, "What about you, Hafner? Are you sure you should be taking part? We're extremely grateful for your help, but as a subleader of the DKB,you’ll be betraying your own guild."

Hafner ruffled his long blond hair, which was held back at the hairline by a string, and grumbled, “Yeah, I’m not thrilled about it, but beating the game comes first... and we need both the DKB and ALS to get out of this shitty MMO. I can't betray the thousands below who are waiting for freedom, even if it means betraying Lind and my guild. That’s why you’re here, too, right?” That last question was directed toward Liten and the other ALS member, who were standing a short distance away.

The midsized, mid-build older man—he looked to be in his thirties—carrying a halberd on his back drew his faintly whiskered lips together and nodded.

“That’s right. Our plan to charge ahead is the reckless result of a few hard-liners playing on the fears of the officers. Kibaou knows that, but he was forced to approve the plan to keep the guild from fracturing. But if getting that flag means destroying the already-unstable relationship with the DKB ,then it means nothing,"
the halberdier said calmly. He walked over to me and stuck out his hand. “We’ve met a few times in boss battles. I'm Okotan, the leader of the ALS's recruiting team. Good to work with you, Kirito."

“Uh... th-thanks for being here...”

I was momentarily surprised by the name, which was rather cute for a scruffy-faced dandy like him, but I recovered in a timely enough fashion to shake his hand.

However, a thought occurred to me.

“So if you’re the head recruiter, does that mean you were the one who scouted Liten for the guild...?"

“Yes, that was me.”

The look on his face as he turned back to appraise the plate-armored macer was fatherly. It made me wonder if he realized Liten and Shivata were a couple, but that wasn't for me to bring up.

With our greetings out of the way, Hafner slapped me heartily on the back.

“Well, Blackie, me and Oko have explained our motives to the group. Before we get this shindig on the road, why don’t you tell the group why you’re leading the charge?”


I tore my eyes away from the soccer player and saw that Asuna, Argo, Nezha, Agil, and the Bros were all gathered around, waiting to hear my answer. There was no escape. I cleared my throat.

"Well, it's the same as Hafner and Okotan... and probably everyone else here. The ALS and DKB are the two wheels that run our progress forward through the game. If they aren't attached by a center axle, or we lose one of the two, the whole cart grinds to a halt. I figure the only way to prevent that situation is to beat the boss before the ALS does... And that’s why I gathered you all here.”

Of course, that was barely half of my true motivation.

Okotan described the ALS's plan as the rampage of a hard-line minority in the guild, but there was a darker side to the story he didn't know about.

> 2027
> yellow subs
What the fuck
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But even better would be if they brought back colour coded subs instead.
>not waiting for GJM
I'm sure Daiz will chime in to explain that this was made by professionals, hence it's the best typesetting because said professionals thought so.

I'm sorry to tell you this /a/, but there is only ONE way how Goku vs. Saitama will end...
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I agree.
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Aquarion Logos would beat them both
Yeah, no arguments here

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New desire.
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>driving home from work
>time the start of the song with when I'm merging onto the highway
>accelerating right as the hook kicks in

Pretty great feeling, highlight of my day, everyday
Take me higher,
Lift me higher with your speed,

I need fire.

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Im recovering from an operation so Ive got stitches across my lower right abdomen.

Decided to watch Prison School. My stitches are in Stitches. Never laughed so much while in so much pain. This show is a gem!
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Its pretty funny
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I thought it was a soft core hentai with all the women but man this show is funny. The bit shen the guy shits himself in class was too much. I was actually crying.
try manga, it's even better

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>translator notes are BAD
>localizing dialog is BAD
then what's the right way to do subs?
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Get drilled commie retard.
It's not about localizing it's about trying to shove as many memes as you can into the script.
>translator notes are BAD
Only retards think this.

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